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    Feb 26th 2015
    Fun and Different!

    After 30 years of marriage, trying to do something unique gets a little tougher. A Co-Worker suggested I visit your site. Ordered the Barware Crate for VDay, had a small hiccup but James took great care of me! Husband loved it!!! Will certainly order again! If you want something Fun and Different, I would recommend this to anyone!

    Feb 26th 2015
    Awesome and Unique

    I bought this for my husband for Valentines day and he loved it! Men are hard to buy for - and this was perfect!!! The only negative I would say is that I thought the engraving would be larger and more noticeable but other than that it was perfect. My husband did not mind the engraving so that is all that mattered. I would order again in a heartbeat! Thanks!

    Feb 24th 2015

    My husband loved these glasses!! They were perfect and I loved that I was able to change the name of the pub and add some personal details. The coasters that matched made this gift even better!! He was first hesitant when he received it at work because he never heard of Man Crates before, but when opened it up it made his day. Best birthday gift ever. Thanks to my sister in law for the recommendation!

    Feb 24th 2015
    Valentine's gift

    This was the perfect gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it. It's hard to buy for guys on valentine's and when I came across this website I couldn't have bought anything better. Love everything that came in the man crate

    Jody Klann
    Feb 21st 2015
    Personalized Barware

    I thought the glassware engraving would be bigger and more noticeable but I'm overall happy with the product. The coasters are also engraved have a bottle cap opener that I didn't know was there. That was cool! (Maybe I didn't read the product description very well) I like to exercise my man with the crowbar so I think that was the best feature of the gift.

    Mary Frances
    Feb 21st 2015
    Awesome Valentine!!

    My boyfriend is always buying me thoughtful gifts and he is so hard to buy for. Man
    Crates hit the nail on the head with this one! HE LOVED IT!!! He hasn't stopped bragging about it yet. He had me set it up and take a picture of him with it LOL.. I think it was an excellent value for the happiness and priceless smile it put on my baby's face!!!!!

    D Bradley
    Feb 20th 2015
    Very good for gift

    I wanted something different for my husband for V-day, and this was perfect for him as a guy. He grumbled, but I think he enjoyed getting the crate open, and then going through the various contents. The glasses looked well made an the coasters were different plus usable. Snacks...well, they went to my daughter. All was good! Thank you!

    Carolyn Whitmire
    Feb 20th 2015

    The glasses are etched glass and dishwasher safe - I LOVE that!
    The coasters are great, as are the snacks. I think the best part of this company is their customer service. I will definitely order again for my husband or my sons.

    Feb 19th 2015
    Pretty Cool

    I surprised my husband with this crate for Valentine's day. He liked it a lot. I was a little disappointed in the size of the design on the glass. I guess I thought it would have been bigger, like use up more of the's not incredibly small though. I just think they could have made it bigger. Other than than, he was happy, so I was happy.

    Feb 18th 2015
    He thought it was "Great!"

    The best part was his delight of the wooden crate it came in. It didn't take him long to pry into it! He reply liked the personalized beer glasses, and coasters! Especially the bottle openers on the back of them. He thought the treats were a little small.... But all in all, it was a huge hit!!

    Feb 18th 2015
    It made a great gift

    My husband really loved his gift !!:) will definitely purchase from Man Crates again ..

    Feb 17th 2015
    Too perfect!

    He loved it! Good quality and great surprise! Super quick shipping... Came two days earlier than date on order! Reccommend to all!

    Feb 17th 2015
    Valentine's Present

    This has to be the most clever idea I have ever seen. The Man Crate exceeded my expectations.....My husband adored the present and he is extremely hard to please. He was overwhelmed to say the least! We had quests that were just leaving when FedX arrived......all turned around and came back into the house to watch him "Pry it open!" Oh sooooo many jealous faces!
    He loves it so much the crate is now hinged, crow bar is the handle, and now sitting proudly in his Irish Pub!
    The personalization was perfect. I just wish I had added Captain to his name. (my mistake :(
    WOMEN you won't find a more perfect gift!!!!
    Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

    Feb 16th 2015
    Valentine's Gift

    Everything about the order & the quickness of the product shipping was perfect. If only the FedEx guy could contain his enthusiasm and desire for his wife to send him one of these--he almost blew the surprise. Either way, my hubby was quite happy with the non-traditional gift for Valentine's Day and quickly made use of it! Will definitely look into another crate in the future!

