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    Eunice Brazell
    Feb 14th 2018
    Jerky Heart

    My husband loved it!!! Unique gift and great customer service.

    Feb 14th 2018
    Poor value

    5 ounces of Beef Jerky for $30 plus shipping? I got this from my amazing fiancé, and I feel bad she spent so much on $5 worth of jerky.

    Adonia Williams
    Feb 13th 2018

    IT WAS GREATTTTTTT!!!! He loved and shoot I even loved it😂. The jerky is soft and very tasty. Such a cute design and he thought that the gift wrapping and everything was perfect.

    Ari L
    Feb 11th 2018
    Love love LOVE

    I bough this for my husband for vday. Perfect gift!! Should have bough 2!!! One for me and him! This is by far the BEST jerky we have ever had! Super moist and delicious. Make an offer where we can get double the jerky please, because this shit is sooooo good!

    Feb 10th 2018
    a great choice

    Rad packaging and a cool and original gift. I wasn't expecting a lot of jerky as cmon' you are paying for the novelty of it. It shipped SO quickly I have time enough to add some additional jerky and other man stuff before Valentine's Day.

    Feb 10th 2018
    kinda disappointing

    This is a cute idea, but was way too expensive for what you actually receive. The item arrives in a cardboard box, but for some reason the shipping is still $12. The jerky pieces are bite-sized, about 1"x2" each, and they were wrapped in a really sloppy manner. The quality and taste of the jerky is pretty average. Overall, I'd recommend creating your own jerky heart or shopping elsewhere instead of purchasing this one. I wish that I would have!!!

    Feb 10th 2018
    Awesome Man Crates!!!

    Got the Jerky Heart box for my bf and I know he’s going to live it. The rep was amazing and was willing to go over the top to help me place the perfect order for my perfect man <3

    Feb 21st 2017

    I order this in January for my partners Valentine. It arrived on Valentine's day, and I am sure he loved it. He even wrote online " a good woman knows a man doesn't need candy, he needs meat"... He definitely liked the idea. I can't wait for him to see the Bday gift I got him from this site.

    Feb 15th 2017
    Perfect gift!

    I gave this to my husband for Valentine's Day last night and he LOVED it! He thought it was a really cool and unique gift. He says the jerky is amazing and super tender. I think he even said it's the best jerky he's ever had. I hope I can find more of it somewhere!
    Yes, the packets are kind of small, but they are just the perfect size for a good taste of each flavor. Husband thought they were just the right size.
    Highly recommend, even with the higher shipping costs. It was totally worth it and I'm so glad I took the chance on it!

    Bert V Massey
    Feb 15th 2017
    Where did you get that effing picture

    I just got a Jerky Heart from my wife for Valentine's Day. It's awesome and I have to keep myself from eating it.

    More importantly where the hell did that picture come from inside the heart and where can I get a print of it? It's F*cking outstanding

    Angela Thomas
    Feb 14th 2017
    Absolutely Amazing

    This is the cutest "man" idea. I love it, this company is great! Totally willing to work with you and fix any problems you may have, even if the problem is your fault. Thumbs way way up. Thanks Man Crates.

    Jan 31st 2017
    Slaughterhouse crate rocks

    I sent the Slaughterhouse crate to my son who is a Marine in Guam for Christmas. It's now almost February and he is still talking about how fresh and tasty the jerky was. Definitely made his day. It's hard to send food items to Guam and be fresh, but he raved about how fresh it was. Thank you again for supporting our troops and loved the military discount! I will be ordering again as he is over there for one more year.

    Stephenie Stites
    Jan 30th 2017
    Never Disappointed!

    I love ordering for my husband and sons/sons in laws. They have always been surprised, they love the suspense cause no ones crate or gift is the same as someone elses.

    Jan 23rd 2017

    I think everyone's going to enjoy this gift

    Happy Mom
    Oct 8th 2016

    My son just received this for his 15th birthday. He says it's the best jerky EVER! I'm curious to see how he and his friends like the jerky pinata - what a great idea!!

    Thirann Dom
    Aug 3rd 2016
    Awesome to the Max

    The beef packages are tiny, and they are supposed, just like those little chocolate samplers. This makes a perfect Anniversary and Valentine Day gift. The company does a EPIC job shipping all of my purchases with care!

    Jun 1st 2016
    Great variety

    Awesome quality, flavors and package.

    May 18th 2016
    Great Gift

    I sent this to my boyfriend after he finished a huge work project that had been stressing him out. He loved it and said it was awesome and great quality!

    Also worth mentioning - I had a bit of a small issue with the tracking of my package and the Man Crate customer service is 10/10 phenomenal.

    May 11th 2016
    Love to Love YOU!

    This gift got a great review from my HoneyMan. I gave this to him on Valentine's day and he and our son fought over the jerky. The message card that I requested to be sent with the gift was very cleverly put into the box. Loved this gift and can hardly wait for the next special occasion for my man.

    Feb 16th 2016
    SO clever

    I send this to my boyfriend's office, hoping the women would get a kick out of a heart shaped box, Only to open it with beef jerky... basically his favorite thing!
    It was a hit! Thanks Man Crates for having such awesome ideas

    Feb 15th 2016

    Bravo to Man Crates for another fantastic gift idea! My husband LOVES beef jerky, so as soon as I saw the jerky heart, I knew I had to get it for him! He was very surprised and very happy with the flavor selection! (He's actually chowing down on some right now.) What will you think of next?! Whatever it is, I can't wait! Thank you!!!

    Feb 7th 2016
    Perfect Gift!

    I ordered this for the hubs for Valentine's Day. He happened to be home when it got delivered so he just kept asking "What's in the box!" hehe. So I gave it to him a week early. He absolutely loved it! Will order from you guys again! Thanks!

    Feb 4th 2016
    Sweet & Manly!

    This is perfect! Sweet heart shaped box... with manly beef jerky inside? What else could he possibly want? Love Man Crates! You saved me with an AMAZING crate that he LOVED for Xmas, now Valentine's Day will be perfect too. Y'all make me look good!

    Feb 2nd 2016
    How RoMANtic!

    My fiancé LOVES jerky! I got him the exotic meats crate for this birthday last year and I can't wait to give him this for Valentine's Day! Y'all just keep coming up with greatness!

    Ron Swanson
    Feb 2nd 2016
    A box. Full of delicious meat.

    "A heart-shaped box full of meat. I am going to consume all of this, with whiskey and a cigar, because I am a free American." -Ron Swanson

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