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    Jul 23rd 2014
    five Years Celebrated in Mancrate Style

    I ordered the barware mancrate for my husband to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. This year's theme was "wood", so the crate and coasters met the requirement. The engraving is expertly done, and everything is packaged securely. From opening the crate with his crowbar to unearthing his pilsners, he absolutely loved it. His one disappointment was the crate came with no beer, so off to the store we went. Mancrates, "thanks for making my husband's fifth wedding anniversary present. It was perfect!" I see myself ordering more crates in the future.

    Dec 2nd 2013
    Great Man Crate

    I sent the Personalized Barware to my boyfriend at work for his birthday. It arrived perfectly on time and he enjoyed opening up his man crate. He loved showing it off to his buddies and his mother. Now he's added it to his bar at home to store liquor bottles and other manly things. The only problem was that the ink on the card was smudged so he couldn't read my note.

    Jul 11th 2013
    Awesome 30th Bday Gift

    We searched for a gift for our daughter's very special boyfriend and didn't know what to get UNTIL the google search led us to Man Crates! Dave loves those specialty beers and he's a pro golfer so as soon as we saw the laser-etched beer glasses in the Crate we knew it would be a hit! We watched him open it through Skype and he just LOVED them. Now it made since why we had a 12 pack of his favorite beer in the refrigerator labeled "This is the other half of your gift"! I'll be sure to order again. I think the crow bar made it just plain FUN to open.

    Denny Hardee
    Dec 17th 2014

    Ordered 2 crates, one for each if my sons. Had to open one of the shipping boxes (not crates) to see who's was who's. Would be handy to have boxes marked some how.

    Jul 15th 2014
    Father was very pleased

    Bought this for my father for his birthday. He said he enjoyed opening the crate almost as much as the bar glasses. This is good and bad.

    I am content with the result of a happy father, but I have to say I think the cost of these crates is high. I priced 4 glasses + 4 coasters + snacks at a retailer and got a total price of $40. That means I spent $59.99 for laser etching and packaging / crowbar.

    It should be 25% less expensive or one or two other laser-etched items included for this price (maybe a Boston shaker, monogrammed bar towel, and a jigger)

    Tyler H.
    Feb 25th 2015
    Next Time I Will PASS on the BOX O' Death

    I ordered this product for my husband as a super early birthday gift. He's a super hard working manly man that's so hard to buy for. Instead of buying him some tools this year and bothering his dad to have to help me pick out the right ones; I bought this and was so proud of myself. Yes!!! I had finally bought something suited especially for him. The only thing I had to worry about was the nuts it came with! HE IS SUPER ALLERGIC!!! "Fear not!" says Will in his big strong man voice. "For an issue like that we can substitute for something he CAN have". "I will personally insure it gets taken care of Distressed Damsel!!!" But woe is me, for upon the un-boxing I came to realize quite quickly that indeed there was no beef jerky for my husband to eat but the dreaded peanuts sat there mocking me. They stared back into my eyes that were seething with hate for them and all of their spiteful legume family. So.....In short. the glasses are okay but I will never buy from them again because even after a call in before I ordered and being told it would be seen to I still spent about 120 dollars on some glasses and a bunch of food items that could kill my hubby. I was so excited I even had to let Him open in a little over two months early. Sooo glad I didn't wait for his actual birthday for this disappointment. I tried calling customer service but they must be gone for the day or something. I will update if I ever order again or if this gets resolved. Though it is doubtful.


    Hey Tyler, I am so sorry to hear about your crate! We take allergies pretty darn seriously here, and I am bummed that we let your crate leave the warehouse while it still contained peanuts. Unfortunately we have not received a voicemail from you today, we've been busy answering calls and typically return all voicemails within an hour of their receipt at most. We are currently trying to find your order in our system, but if you see this before we call you give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make this right.

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