    Feb 16th 2015

    He thought the whole idea was great. Loved his own personal bar glasses. Like the idea of the crow bar to open it. This is going to be great with the new bar he is building for the entertainment room. It was exactly what was pictured. I would defiantly order again and AI already told a great deal of people about your company.. Thank you.

    Feb 16th 2015
    Valentine's Gift

    Bought the personalized bar ware for my fiance, an Imperial Stout connoisseur. Personalized the glasses and coasters with his name and Imperial Stouts instead of Ales & Lagers. Everything came out perfectly! Lightening fast shipping! Will definitely be buying more and have already been telling everyone I know about these awesome Man Crates.

    The only negative was the crate I really wanted (Whiskey Connoisseur Crate) was out of stock, but keeping that in mind for his birthday. :)

    Michael Douglas Roberts
    Feb 16th 2015
    a man's Valentine's Day gift.

    My girlfriend has her finger on the pulse of what a guy would love to have on such a contrived day as this. So, this crate arrives on my doorstep, I opened it up with the assistance of the generously provided mini-wrecking bar, a hammer of my own, and of course... above said girlfriend. I brew my own ginger beer and my pint glasses reflected that. The coasters with the bottle opener? Pure genius! My personalized 'Sir Michael' flask? Perfect. Snacks included? You guys rock. I have no hesitation recommending a crate to give. If he doesn't like it, he doesn't have a mancard to begin with and should probably put his lacy undies back on.

    Feb 15th 2015
    great gift idea

    Got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. The personalized glasses and coasters are awesome. Only thing was that one of glasses was pretty scratched up and they were all very dirty with fingerprints and etching residue. The bottle openers on the coaster is a nice touch. I think Man Crates is a great gift idea!

    Feb 15th 2015
    Valentine's Day

    I was hoping for bloody knuckles when opening his crate, but it opened in less than a minute. He was looking forward to the challenge. The personalization was awesome!! He loved it! I'll definately order again and it was well worth the price. I was also thrilled it came on the 13th when the estimated delivery day was the 17th. Thanks!! Next time use some nails in the lid. Make them work for the contents!!!

    Feb 15th 2015
    Best gift idea!

    My boyfriend absolutely loved this! He said it was the most unique gift he'd ever received. ...and he enjoyed getting into it too! SO glad I ordered this!!

    Feb 14th 2015
    My husband LOVED it!!!

    Best Valentine's Day gift ever per my husband!!

    Feb 12th 2015
    Amazing gift

    got this in 2013 for my hubby it was an amazing hit as a gift with his family! they are still being used and i love that they are personal!! plus we added the flask!! so going to be our best man gifts!!

    Feb 11th 2015
    " Man Stuff" for the man in your life...

    When my boyfriend opened his birthday present from Man crates he absolutely loved it.. He said this has "Man Stuff" in it this is so cool!!! At first he was hesitant to open the crate as he thought something might jump out at him or something might be alive inside.. I laughed and said no.. And when he saw his personalized barware.. He just loved it...
    Thanks Man Crates.. You Rock!!!!!

    Feb 7th 2015
    Great Quality, Awesome Service

    I ordered the barware set for my boyfriend and I just have to say that we are both VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the beer glasses and the matching coasters. He loved everything about it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him stuggle with opening the box. Great concept, awesome product. Furthermore, I have to say that MANCRATES has top-notch customer service. They are PHENOMENAL. THANK YOU!

    Iris Murillo
    Feb 5th 2015
    Personalized Bar Set

    this gift was for my son-inlaw's 23's birthday... I am the kind of person that thinks really hard before I give a gift, but since I have ordered awesome/epic gifts from man crates before I didn't even have to think twice I knew what would make him happy cause I know him... So I ordered this awesome and I asked the guys to send it on his birthday cause I knew he would be home with friends cause he had a party at home . I called the guys and asked them to please make sure he would get it on the day asked for and the guys reassured me that that's how it would go down, so that made me happy.. So the day came he got the package, him and his friends were so stocked about it , he loved the fact that his name was all over the products , he said by far it was the most awesome b-day present he has ever gotten, he even sent me a video when he first opened it he couldn't believe it. So far I have ordered a specific gift for all the three men that I love in my life and let me tell you no regrets here, awesome gifts, great customer service .... Thank you guys for being so awesome , I'm already working on Valentine's gift...,I highly recommend MANCRATES.

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