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    Feb 4th 2015
    son's 21st birthday

    So fast!!!! My son and daughter in law loved the personalized glasses and coasters! I ordered it later than I should was supposed to be delivered on Feb 2nd...the day after his birthday (snow storm was coming in the northeast, where they live...keep that in mind..i thought it would be later) they got it a few days early! How does this happen? I thought this never happens! They had to personalize the glasses and the coasters...AND we do NOT have a common name! No way they had these in stock! I am so impressed with the service!!! Now...on to the product... (of course I had to ask my son and his wife about this I had to ship it, I did not get to see it)... well, they Loved it! The glasses are thick...quality! My son likes the dual purpose of the coasters...they are also bottle openers....and the snacks are a plus! They even like the crate it comes in...they took extra time opening it because they wanted to repurpose it. I cant say enough about how happy I am with making the choice to send this as a gift!

    The Scary Dude
    Jan 30th 2015
    Just what the drinker ordered!

    Great gift! My buddy was so excited! The personalization is what makes it. I want to order one for me! lol Truly a great idea!

    Jan 29th 2015
    Amazing Gift!! :)

    Struggling to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend's birthday this upcoming Saturday, I stumbled across Man Crates last week. Instantly knew I had to purchase this personalized barware for him! I dropped it off last night, he coudln't wait till Saturday to open it & immediately tore thru the box. After opening it he could not keep the smile off his face, he absolutely LOVED it!! I def recommend Man Crates to anyone and will definitely be purchasing another one soon for my Dad!

    Thank You, Man Crates you saved the day! :)

    Jan 28th 2015
    Great gift!

    Another great man crate! Ordered these for a business partner and they were a hit! Speedy shipment and delivery. Great quality! It was a much better holiday gift than a magnet with our company logo. Already have people asking "where'd you get that crate?!"

    Jan 27th 2015

    I ordered the personalized bar ware for my boyfriend and he LOVED it and the order shipped quickly!! I will definitely be ordering from man crates in the future!

    Sandi A.
    Jan 24th 2015

    This has to be one of my favorite sites of all time!! Man Crates not only delivered great quality products they also did so with excalent care and wonderful costumer service. My friend loved his personalized barware but best of all he loved that fact that they actually came in a wooden crate. Pretty awesome idea!!

    Thanks guys!!

    kaizah soze
    Jan 23rd 2015
    spot on

    group gift to a manly man. entertainment factor was surprisingly high and the personalized glasses & coasters added just the right amount of senitment (but not the mushy kind). customer service was friendly and who wouldn't love the night rider theme song while you wait to be patched through?

    Jan 21st 2015

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and his reaction was a million times better than I expected. Watching him open the crate was really fun and he had lots of fun doing it; he couldn't stop laughing! He absolutely loved the glasses, coasters and flask. They look even better in person! I don't know who got more joy out of this gift - him or me - but either way, it was a HUGE success! Definite recommendation to all! I bet this won't be the first time I order from here!

    Jan 19th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    This was for my husband on our first anniversary. It was fun watching him pry open the crate and he absolutely loved the personalized glasses and especially the coasters with the bottle opener.

    I've already told about five of my girl-friends about this website and how great this is for the hard to buy man in their lives.

    Sara Miller
    Jan 19th 2015
    Birthday Gift

    I got it for a gift for my husband and it arrived early in a box that looks like a crate! He promised he wouldn't google it, but we both got a good laugh out of it. When we had friends over at our place to celebrate, he finally got to open it. Everyone got a kick out of the little crowbar and the work to get it open. It was a huge hit and the personalization was perfect because he brews his own beer. So fun!

    Paula Williamson
    Jan 16th 2015
    He already asked for another!

    We are a group of women that gave our boss this for Christmas! He "absolutely" loved it and suggested that if we need to buy him anything in the near future, like birthday, or bosses day, he would love another! It was a great gift and you guys went out of your way to get the package to us! GREAT GIFTS!

    Jan 14th 2015

    I ordered this for my boyfriend and it was better than I expected. Watching him try and open it was so funny!

    Jan 10th 2015
    Big Hit!

