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    Jul 12th 2023
    Great gift, great customer service

    Bought this great gift for my boyfriends 40th birthday. He LOVED it. We followed the instructions to prepare the barrel, then added the whiskey and checked back a week later and saw it started leaking. I emailed customer service and within 10 mins got an email back telling me they will replace it. I was NOT expecting that at all. Now that is customer service and will insure I will be ordering from Man Crates again! Thank you Man Crates

    Leon clark
    May 25th 2023
    Not a whisky making kit

    Had received the whiskey making barrel and it is not a whiskey making barrel kit. It is a new whiskey and aging kit just so you know when people do buy it because when you buy whiskey, it already is aged, so why would you want to agent more just my thoughts.

    May 19th 2023
    Me we am ossue

    This is the best option for er disappointed and always customer service has your back. Worth every penny!

    Dec 25th 2022
    Not a Making Kit

    I, and my man, LOVE this product, but the title was a whiskey *making* kit, and it's a whiskey - AGING - kit...big difference when it comes to whiskey :/ but! we'll find a whiskey making kit and use the barrel (: Just wanted others to know what they're buying

    Stacey D
    Jun 15th 2022

    Brought the Crate for a special someone. And his words were. Baby how do you come up with this stuff. He lovvveeed it. Thank you so much.

    Marissa Meininger
    Apr 6th 2022

    Just wrote a review would like to say customer service was very friendly and helped with issue to fix it. Disregard other review

    Tabitha Garcia
    Jan 24th 2022
    Whiskey Barrel

    I bought this Whiskey Barrel for my husband as a Christmas gift. We went through all the steps to cure the barrel. We thought it was good to go so we started making our first whiskey batch but started having leaks around the back of the barrel. The next day I messaged man crates about the problem. They got back to me within an hour of my message and said that they would send out a new one ASAP free of charge. This is the third thing I have ordered from man crates and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Great customer service.

    Carmen Rose
    Dec 29th 2021
    A hit!!

    I ordered 2 man crates for my grown sons as a last minute Christmas idea/gift. They did not disappoint! It was the highlight of the night for them both. One son got a crate with jerky and enjoyed opening it with the crowbar. My other son got the personalized box to make his own hot sauces. They both went on and on about how they loved the gifts. The shipping was on time and I highly recommend these products!

    Nicole Johnson
    Dec 8th 2021
    Seems like most of the negative reviews come from people that can't read.

    Bought this for my boyfriend, and he LOVED it.. And what's even crazier? I KNEW it didn't come in a crate because I bothered to READ the product description. Other than that, the product was exactly as advertised. So my recommendation? Buy this product, as it's pretty bada*s.. And ignore all the pissed off idiots who are only pissed off cause they lack reading comprehension skills. Thanks Mancrates, for once again knocking gift giving outta the park! You guys are awesome.

    Dec 3rd 2021
    Started a Whole New Trend

    I got this for my brother and had his childhood nickname placed on it with the flying pig (it was a perfect fit). He absolutely loved it and has it set up in his man cave. Now he is making all these crazy cocktails to decide what kind of whiskey he wants to make. And just wants to talk whiskey all the time.

    Jun 30th 2021
    Nice but no crate :((

    We were so excited to get this gift for our dad but when it arrived we were upset to see that it didn’t actually come in a man rate that needed to be pried open :( half the reason we got it was for the crate but it was still a good gift nonetheless!

    Man Crates Response: We are so sorry to hear you are disappointed that your order did not come in a crate. We do have a few items that we sell which do not come in crates. The crates are our the base of our brand and excellent gifts. However, we choose not to limit such glorious gift-giving to just wooden boxes. We offer other legendary gifts such as our: fresh-from-the-front-lines Ammo Cans, or our insanely-delicious JerkyGrams, and most recently our line of (If-You Want-Something-Done-Right-You-Have-To-) DIY project kits.

    We do try our best to make it clear that certain items do not come in crates. Repeatedly on the site we make mention of this, specifically under the "add to cart" button we have written "This product ships in a box " as well as including a picture of how the item ships. In the product description we also have listed "Delivered: In an awesome cardboard box" shown on the page. On the cart page before you process your order we have also included this message and another picture of how the items ships as well. Sorry if you missed any or all of these signals, we've done our best to try and give you a heads up!

    We’re sorry for any confusion resulting from the purchase that was thought to be coming in a crate. As always, we have a very generous return policy and if you wish you can return the item for a complete refund for any reason.

