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    Derick C.
    Jun 23rd 2016
    Best man gift ever!! BACOOOON!!!!

    My brother sent this gift crate to me, man was I surprised It took a second to pry this gem of a treasure trove open, but being a man possessing the ability to grow a full beard and all, I was definitely up for the task. I was able to pry the crate open with my trusty hammer (and the mini crow-bar which was provided in the kit, a weapon I will use to battle the hordes of undead in the near future LOL). "Lo and behold" what did I find inside??? BACON!!!! Copious amounts of precious strength producing, life nurturing Bacon!!! Bring on the zombie apocalypse w/ my survival kit of bacon I'm ready to lead Rick Grimes and his crew to safety, Negan be damned!!! LOL

    Doyle Smith
    Jun 21st 2016
    Bacon-N-More Bacon

    Products inside were delicious. Crate was like giving a monkey a football, took me and my little grandson to open it. He was as excided as I was. Ever see a kid rip open paper at Christmas? Not this crate, mallet and the enclosed crowbar did the trick. Thank you Rebecca, Darrell and Issabelle, love you all.

    Jun 20th 2016
    Father's Day Hit

    My husband loves bacon. There was no doubt that this crate and my husband were meant for each other. Once he opened it the smile was instantaneous. He talked about it for quite awhile and just called me at work at 7:45am to tell me he was eating bacon jerky for breakfast. Awesome.

    Apr 15th 2016
    Hahaha !!! HE LOVED IT!!

    OMG to see him chipping and banging at times with the "Man Tool" provided was so funny !!! "What kind of glue is this s**t?" What's in the Box? WHAT's in the BOXXXX!!! Haha !! A great gift and fun for friends and family to watch making bets on how long it will take him. I loved the purchase!! W

    Mar 26th 2016
    Bacon everything!!

    This is the second Mancrate that I have purchased and no disappointment! It was so much fun watching my son open it--duct tape first! He was laughing and his wife enjoyed watching him struggle with it. His teenage son loved the contents of the crate and wants one for himself because his dad isn't sharing! I will definitely be purchasing more from your wonderful company!

    Feb 18th 2016
    He loved it!

    Ordered this for a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. Initially he thought the crate was the box it was shipped in, so he was surprised to open the box and have to actually open it with a crowbar. He loves the crate itself too and plans on keeping it. And of course an entire box of bacon items was great as well. I will definitely be doing this for every Valentine's Day and birthday gift.

    Rachel Sakitis
    Feb 14th 2016
    Great gift idea

    My husband had no idea what his gift was this year. The pry bar was a great addition. It exceeded my expectations! I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs new and creative gift ideas. I will be ordering more in the future.
    Thank you!

    Feb 12th 2016
    Bacon scores a home run!

    I sent my first Man Crate to my husband and six year old son for Valentine's Day. They loved it!!! The first thing my husband said was that he loved how the cardboard shipping box looked like a crate. Then when he actually opened it and saw the real crate and crowbar? You could see the kid in him get excited. After 10 minutes of trying to pry open the lid and then a trip to the garage to get a mallet, the two boys finally succeeded. The fun of opening the crate and then the delicious treats inside scored this wife/mom a home run!

    The jerky was great! My son ate almost half the bag of bacon popcorn within minutes of opening the bag. We haven't tried the peanut brittle, the bacon salt, or the sunflower seeds yet...but I have no doubt they'll be excellent as well.

    Thank you for providing a great product and experience! I'll definitely be sending out a Man Crate again.

    Jan 15th 2016
    GREAT Gift!!!

    I got this for my fiancé for Christmas and he loved that he had to open it. But he really loved knowing that the crate was full of everything BACON. He loves all of the items in the crate. He used the bacon salt the first night.

    Jan 5th 2016
    He Loved It !!

    This gift was a big hit. It is difficult to surprise my husband with a gift and this one was a big hit. He loved the whole process of opening the crate and all the products inside tasted great, were unique and good quality.
    I'll definitely be back.

