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    Feb 11th 2020
    Fast delivery! Delicious manly gift

    I ordered this as a valentines day gift for my husband who was deployed. The gift arrived promptly to an APO address and my husband loved the jerky!

    Feb 10th 2020
    EXACTLY what i was looking for....

    My Fiance is OBSESSED with jerky so when I randomly typed in "Beef Jerky Valentines" into google I was shocked something this perfect actually existed. The package arrived yesterday and it was EXACTLY what I was hoping. The packaging is really nice and although I am waiting to give the gift this Friday and haven't tried the jerky yet, the flavors look amazing!

    Feb 8th 2020
    Love it

    The flavors are amazing and my boyfriend loves it. Came right on time as well. Only down side is its a little hard to get out of the packages.

    Feb 2nd 2020
    Buy it

    My boyfriend is a jerky freak and he is obsessed with this jerky!! Said it’s some of the best he’s ever had. 10/10 recommend.

    Eric C
    Feb 1st 2020
    Great V-times day present for a friend or relative!

    Gave this to my niece who loves jerky. She ate all of them in one setting. And she kept talking about the unique jerky flavors!

    Jan 31st 2020
    creative gift idea!

    got one for my brother - great delivery of a classic product. he loved it, said the package was cool and jerky was delcious. called me right away. these guys always make great products, have ordered other thing before and they always deliver.

    h kaestner
    Jan 31st 2020
    Sooooo much better than other products on the market

    loving this. having something to unwrap that is thematic is cool...but really this is about the quantity and quality of the jerky. first time ever poster on quality of jerky...didn't think I had it in me :)

    Jan 31st 2020
    Love the variety

    I can't wait to give this out - i've seen knock offs of this but this is the real deal and the presentation inside the box looks awesome

    Oct 10th 2019
    Your on line shopping

    Can you please fix your on line selections to ordering? It is difficult to review products to order. You find one product and cannot review others. Thanks

    Feb 14th 2019
    My husband loved it

    You know you found a great gift for the guy who has everything when he opens it and says “This is so awesome!” And he loved the jerky meats! So tasty! Definitely recommend!!

    Feb 14th 2019
    He loved it!!

    Shipped and delivered over night!! 😱

    My boyfriend and I exchanged valentine gifts around midnight, he opened his heart shaped box of jerky and the biggest smile spread across his face. He loved it! The jerky is delicious too! Thank you, Man Crates!! I will definitely be ordering again! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Feb 14th 2019
    Boyfriend loved it

    Such a great gift! He definitely thought he was opening up a box of chocolates, but he sure was excited to see all of the different flavors. Such a fun gift, and I will definitely order again!!

    Feb 12th 2019

    This jerky heart comes with basically ONE piece of jerky of each flavor. I imagined it would be small bags with 3-4 pieces in it. You could easily buy a cheap box of chocolates and make it at home for half of the price. If this cost $25 + shipping I would say it was worth it. However, this is definitely $20 over priced. I guess it is the novelty of it...

    Feb 8th 2019
    Great gift but.....

    Just received and can’t wait to give it to my fiancé. I didn’t mind paying the price because I loved the box. However, I just opened it and it has a picture of a guy riding a bull and a bear attaching him!!! What the????? Isn’t even close to the one picture. Now to explain this when my fiancé opens its.

    Feb 5th 2019

    I’m impatient when it comes to giving a gift. So as usual I gave the Beef Jerky Heart to my boyfriend as soon as it arrived. Happy Valentines Day early! He absolutely loved the gift and was completely impressed with the packaging as well. He actually took the heart and packaging into work today to show all of his coworkers.
    Thank you Man Crates!

    Jan 27th 2019
    Would buy this but...

    It would be better if there was choice - my son does not like most flavors - can't you make one with just a basic flavor? Then I would certainly purchase - especially a great gift to send my solider.

    Dec 16th 2018
    Boyfriend loves it

    Got this for my boyfriend and he wants more jerky! He still has the box it came in. Thought about buying it again but wanted to save the heart shaped for Valentine’s Day again, the canes out of stock for Christmas but I suppose I love him all heat round 😂

    Jul 1st 2018
    Oh Glorious Meats

    My gf wasn’t going to possibly do better than the Bacon of the Month gift for my birthday last year. Well, she did. These are unlike any jerky you’ve ever had. Unbelievably tender. UnreL. $30 is pricey but worth it for her to spend. I’m hoping they’ll tell us who made these. I’m impressed they found the picture of me for the box art.

    Feb 28th 2018
    You need to make these available all the time!

    I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he loved the Root Beer jerky. I have been looking everywhere to see where I can get more and can't find it anywhere. Please make the items that come in this available always!

    Feb 17th 2018
    Best Valentine's Day Gift!

    My boyfriend LOVED all of the jerky and wanted more.
    What brand do you use?! He wants more. The picture in the top of the heart was a perfect pairing. He wants to hang it up on the wall. Thanks so much man crates!

    Feb 16th 2018


    Feb 15th 2018
    He loved it!

    Bought it for my boyfriend for Valentines day and he was definitely surprised. He had never seen anything like it, and he loved the fact that it was jerky. The pieces were small, but each piece is listed as .5oz, so I knew that the jerky wasn't going to be a lot, but I choose to pay extra for the novelty of it, and seeing my boyfriend's face was worth it. If you're someone who would rather just get more jerky, you'd be disappointed by this. But, if you're someone willing to pay for the novelty of it, this is the gift for you.

    Feb 15th 2018
    He loved it!

    I bought this for my boyfriend on Valentine's day and he absolutely loved it. He had never seen anything like it and just the fact that it was a jerky heart blew his mind away. The amount was small, but that was expected. They do say that each is 0.5oz, I knew what I was buying and definitely bought it for the novelty of it and it was worth it. If you're someone that prefers quantity order the packages with just jerky, but if you wanna pay extra for the box and just the surprise id say it's worth it.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Even though.

    Even though the jerky was small, and the heart was a tad expensive! It was perfect. My fiancé loves, jerky! And hates chocolates. That alone was awesome to surprise him, cause he thought it was going to be chocolate. Really can't complain because people (including myself) have boughten hearts full of chocolate for an expensive price, for little taste of chocolate. Awesome idea! Would definitely rebuy. Happy Valentines Day!

    Autumn Lawatch
    Feb 15th 2018
    Husband loved everything about it!

    It was the perfect gift for my man. He’s not a sweet tooth and I was looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. He loved it, all the people in his office loved it. Thank you for this amazing treat!

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