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Folding Knife Making Kit

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In the Box

  • Folding Knife Assembly
  • Linen Micarta Handle Scales
  • Man Crates Folding Knife Making Guide
  • File & Rasp Set
  • Variable Grit Sandpaper Set
  • 3" Bench Vise
  • T6 & T8 Torx Wrench Set

NOTE: Folding Knife Making Kit does not ship in a crate.

How It Ships

Our Project Kit gifts ship in cardboard boxes.
In an awesome cardboard box. Corrugated C Flute cardboard with regular slotted style... told you it was awesome!

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    Order today and it ships the next business day
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    Choose your delivery date at checkout

When will it arrive?

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The Sharp Side Of Subtlety

Most men aren't going full Crocodile Dundee, strutting around town brandishing a 16" bowie knife and screaming "That's not a knife! This is a knife!" at anything remotely pointy-looking. That social production of masculinity is a bit much even by our standards--unless you're Australian, in which case... good onya, mate!

There's a case to be made for subtlety, and routinely carrying a folding knife is the perfect balance of convenience, preparation, and discretion. And the only thing more reassuring than having a trusty folding knife clipped to the hip is knowing exactly how that knife came to be.

Cold As Steel

Assembling the skeleton of a folding knife is just like putting together IKEA furniture, except it's extremely tiny, won't break after two months, and will draw blood if done recklessly. This knife is constructed from many tiny parts, the majority of which are too small to be choking hazards, so swallow away.

This AUS 8 Drop Point Blade is made of heat-treated and sub-zero quenched stainless steel and boasts an incredible temper and hardness of 57-58 HRC. The knife's thumb studs and liner lock make it easy to open and difficult to accidentally cut fingers off.

Tough As Linen

For exceptional presentation and durability, we've selected Linen Micarta handle scales made from layers of hardened resin linen. Think fashion-forward, fossilized mummy wrap meets intricate wood grain pattern, then pick your jaw up from off the ground.

We've also included a portable bench vise, file, and rasp set, sandpaper, and Torx wrenches for assembling and shaping the knife handles to its perfect, palm-fitting specifications, as well as an instruction booklet to make sure the knife gets assembled pointy end out.

The Folding Knife Project Kit gives the equipment, expertise, and unforgettable experience of assembling and shaping a trusty and true folding knife.

Customer Reviews

    Sarah Murren
    Jun 21st 2021
    Love man crates!!

    This is the 5th time I have bought from man crates and my hubs always loves them!! This folding knife was perfect for Father’s Day!! He and our daughter built it together! Also they shipped it to me with in 2 days!!

    john wes Lewis
    May 6th 2020
    folding knife making kit was a HIT

    Gave this to our 78 year old father and he absolutely loves it. It's the perfect gift for that gentleman who wants to tinker with things and create a finished product. It took him half an hour just to get past the duck tape! Perfect gift for this guy. Thank you!

    May 1st 2020
    The most excited ever

    I bought this for my dad for his 70th birthday. I live in a different state and didn't get to see him open it, but my mom said it is the most excited she has ever seen him when opening a gift. When I spoke to him, he was very grateful that the kit comes with everything you need (table vice, sand paper etc.)

    Apr 4th 2020
    Great Gift!!

    My Son bought Me the folding Knife With tool Kit for X-mas 2 Years ago! I'm a trucker so haven't had time to put it together!! I just retied so went to work on it. It was a fun project and Great Quality!!

    Dee Dee
    Dec 29th 2019

    Man Crates has so many awesome gifts -- many I would love to give to so many manly relatives and friends. Finally I gave the Folding Knife Making Kit to my brother for Christmas. Since it did not come in a crate I opted for the duct tape gift wrap. :D

    This was the best gift ever! My brother is so delighted with the vise, etc.

    Thank you for this! Well Done.

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