    I got this for my nephew for his 21st birthday! I received it the day before I was told it would come! His birthday was Jan. 2nd, but I ordered it late because of money and whatnot. Anyway, this was a huge hit!!! A few of his friends were there to watch him open it! He had a hellava time opening it and broke skin on his knuckles, haha. I wish I could upload a picture! Great quality everything! The glasses and coasters were perfect and he was jacked that it had their band name on it!!!
    Thanx guys!

    robert stanford
    Jan 7th 2015

    I recieved from nephew as a secret santa gift. BLOWN AWAY! Can't wait to gift this to someone I consider worthy.

    marilyn Williams
    Jan 7th 2015
    The best Christmas gift ever- thats what my Son said!!!

    Loved these gifts for the guys in my family. My son received glasses with an incorrect name on them. I called the business and emailed also. They sent him a whole new crate with the correct name on the glasses!! I really appreciate their willingness to correct the mistake and my son is very happy. They were very easy to work with!! Thank you man crates

    Jan 6th 2015
    Great Son-In-Law Gift

    I googled 30 year old male gift and came across man crates. What a great idea. My son-in-law loved the personalized glasses and coasters. Nice touch on the bottle opener. He had a tough time getting the crate open which only added to the fun!

    Laura Criscitelli
    Dec 30th 2014
    Holiday Gift

    I ordered the personal barware for my boyfriend for the holidays. They had no problem inscribing the product with greek letters and everything came out perfect. I will say the crate was a lot harder to get open than we thought it would be and required a hammer to get the crowbar into the tight seam. He loved it and that's all that matters

    Dec 30th 2014
    Man is happy.

    Man has everything. Woman wanted man to have something original, fun. Woman found Man Crates. Ordered bar ware for man. He loved the crow bar, it was a hit. Man is very, very happy!

    Woman will be ordering again.

    Dec 29th 2014
    BEST christmas gift idea EVER

    Bought this for my homebrew-making hubby and he absolutely loved it! His favorite part (besides the personalization) was the bottle cap removed on the underside of the coasters! AWESOME idea - and he loved the crate and mini-crowbar feature. Great idea all around!!! Thank you!

    Dec 29th 2014
    Loved It!

    I bought this as a gift for my brother. He loves them! Being able to customize the "Top and Bottom Text" is an awesome extra touch. He even kept the crate as a decoration for his bar. It shipped much faster than I expected and I am extremely impressed with the customer service I received. Thank you Man Crates! Keep doin what you do!

    Dec 29th 2014
    he loved it!

    I ordered this for my husband's Christmas present and it did not disappoint! The crate arrived late in the evening a few days before Christmas, there was no telling him to wait when we arrived home after a night out to find it on the front porch. He carefully pried open his mancrate and was very happy with the contents, the custom barwar was perfect and the coasters are simply awesome! I would recommend the personalized barware mancrate for that beer drinker in your life!

    Kayla M
    Dec 29th 2014
    Christmas Gift

    Bought this for my brother and sister in law for Christmas and they absolutely loved it! He thought it was a joke at first, but after he got it open thought it was a pretty cool gift. Thanks for having such a great product! Can't wait to buy more and send them as gifts.

    Dec 28th 2014
    Manliest Gift for the Manliest Men!

    Me and my bro got it for my dad as a Christmas present. He opened it in less then two minutes even with the ducktape- but that's what we get for giving it to a carpenter! Awesome product, arrived sooner then expected, he loved everything in it and even kept the crate to play with later. Best gift one can give.
    I never write reviews, but the Man Crate was so amazing I couldn't resist.

    Dec 27th 2014
    Future son in law

    I had no idea what to get him. In fact, I often have problems finding gifts for men.
    When he opened this, he was REALLY impressed and happy (not to mention it kept him occupied for a while - both opening it and admiring the contents). Finally, I found a site for gifts for men!
    Thank you!

    Dec 26th 2014
    Great gift for a man

    I was skeptical about the personalized barware or the wooden box that came with it, but I was running very low on gift ideas for my boyfriend and Man Crates items were recommended by so many websites that I thought I would give it a try. If anything, he would like it more than the fish tank with colorful shrimps I got him last Christmas, which obviously is a great gift idea in my opinion. He absolutely loved the unwrapping process and the barware and flask. He is determined to carry around the flask everywhere he goes. He was so excited he wants me to keep it a secret what I got for him to his dad, so he can get him one as a birthday present. Overall very satisfying experience. Needless to say I was the one anxiously waiting for the crate to be delivered to see his excitement when receiving this gift.

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