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Personalized Whiskey Making Kit

26 reviews

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In the Box

  • American White Oak Barrel. Includes stand, bung, and spigot (2 L, 7.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 in)
  • Your Guide to Barrel Aged Spirits Instruction Booklet
  • Essence Bottle
  • Paper Funnel
  • Barrel Cleaning Kit

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Plain Box items ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Order today and it ships within 2 business days
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When will it arrive?

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Better Whiskey by the Barrel

While many know the joy of sipping delicious whiskey, few have mastered the art of aging it. Now, he can make good whiskey great, and great whiskey unbelievable with the magical maturing powers of a wooden barrel

We’ve gathered all the funnels, tools and know-how he’ll need to make his own Tennessee whiskey right at home. Equipped with clear step-by-step instructions, and his very own personalized barrel, this kit is perfect for the burgeoning booze maker and established whiskey sipper alike.

Improve his whiskey collection with the age-old trick, the Personalized Whisky Making Kit.

Customer Reviews

    Jun 30th 2021
    Nice but no crate :((

    We were so excited to get this gift for our dad but when it arrived we were upset to see that it didn’t actually come in a man rate that needed to be pried open :( half the reason we got it was for the crate but it was still a good gift nonetheless!

    Man Crates Response: We are so sorry to hear you are disappointed that your order did not come in a crate. We do have a few items that we sell which do not come in crates. The crates are our the base of our brand and excellent gifts. However, we choose not to limit such glorious gift-giving to just wooden boxes. We offer other legendary gifts such as our: fresh-from-the-front-lines Ammo Cans, or our insanely-delicious JerkyGrams, and most recently our line of (If-You Want-Something-Done-Right-You-Have-To-) DIY project kits.

    We do try our best to make it clear that certain items do not come in crates. Repeatedly on the site we make mention of this, specifically under the "add to cart" button we have written "This product ships in a box " as well as including a picture of how the item ships. In the product description we also have listed "Delivered: In an awesome cardboard box" shown on the page. On the cart page before you process your order we have also included this message and another picture of how the items ships as well. Sorry if you missed any or all of these signals, we've done our best to try and give you a heads up!

    We’re sorry for any confusion resulting from the purchase that was thought to be coming in a crate. As always, we have a very generous return policy and if you wish you can return the item for a complete refund for any reason.

    The bottom line is, we're not happy until you're happy, please let us know if there's anything I can do to turn this around! Also, please let us know if you would like to start up a return or if there is anything else I can help with. Feel free to give us a call at 866-902-7260 or drop us a line at Have a good one!

    -Team Man Crates

    Kaley P
    Jun 23rd 2021
    Great customer service!

    I ordered this kit for my husband for Father’s Day and he was so excited when he got. Unfortunately, the barrel was leaking in multiple places even after the given time the barrel was supposed to swell. I sent an email explaining what was happening and Hailey was able to email me back the next day letting me know they were sending out a whole new kit and barrel! So happy with Man Crates and will continue ordering from them!

    Jun 22nd 2021
    Father's Day hit!

    My daughter suggested this kit as she is a past customer of Mancrates and boy was it a hit. My husband loves the show Moonshiners so this really worked for him. He is so excited to taste the first drink and to play with flavors. We also got him the Whiskey Infused nuts. They are excellent and the bottle is top-notch and will make a great bottle for him to put his whiskey in when it is finished. Such great products! You never disappoint!

    Apr 13th 2021
    He loved it

    Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday/valentines day/our anniversary (all on the same day lol) and he loved it! Easy instructions and comes with just about everything you need. Can’t wait to order him something for Christmas. Or just for fun!

    Warren Elsaesser
    Feb 25th 2021
    Love this kit!!!!!

    My wife got this for me for Christmas this year. Well I am 8 weeks in to making my whiskey and I hate it! Lol, the tasting are driving me nuts. All the different flavors coming through, I can’t wait to have a glass. Around week 6 I added some vanilla flavored stevia drops. Can I say WOW!! I was going to wait until the second batch to start playing with flavors but I’m so happy I did already. Only a couple more weeks until I bottle it. That’s if it makes it to the bottle. Lol

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