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    May 13th 2015
    Crowd pleaser

    This was an awesome gift. The girlfriend sent it to my office. We do quite a bit of international freighting so having a considerably smaller crate than I was used to seeing, sitting on my desk made me chuckle. Then, every single coworker for the rest of the day wanted to see and talk about it. It was a hit and she didn't even know it!

    Excellent idea. If you can turn it into a surprise, it's even better. Plus what's inside just adds to how fun this was. Any of these crates is a sure conversation starter and a great way to brighten ones day!

    May 12th 2015
    He thought it was a bomb, lol!

    With the duct tape wrapping, he joked about it being a bomb, lol! After some hard work and a small scratch on his hand (lol), he got the crate open...he loved all the bacon products, but thought that the whole process of opening it, was the best part! Thank you for an unforgettable birthday gift!

    Jerry Thompson
    May 8th 2015

    This has to be the coolest gift I have ever received. My wife sent it to me at work and had it delivered by our secretary in the middle of an office of 600 plus people. I had to break it open and the impact of this was so special I could of cried but I'm a man .. lol.. actually I did cry she can go 5 years without nothing and I would still hold on to this special moment. Thank you Sarah my pumpkin

    Apr 29th 2015

    There were some issues with the delivery at first but the guys over the phone and emailing were all super helpful and ensured I received the package! My boyfriend loved it!

    Kimberly Pratt
    Apr 25th 2015
    Dont go BACON my heart!

    This crate was PERFECT to be delivered to my Boyfriend at the office!!! He had to invest blood, sweat, and tears to get that jewel open!! I loved it so much that I ordered a second one (different theme) for him to open at his bday party at home!

    Apr 23rd 2015
    Best Birthday Gift Ever!

    I recently bought this crate as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and was a little nervous as I didn't know exactly what he would think of getting bacon for his birthday, but he loved it! I had it shipped to work and now all the guys are wondering where theirs are. Thank you ManCrates, this has help make this one of the best birthdays yet.

    SeaBee Mom
    Apr 16th 2015

    I guess I will have to wait until he is stateside. Sigh... Lol


    We most certainly do ship to deployed US military! We'll gladly ship any item (not banned by any applicable mail restrictions) to our guys overseas at any APO/FPO or DPO address. We know that those addresses can be as complicated as untangling a snake pit filled with rubber bands, so feel free to give us a call at 866.902.7260 and we'll take the sweat out of shipping.

    Mar 23rd 2015
    Bacon Birthday

    I got this sent to husband at work for his birthday. He LOVED it and so did everyone else. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to use the crowbar. I was hoping he would really have to work for the surprise. The lid just came off when he picked it up, but he was still happy with the gift. Overall, one of the best gifts I've given him.


    Hey there Keenya! So sorry to hear that the lid just popped off of your husband's crate! That is definitely not the experience we would have hoped he had in opening the crate. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to guys@mancrates.com and we'll make this right for you!

    Mar 14th 2015
    gift given

    OMG!!!! This was a gift for a great male friend who I didn't feel would love fruit and chocolate. I got the biggest thank you for the gift. The crate was a huge success as well. He was tickled about the crowbar. It was a huge success and I would purchase another for sure....

    Mar 13th 2015
    Coolest Gift Ever!

    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend. I told him I had gotten him a manly gift. He loved it! Having to open it with a crowbar was the icing on the cake!

    Mar 5th 2015
    5 stars!

    My husband loves bacon, so naturally this box was the perfect choice for his birthday. He also had fun opening the crate. He thought it was pretty manly. :)

    Mar 2nd 2015

    Awesome product and even better customer service! These guys are the best!

    Feb 27th 2015

    Sent this to my brother as a birthday gift. It was a hit with the whole family. Will definitely be placing another order.

    Feb 25th 2015
    he loved it!

    Sent this for a valentines gift and he loved it. All his work pals were jealous. The crate was adorable and he says everything in it delicious (he LOVES bacon:))
    Thanks for the awesome gift, Man Crate!

    Nanette meza
    Feb 24th 2015
    mmmm bacon

    My man cheated. He loved the duct tape box , He loved the crate, He opened it with the crowbar and hammer, he loved it , bacon salt over potatoes was amazing. Great customer service

    Feb 20th 2015
    What man doesn't love bacon in a crate?

    My fiancé totally flipped over his crate of bacon flavored goodies. This was a major Valentines Day gift win and he even loved the personalized note inside. Definitely would recommend!

    Feb 20th 2015
    Ummm Good

    My husband gave me the review title. He absolutely loved it (Valentine's Day gift). When I posted his pic with the crate on Facebook, I got several comments from his "very jealous" friends!

    Feb 19th 2015

    For many years Valentines Day has always been hard to find something for my boyfriend. This Man crate was perfect. Great Idea!! You have a customer for life

    Amber Johnson
    Feb 18th 2015
    amazing non-traditional gift idea

    My husband is your typical guy, not into the romantic gifts and probably doesn't read the cards he gets. When I handed him his crate, his eyes lit up and a grin spread across his face. It was definitely a great moment knowing he was loving using the crowbar to pry open his crate instead of faking a smile while pulling tissue paper out of a frilly bag! My husband is a bacon lover through and through, so when he saw the goods inside, I knew by the light in his eyes that I had achieved cool wife status! The bacon crate was amazing and I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you Man Crates!

    Megan Wolf
    Feb 16th 2015

    This was the perfect gift! It is so much more what my boyfriend wanted than any other gift I could've given him. It was funny, enjoyable and he LOVED opening the crate with the crow bar to find delicious "bacon for days" as he said, inside. The customer service was also AMAZING; when they shipped it out a day too early to arrive on the day I specified it to come on, they did everything possible to make it right and were extremely understanding, apologetic and nice to talk to! Nothing like other customer services. VERY SATISFIED customers, will be ordering again in the future!

    Karen Lewsader
    Feb 14th 2015
    Bacon Heaven

    My adult son was ecstatic about his bacon Man Crate!

    Patricia Bowes
    Feb 11th 2015
    Great Valentine gift

    My husband loved this, especialy the pry bar and having to open the crate. Good Fun.

    Judy Riggs
    Feb 9th 2015
    BA ~ CON!!

    This was such a fun, clever, unique gift. This was as much fun to give as it was to receive. Everyone enjoyed watching as the crate was pried open and each item was presented to the crowd. Men can be so hard to buy for but your site is going to be a go-to for gifts for our group!


    Kurt Isaak
    Jan 23rd 2015

    the bacon salt was kinda s*** but other than that dope as well you know

    Jan 7th 2015

    We sent these to our customers for Christmas this year and they loved them! We had funny story after funny story of people trying to get them open and ahhing over the bacon goodness inside. Total worth it!

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