    The bottom line is, we're not happy until you're happy, please let us know if there's anything I can do to turn this around! Also, please let us know if you would like to start up a return or if there is anything else I can help with. Feel free to give us a call at 866-902-7260 or drop us a line at Have a good one!

    -Team Man Crates

    Kaley P
    Jun 23rd 2021
    Great customer service!

    I ordered this kit for my husband for Father’s Day and he was so excited when he got. Unfortunately, the barrel was leaking in multiple places even after the given time the barrel was supposed to swell. I sent an email explaining what was happening and Hailey was able to email me back the next day letting me know they were sending out a whole new kit and barrel! So happy with Man Crates and will continue ordering from them!

    Jun 22nd 2021
    Father's Day hit!

    My daughter suggested this kit as she is a past customer of Mancrates and boy was it a hit. My husband loves the show Moonshiners so this really worked for him. He is so excited to taste the first drink and to play with flavors. We also got him the Whiskey Infused nuts. They are excellent and the bottle is top-notch and will make a great bottle for him to put his whiskey in when it is finished. Such great products! You never disappoint!

    Apr 13th 2021
    He loved it

    Bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday/valentines day/our anniversary (all on the same day lol) and he loved it! Easy instructions and comes with just about everything you need. Can’t wait to order him something for Christmas. Or just for fun!

    Warren Elsaesser
    Feb 25th 2021
    Love this kit!!!!!

    My wife got this for me for Christmas this year. Well I am 8 weeks in to making my whiskey and I hate it! Lol, the tasting are driving me nuts. All the different flavors coming through, I can’t wait to have a glass. Around week 6 I added some vanilla flavored stevia drops. Can I say WOW!! I was going to wait until the second batch to start playing with flavors but I’m so happy I did already. Only a couple more weeks until I bottle it. That’s if it makes it to the bottle. Lol

    Melissa S
    Jan 22nd 2021
    Amazing Customer Service!

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas, the barrel was beautiful and very well done. However we had an issue with the spigot. They responded to my email very quickly and made it right. Great product, even better customer service; I recommend both the barrel and the company!

    Nov 27th 2020
    Made it right

    I ordered this and wasn’t pleased with the print, you could barely read the inscription. I contacted Man Crates and they immediately sent out a replacement. Excellent customer service. I just started ordering with Man Crates, and it won’t be the last time.

    Jul 8th 2020
    Totally AWESOME !!

    The quality is great! Arrived in time for Father's Day..some of the packets leaked and smeared the directions, I emailed cust servc got an immediate response, these awesome people sent out a new kit!! Top Notch Mancrates!! You have a forever customer ❤!!

    Cynthia Malinowski
    Jul 6th 2020
    Perfect gift

    I bought this for my brother in law for his 50th birthday. He was excited to start it once he opened it, and now only two weeks later, he shared a small tasting with us and we all couldn’t be mire impressed. The smoked woody flavor adds depth to this hooch. It’s fantastic , smooth, flavorful already, can’t imagine how good it will be in a couple more weeks. I’m planning on ordering one for my husband and one for my son. The personalization was perfect. Everything arrived in great shape. Thank you.

    Jun 21st 2020
    Smoothest whiskey he’s ever had

    Bought the barrel for my boyfriend because I knew it would look cool on his bar and be fun to make his favorite alcohol. It turned out so smooth he loved it! I only hope I can buy the refills for it so he can keep making more

    Mariya Campbell
    Jun 18th 2020
    Top notch customer service

    Responsive team, great customer service! I buy gifts from Mancrates for my husband at least twice a year. They take pride in their products.

    Isolina Osborne
    May 22nd 2020

    Can you poor your already store made whiskey in here and or hour it going bad? Or just the stuff the barrel comes with?

    Karla Oconnor
    Apr 15th 2020
    We don’t like bourbon but was really smooth we let it age for 8 weeks and was very mild

    Great product I thought I came with a crate and pry bar but just in a box very good quality

    Ralph Jones
    Feb 13th 2020
    Amazing surprise

    I just received this as a Valentine's Day gift from fiancee. I love it. The idea of making my own whiskey has my mind blown.

    Melissa Thomson
    Nov 14th 2019
    Boyfriend LOVED it!

    I have bought several of these crates for my boyfriend, but this one by far was his favorite. He is a whiskey drinker and thought the personalized barrel was really cool! He immediately put it on our bar at home and he can't wait to make his first batch! Thank you ManCrates!!! I can always count on your products to put a huge smile on his face!!

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