    Jan 1st 2016
    Suprise Gift Exchange

    Christmas Eve our family exchanges a gift from a family, pick a name and it's yours. My brother who I love, got my name. No one could figure out what the gift was, the crate took about 5 minutes to open, making the excitement even more exciting to open it. When it was opened the entire group couldn't believe the variety. The gift was enjoyed on a trip to see a football game. It was a GREAT HIT, thanks.

    Dec 29th 2015
    Love It!

    I purchased the Bacon crate for husband. He loved it! I love watching him opening the crate. Was a very big hit!

    Jeff Zaret
    Dec 29th 2015
    I Was In Hog Heaven

    I recieved the bacon man crate as a gift from my corporate team. What an awesome gift. One of the best gifts I have recieved. Perfect for corporate gifts.

    Dec 27th 2015
    Great Gift

    We all loved this! Amid the bows and tinsel, toys and expected fun and beautiful gifts, this was a welcome pause. Beware offering the information that some folks use hammers and such! The instant that information was available, the recipient headed for his tools and the opening was over very quickly.

    I only wish there were more crated offerings in a lower price range.

    Dec 26th 2015
    OMG Bacon!

    My husband was rather perplexed at first and then excited when he realized he needed the crowbar to open the box! While he loved the packaging, encased bacon treats was the best gift EVAH!!!

    While he has yet to share the treats, he has bragged about this to friends and co-workers!

    Thank you, ManCrates! This made for a memorable holiday my husband!

    Dec 23rd 2015

    I ordered the Bacon Man Crate for my office co-worker for Christmas and he loved it!! it was fun watching him open the box with the crow bar. He opened the bacon jerky and shared with another co-worker and they both said it was delicious! This was my first time ordering from you and I was very happy with the overall experience. I definitely will be ordering from you again in the future. Thank you so much!!

    Dec 19th 2015
    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    IT was such a hit!!!
    I told all my girlfriends about the site and one ordered her dad a Christmas present!

    I cant decide what to order next!!

    Chelsea Capps
    Dec 16th 2015
    Super Awesome

    Bought this for my little brother who has always been known for his love of bacon. Decent price + fast shipping = happy customer :) Will definitely be ordering from this site in the future!

    C ynthia
    Dec 12th 2015
    Big hit!

    Got this for my sister and her guy. They love bacon and they loved it! We are now a man crate family. I had to get a different one for each of my sons x3. They love the whole open the crate thing. Have gotten everyone at my hospital into it too!

    Dawn Hart
    Dec 10th 2015
    Bacon! It's what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    So, I ordered this for my son's Christmas present. I am so excited to see his face when he opens it. This is such a great idea and so easy to shop for!

    Jeff Friar
    Dec 9th 2015
    Bacon Lover's Dream

    I purchased this Man Crate as a gift and it was a big hit! My friend unwrapped the present, removed it from the cardboard box and was pleased with how it looked and was eager to find out what was inside. Part of my joy was in seeing the challenge the crate was to open. After some struggling, he finally removed the lid and was very happy to find the bacon treasure inside. It was a great gift and one I will buy again for other people on my list!

    Dec 9th 2015
    What Fun!!

    Great fun gift to give and see them open it, or try to without a hammer. Products are fun to try. Company good to work with. Thank you

    Nov 28th 2015
    It was a Hit!

    Ordered the Bacon crate for my boss. He had never seen anything like this before and loved the manliness about it. He had great fun opening it but had to resort to a chisel and hammer because the crow bar just wasn't enough. He loved all of the bacon goodies and was thrilled with the entire experience.

    Thank you for creating a source for fun and unique man gifts!

    Oct 23rd 2015

    The best part was watching my husband try to get the crate open.:) He loved it!

    Oct 23rd 2015
    What's not to love?

    Sent as a birthday gift for my brother and my husband, and they both loved it. There was a mix-up in shipping and Man Crate fixed it right away.
    Happy husband, crate full of bacon products, and great customer service: I'll definitely be back!

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