90s Snack Pack Crowler

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In the Box

  • Crowler
  • Crowler Opener
  • Warheads (variety pack)
  • Nerds Rope
  • Ring Pop
  • Spree
  • Pop Rocks
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Bubble Tape
  • Fruit Roll-up
  • Airhead

How It Ships

Crowler cans are sealed and ship in cardboard boxes with a can opener included.
In a sealed, pressurized can along with a military-style P51 can opener.

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    Orders placed by noon PST will ship out same day
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Snack in the Day

You get home after school, toss your new Walkman on the sofa, and flip on the TV to see what the gang’s been up to on this week’s episode of Saved by the Bell. Yeah, life’s totally fly. But it’d be even more fly with some rad snacks, you know?

The 90s Snack Pack Crowler is filled to the brim with delicious candies that are all that and a bag of chips*. Once he nibbles on this 90s era nostalgia, he’ll be longing for the decade when Ace of Base ruled the radio waves. Wait, did we say radio waves? As if!

*Bag of chips not included.

Note: This gift comes cleverly disguised as a large beer can, but it’s actually the latest in gift wrap technology. And getting at what’s inside won’t be easy.

Diabolically designed to be cut open with an old-timey can opener, the crowler provides a totally unique opening experience. Did we mention it makes a satisfying whoosh sound when it’s cracked open?

Customer Reviews

    Aron Gagnon
    Jun 18th 2018
    Fun IN a BEER CAN!!!!!!!!

    My son & daughter in law bought this for fathers day.
    What a BLAST to opening it and then ALL of Candy. It was a lot of fun!!

    May 20th 2018

    I sent this to my 23 year old son. He loved the packaging, and a lot of the candy included were among his faves from childhood... he absolutely loved it!!

    Karen McRae
    Feb 14th 2018
    “John Wayned It”

    My husband and I sent these to our sons in college, and they absolutely loved them! The Crowler, the cool postmarks on the box, the candy and especially the opener! Their dad is a former Marine and still has his “John Wayne” from the 80s. Now they have one of their own! Fantastic Valentines Gift for college dudes!

    Feb 12th 2018
    Great gift terrible package

    The candy inside the can was great and full of nostalgia. The can, can opener and included instructions almost cost my wife and I our fingers as it doesnt do a good job of cutting the side of the top of the can so we were left to leave little punctures around the top before giving up and plunging a knife into the side to relieve the can of its contents. Please either allow an alternative way to open or clearer instructions for those of us not from the 1950s who dont know how to operate the old school can opener. Thank you for the experience and good candy

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Shane,

    Thanks for your feedback, we'll pass it along to our product team! Glad to hear you loved what was inside once you got in!

    -Team Man Crates

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