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    Emma P.
    Jun 21st 2022
    Big hit

    I actually got this as an add-on to a another man crates gift for Father’s Day so I had my daughter give this one to him and he was very impressed. He really enjoyed the jerky and said he could tell it was quality stuff and got a kick out of the packaging as well. Shipping was also quick and excellent customer service (I had a typo in my gift note and they fixed it right away before shipping out).

    Feb 14th 2022

    Broke up with my boyfriend a week before Valentine’s Day so I kept the beef jerky heart I got him and let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic! He’s definitely missing out! Man Crates is for more than just men ladies!

    Feb 12th 2022

    Gàve this as a valentine gift .. loved it

    Claudia S
    Feb 9th 2022
    For the non-sweet lovers!!

    I have gifted this to my now, fiancé, for 5 years now every Valentines Day. He hates sweets so this is the perfect gift for him. The first year I got it for him, he thought I was gifting him chocolates.

    Dec 26th 2021
    Christmas Present to Husband

    I gave this to my hubby for Christmas and he has enjoyed the different kinds of jerky so far. I loved that it was simple but tasty so far.

    Shannon S
    Feb 28th 2021
    Boyfriend loved it!!

    I could tell he was disappointed thinking I bought him chocolate for Valentines Day!!! He was so excited to see it was jerky!! He says it is the best jerky he has ever had. We want to buy bags of all the flavors of jerky!! So good!!

    Kayleigh VanKleeck
    Feb 21st 2021
    Amazing gift for any jerky lover

    I bought this at a Valentine’s Day present for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it! He said it was the best jerky he has ever had. The jerky was so tender and full of flavor. Only complaint is the jerky is so good, I wish there was a larger size! I definitely recommend this as a gift!

    Feb 21st 2021
    Perfect Gift & Delicious Jerky

    I bought this for my husband. The packaging is perfect for Valentine's Day and I loved that I could personalize it with a message. I tried some of the jerky and it is amazing!!! I would love to buy bags of it. It is seriously some of the best jerky I've ever had!

    Feb 20th 2021
    Looking for more!

    These samples were delicious! How can we purchase larger quantities?

    Jim White
    Feb 19th 2021
    Great jerky

    I received this for Valentines Day from my wife. Great idea and the jerky tastes great. The variety was fun. My one complaint is that the packages have no good way to open them. You need scissors or a knife to get the vacuum sealed package opened. I'd suggest easier opening packaging, pull apart or something like that.

    Tiffany P
    Feb 18th 2021
    My guy loved it! It was perfect!

    I was stuck in Canada for Valentines and my guy was in Ohio and was looking for the right gift to send him. This heart shaped box of jerky was perfect! He loved it! The personalized note card was a great touch!

    Feb 18th 2021
    Perfect Surprise gift

    My husband had no idea these existed and was so thrilled to open it up and see jerky instead of chocolate! Company was great to order from

    Sarah L.
    Feb 18th 2021
    Best jerky ever!

    I gave this to my husband for valentine's day and he said it was by far the best jerky he's ever tasted. I would love to know where to order bags of these different jerkys

    Anne Fisher
    Feb 17th 2021

    We LOVED it! The Heart jerky set was a hit. Is there a way to order them each in bigger bags?

    Feb 17th 2021
    Awesome Gift!

    Gave this to my boyfriend for Valentines Day and he loved it. Its a great sampler pack to know what I can order for later too! Super fun box and I would definitely get again for the other men in my life!

    Darren Cochran
    Feb 16th 2021
    Its so good i want a bag!

    I got this as a gift from my grandmother and ive been trying to find what company makes this jerky because i cant get enough of it

    Feb 16th 2021
    My boyfriend loved it!

    We just wanted to do a small token of appreciation this Valentine’s Day and this was the perfect gift! My boyfriend loved all of the flavors and it was fun getting to try them all with him! I also love that it looks like chocolate and then when you open it, it’s not!

    John Ott
    Feb 15th 2021
    So Tasty

    My wife surprised me with this and I finished it in about a day...a few hours really. So tasty! I was actually browsing the web site to buy more and decided to leave a review.

    Feb 15th 2021
    Awesome. I want more

    The portion size was sample size. I wish it was more. I came to the website to see if I could buy more.

    Feb 15th 2021
    I loved it.

    My Beautiful Queen gave this to me for Valentines. When I opened the box and saw it was jerky I couldn’t stop smiling. Love all the samples. I’m a new customer for life.

    Feb 15th 2021
    perfect gift

    me and my man LOVE jerky. almost all of the gifts i get him are always snacks, but this was just so perfect for valentine’s day. worth every penny and i’ll be buying again!

    Feb 15th 2021
    Amazing jerky

    What a great surprise from my wife. She finally got me something I like. This is hands down some of the best jerky.

    Feb 15th 2021
    Oh. My. GOD.

    First of all, my husband was so excited that it was jerky and not candy when he opened the heart lol

    We’ve tried several of them and they are SO tender and juicy and delicious!

    Where can we buy full size packages??

    Feb 13th 2021

    My boyfriend loved each and every one. The best valentine's gift ever..

    Tasha Bivings
    Feb 13th 2021
    Thank you

    I ordered the crate and the heart full of jerky and my husband absolutely loved all of it!!! Thanks for putting out great products!! Will definitely order again for another special holiday. This Valentine’s was a hit!! -Tasha.B

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