Navy Strength Gin Crate

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In the Box

The Gin Giant

  • Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin (114 Proof)

Strength of the Seas

  • 2 Laser-etched Kraken gin glasses
  • Kraken Bottle Stopper

How It Ships

Crate gifts are shipped in a Man Crates cardboard shipper box.
In a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

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Gin For The Win

In the days of the seafarer, the open waters played host to many crippling dangers: scurvy, Disney ghost pirates, and the elusive Kraken, but no foe was more treacherous than the shore-dwelling gin swindler.

Sailors often purchased barrels of gin from these bullion-thirsty bandits, only to later find it had been watered down worse than the Titanic post-iceberg. Unlike the good stuff, diluted gin was not flammable, so if it sloshed onto the gunpowder, the stockpile was compromised.

Thus, the British Royal Navy instituted a trial by fire: navy officers began pouring prospective gin over black powder. If the powder ignited, they knew the gin was at least 114 proof; but if it failed to spark, it was off to the gallows for that filthy, diluting crook.

Drink Like A Sailor

The Navy Strength Gin Crate honors the naval tradition of combustible, gunpowder-proof alcohol with a fifth of Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin. The famed Leopold Bros. bolstered this gin's strength and flavor by distilling each botanical separately, and then fusing it all into a 57% abv hurricane of gin and spices.

For those that believe gin is an old man's drink, this 750 mL of bottled fire is the weathered sea captain in the corner of the bar who backs down from no man and refuses to be overpowered. A dash of lime makes it the perfect anti-scurvy potion.

Release the Kraken

We've designed a pair of classic maritime drinking glasses for the heavy-swigging skipper. The laser-etched Kraken attack is a visual symbol of the strength within each glass.

And the octopus bottle stopper doesn't just prevent party fouls and evaporation, its magical summoning properties can be used to conjure the protective aggression of the Kraken in the event of a surprise pirate attack.

The Navy Strength Gin Crate harnesses the power and prowess of the high seas into a strong sip of American gin.

Customer Reviews

    Jan 5th 2016

    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was so fun to watch him attempt at opening it. After about 20 grueling minutes of watching him struggle, he finally got it open and loved everything inside. The glassware was great quality and he loved how they were bottom heavy and thought the stopper was really cool. He opened the gin that night and loved how it tasted with a slice of lime and some ice. Thank you!!

    Dec 28th 2015

    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was wonderful! It took him forever to open it and the suspense killed him, as well as his entire family as they stood around and watched. Definitely a great buy with awesome quality gin, not to mention the glassware that came with it. I will be buying from you again!!!

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