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    Jennifer H
    Jan 5th 2018
    Excellent Gift

    I got this for my Brother and Sister-in-law for Christmas. Unfortunately it was long distance so I wasn’t able to watch them open it but all who were there said it was a blast to watch. Even better, they loved the personalized contents inside. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and can’t wait for the next reason to gift a man crate! Such fun!!

    Heather Jordan
    Dec 26th 2017

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. It was a win win. I got a kick out of watching him open the crate and he loved the contents. He can be hard to shop for but this crate was a winner! Thank you MANCRATES!

    Dec 8th 2017
    Great customer service

    Some co-workers joined in purchasing this for our supervisor when one of his three brothers passed away. The guys at mancrates we’re super helpful in personalizing this gift.

    The crate had just enough silliness to make him laugh, and the gift inside was a wonderful way to commemorate his brother’s passing.

    Thank you, Mancrates.

    Hailey Moore
    Nov 18th 2017

    Bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, he was giggling the whole 15 minutes it took him to open it!! It definitely wasn't easy and he loved every minute of it. Then he pulled out what was inside and was amazed. The quality is amazing and the matching coasters with bottle openers was an awesome bonus! He even loved the crate and wants to keep that too! His words after were "this is hands down the best gift I've ever received" and it was just as awesome for me giving and watching him open it. It was perfect. I'm a customer for life. You really can't go wrong with this one!

    Dawn Wimmer
    Nov 10th 2017

    I got this for my hubby for Christmas last the duct tape wrap and then I also wrapped it. He was confused and delighted by openingthis crate! It was the perfect addition to his kegerator. Will definitely purchase from y'all again.

    Jun 27th 2015
    A complete and pleasant surprise!!

    My X sent the bar-ware crate for my birthday. Pint glasses and coasters etched with my last name - the way pretty much everybody addresses me. Did I really need more pint glasses and coasters? I guess I did. Very good product for the man that thought he ha everything - well, now I do.

    Jun 25th 2015
    Great Product

    Truly a man's gift!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Great Quality

    The engraved drinking glasses turned out great! Great addition to anyones barware collection. The coasters/openers look better then in there photo. I guess I didn't read into it enough but the coasters were personalized as well so that was a nice surprise. Got it for my dad who loved it!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Best Fathers Day gift!

    My husband loved this item! He was thrilled to open it and each individual item he loved. Now he has sanded the crate down and in the process of staining it, adding hinges to create a keepsake box for his chest, and game pieces!

    Thank you!

    Jan Rice
    Jun 24th 2015
    Amazing Customer Service!

    While we absolutely LOVED the Barware Man Crate, there was a teeny (and I mean TEENY) issue with it. I emailed customer service, not because I was upset about it, but to make them aware of it, in case it was a teeny issue in the future for an unreasonable customer that would make it into a HUGE issue. Even though I stated that in the email, I was emailed back almost immediately and James went the extra mile (several extra miles, actually) to be sure I was happy. AMAZING!!!

    Jun 24th 2015
    A mans man gift!

    I sent this to my boyfriend and he loved it ! He was totally surprised and like the uniqueness. The quality superseded my expectations!

    Would recommend this to the man that has everything!
    Great gift for your mancaves.

    Jun 24th 2015

    Surprised my husband with his ManCrate and boy was he "stoked"!! He LOVED the personalized coasters & glasses. All we had to do was add the Brews :D

    Thanks so much for an wonderful product! We are going to be regular customers.

    Jan Rice
    Jun 23rd 2015
    What a blast!

    My husband had a blast opening his man crate and kept repeating what a fun concept the whole deal was. He LOVED the customized beer glasses and coasters. It was definitely a hit!!

    Korina DC
    Jun 23rd 2015
    Great Fathers Day Gift

    It was exactly what I expected to be in the crate! My fiancé loved it !

    Jun 23rd 2015
    Awesome Father's Day Gift!

    I kept seeing ads for Man Crates while I was browsing around on Pinterest and when looking into it further thought it was a great concept! I immediately decided to order one for my husband for father’s day. It didn't disappoint! Great gift, arrived super fast, and hubby was thrilled! For more info and pictures, please check out my full review ~

    Jun 22nd 2015
    birthday present

    very cool gift for my brother's 29th birthday. put his favorite kind of beer on the label. not all his favorite snacks,wish i could've customized those! but overall cool idea.

    Arianne Meredith
    Jun 19th 2015
    Personalized Barware

    My boyfriend LOVED his new personalized glasses and coasters! He thought the bottle opener on the bottom of each coaster was genius! The snacks are great and the packaging very unique, he had a good time opening it with the crowbar. Very manly and MUCH better than the usual tie or cologne...and I got some major points for ordering it! :-)

    Jun 19th 2015
    Great Customer Service!

    As someone who works in customer service, I would like to take a minute to rant about how amazing the service was. The receptionist was friendly, patient, and just as excited about this order as I was. Cannot wait for my father to open it!

    Jun 19th 2015
    Happy Dad

    I purchased this for my husband of 28 years. He was really happy with the crate and the personalized beer glasses. He thought it was a great gift and loved that I added the flask. I plan on ordering more for the other guys in my life too. Thanks for a great gift idea.

    Jun 16th 2015
    Awesome Gift

    Purchased this for my son for Father's Day. I ordered early, he got it early and he love's it!!! It is a fantastic gift for the guy who has everything! Thank you ManCrates!!!

    Jun 12th 2015
    perfect for the dad who has everything ( besides a mancrate)

    I have ordered from this site before and everything was fantastic. So I ordered again for my dad as a Father's Day gift. He hasn't opened it yet but I'm sure he will love it as I am certain he hasn't received a gift like this before!
    Great gifts and fast shipping !!

    Jun 11th 2015
    Pretty Spiffy

    This is the second time I've ordered this product for a gift.
    It is pretty darn spiffy as the title says. Great for hard to buy for guys and when you want something cool, different and truly unique.
    And hey, you can use the crate as a plant stand when it's empty!

    Jun 10th 2015
    Just buy it already!

    I bought this for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it. His reaction when he realized he had to open the crate with the crowbar was priceless. And watching him open it was pretty epic! I highly recommend this product. Also, before I purchased this, I had some questions and the representative that I spoke with was awesome. Great customer service!

    Jun 3rd 2015
    Great Gift

    I got it for my brother's birthday and he loved it. He stated how fun it was to open, the mystery was exhilarating and the personalized engravings made it even more memorable. It is a gift that is fun, last long and can be tasty depending on the one you chose.

    May 30th 2015
    He loved it :)

    It was a perfect birthday present.

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