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    Dec 26th 2023
    Christmas gift

    Just gave the Bacon Crate to my bf for Xmas. He had to use a real hammer and crowbar to pry it open but enjoyed it thoroughly. Was totally confused which was fun to watch. Dived right into the jerky. Great gift.

    Danny Tapp
    Oct 19th 2022
    Man crates Birthday gift

    Gift from daughter and son-in-law

    Tom Merrill
    Nov 7th 2021
    Couldn't get any better!!

    this was one of the other crates my daughter gave me...
    was so good that we found some of the products in town once we use them up....
    keep up the good work..

    Bill Redinger
    Jun 20th 2021
    BACON…. It’s not just for breakfast!

    Got a bacon crate from my daughter and son-in-law for Fathers Day - OH MY! Heaven in a crate

    Chris Brooks
    Jun 10th 2021
    Bday Gift

    I received this as a surprise bday present. I have no clue who it came from but I love it. Had no clue this even existed.

    Bob Weyrick
    Apr 25th 2021
    Christmas for Birthday

    I always like to make Christmas Gifts hard to open. My daughter turned the table on me with this one. Opened the first box to find a box wrapped in duct tape. After cutting thru this I came upon the Mancrate and pry bar. Had to get a hammer to help! After disassembling the box to get to the inside [about 15 minutes]. The products inside were individually boxed. This was the best birthday present ever. Could not wait to call her and tell her job well done

    Feb 11th 2021
    Fun and Delicious

    A bit challenging to open (suspect that is what is intended) for this manly man but worth the wait for some delectables. Who is so insane as to not like bacon! Will be ordering myself for family and friends in the future.

    Feb 8th 2021
    Bacon Man crate

    OM!!! This was fantastic!!! It was a little pricy but it was exciting to see my husband struggle to get it open! We all laughed when he checked the website to see how to get into the crate easier and the site mentions to “try harder!” It was definitely a unique gift!

    Amanda Keezer
    Dec 26th 2020
    Bacon crate/ bloody mary

    It was very simple to open and only with crowbar that was sent. My husbands bloody mary one was more of a challenge

    Patricia Lewis
    Dec 18th 2020

    My husband received this box last Year. He loved it! In fact we have had to order a gallon of the hot pepper bacon jam as that is all he eats for jam now. And it’s great in lots of recipes! Great way to try new products!

    Tanya Johnson
    Jul 24th 2020

    This was a Father’s Day gift and he LOVED IT!!
    The bacon jam was heavenly , I’m looking to order more and we still have the bacon grinder on the table!! GOOOD STUFF!!!

    A. C.
    Jul 17th 2020
    Loved it

    Everything is better with Bacon.
    Very pleased with all items inside. The was my husband's 2nd crate so the hammer made its appearance right away to help him open. The Bacon jerky was really tasty. The jam was awesome. Finished it in one night. Couldn't stop eating it. Ordered more of the jam already.These crates are a great idea.

    Jun 22nd 2020
    Fathers Day

    Well, I had to have my shipping price returned to me because it took over a week to get here, and a day late from Fathers Day (FedEx's fault, not the business) but we absolutely had a blast watching him open it! He opened it in well under 2 minutes, even with the extra duct tape packaging, but the concept of the crate alone is just fun. He loved everything about it, right down to the contents inside. I will definitely be buying one as a gift for another time. This was a PERFECT gift for our Man of the house!!!

    Cati Frontera
    Jun 21st 2020
    Father’s Day

    Had a great time watching my boyfriend open this crate. But he still got it under a minute 😄. Only downside they mixed the card and sent another with other people names. Oh well still a fun gift.

    Bert C.
    Jan 24th 2020
    Bacon Crate

    I absolutely LOVE this package! Received it for a gift and had a bit@h of a time trying to crack it open. Very innovative and fun to open packaging! I implore anybody to give this a shot!!

    Dec 27th 2019

    My boyfriend loved his! He said the jerky was a bit too sweet for his taste, but other than that he loved every single part of it which is exactly what I was hoping for. :D

    Steven B.
    Dec 8th 2019
    Best Birthday Gift Ever

    I’m currently away on orders for the National Guard, so since we were apart on my thirtieth birthday, my wife sent me the Bacon Crate as a gift. Hands down, the coolest gift I’ve ever received. She is awesome for picking it out, and y’all at Man Crates are just as awesome for thinking this idea up and making it happen! That hot pepper bacon jam is out of this world, by the way. Not even kidding. I need more of that stuff in my life. Instant addiction.

    Jun 14th 2019
    Father' Day

    I received this for Father's Day. This is the coolest packaging and gift set ever!! Thank you!

    Jun 4th 2019
    My original box was the bacon crate

    My original order, I ordered the bacon crate for my husbands birthday. We had a few issues with the order but after contacting customer service we recieved many options to satisfy our issues. After receiving a new crate I am extremely happy and this wonderful customer service experience and then experience with the new crate will for sure keep me coming back for more orders in the future! I now have a gift destination for every holiday for my husband! I am definitely going to reccomend to everyone I know! Thankyou man crates for your wonderful customer service and my replacement I am 100% satisfied and I look forward to my future purchases!

    Mar 22nd 2019
    Women will love this too!

    Ladies this is the best crate I've ever been surprised with. From the jerky, to the bacon seasoning, to the peanut brittle, this crate is one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me and I wish they had an extra large bacon crate for the next time we purchase.

    Feb 14th 2019
    Because Men matter too...

    Hey Ladies, Valentine's Day shouldn't just be about us. Bought this cool bacon crate for my husband and had it delivered to his work. Women all day got flowers and gifts, but all the men scored 0. All of a sudden my husband is delivered this formidable box... Which created a fun, challenging puzzle for the room... The crate was finally opened, and let me just say this... Men were taking pictures and sending the pics to their wives. Not sure what chaos I've caused them when they get home, but damn my husband is glowing! Sorry ladies! Step up! Lol😂 Excellent job mancrates. Will order again.

    Norma Threadgill
    Feb 1st 2019
    My Son's favorite mancrate, the only one he wants.

    I sent this to my son for his birthday a couple of years ago, he enjoyed it a lot. He told me at Thanksgiving that he wanted it again for his birthday. Alas. ninjas, the walking dead, Mike Tyson, some scruffy high school kid destroyed the entire supply of this product, at least that's what these self-confessed liars told me. So, like Arnold said, "I will be back!"

    Jan 2nd 2019

    I was blown away by just the presentation alone before I could even see what was inside the crate. This was a Christmas gift for a man who has everything and may be a little on the picky side. Let me say this he was impressed! He had such fun trying to get this open and after it was well, it was perfect reaction he also has told me days later that the jerky is amazing and his favorite is the maple .. thank you for such an amazing idea for us woman to gift out men and to know it’s unique and will be loved by all men.

    Susan Hamilton
    Dec 26th 2018
    Coolest gift ever!

    Bought this for my bacon-loving nephew for Christmas and he had so much fun opening it. As he struggled to open the crate, he kept saying, "This is the coolest gift I've ever gotten!" Not easy to impress a Millennial, but this gift did. Thanks, ManCrate.

    Tabitha Magana
    Dec 26th 2018
    The start of a new tradition!

    This was my first Christmas with my husband as a married couple so I wanted to do something fun! I came across this site, found the bacon crate and I knew he would love it. He was SO excited. He absolutely loved it. I am starting a tradition now where I will get him a different crate every year for as long as possible haha. He's completely on board with it. The Delivery Time was perfect. I can't wait to keep surprising him with different crates every year!

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