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    Jun 12th 2018
    Fantastic Gift!

    My husband got this for his birthday and loved it. I was impressed with the high quality of everything. I highly recommend man create.

    Mar 12th 2018
    Engagement Gift!

    We received this crate for an engagement gift and we love it!! The glasses are very durable with a beautiful design, they are very high quality, the food that comes with it is delicious and we are both whiskey drinkers so it is greatly appreciated by both of us.

    Stephanie Shelton
    Feb 19th 2018
    Valentines Day Gift for Husband

    Purchased this on a whim and it exceeded our expectations. Super fun watching him open it, great quality items and something he will certainly use. I would suggest this item to anyone!

    Maria O'Brien
    Feb 14th 2018

    So bought this for a very special guy... he's ex military so being the marine he is... he resorted to using a saw to open it! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I will totally use this company again!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    Feb 10th 2018
    Thoughtful Vday gift.

    My girlfriend said she didn't know what to get me since she thinks I have everything, well this hit the spot for sure, now just need the w whiskey to go with it.

    Jan 28th 2018
    Fantastic Gift!

    A Christmas gift for my brother-in law who has everything. He loved it! Score one
    Me for me!!!!!!

    Jan 7th 2018
    With decanter

    My wife was able to surprise me with a Christmas gift that gift was the Whiskey man crate with the decanter included absolutely love it and her best Christmas present in a long time

    Dec 22nd 2017

    Got it as a gift for the dr I work for, loved it and we loved watching him struggle, only complaint........wished it would have taken longer to open, only because it was so fun to watch

    Jacklyn B.
    Dec 21st 2017
    One of a kind

    I bought this for my husband for our anniversary last year and he absolutely loved it! Iโ€™ve never seen him have so much fun opening anything, and I donโ€™t think heโ€™s enjoyed any other gift as much. He proudly displays it on the shelf above our bar and he and I both have happily recommended Man Crates to all our friends. I must say though that I was saddened to see that you no longer include the decanter. After telling one friend about your site, he went looking for the crate and told us it didnโ€™t have the decanter. Thinking he must be mistaken, I went looking for it only to find that he was right. I hope youโ€™ll bring it back soon, it really makes the set.

    Ray Depew
    Dec 21st 2017
    It was like breaking into the bank and finding a ton of GOLD!

    Started off by dulling 3 knives just to cut through the duct tape.
    Skinned 2 knuckles just trying to get the pry bar into the crack.
    But, 30 minutes later, Voila! What a treat! My scotch will taste so much better very shortly. Nicely done! And thanks to J & J for thinking of it. Big Daddy Ray

    Rebecca Anderson
    Dec 21st 2017
    Lots of Laughs

    My husband joked, comparing opening the crate was like trying to break into Area 51. I love the website Help Page that said "Try Harder". I appreciate companies that don't take themselves so seriously. We just laughed the whole time. He really like his name on the glassware too, good job Man Crates!

    Dec 30th 2016

    Received this for Christmas and was incredibly happy. I started drinking Scotch this past year and the wife found this. Tonight is my birthday and I will be breaking in the glasses with my Scotch drinking buddy!
    I think the wife has ne covered for gift giving for the foreseeable future!

    Chris Killingsworth
    Dec 13th 2016
    I goofed up

    I wrote a review yesterday titled Great but.... I received a very rapid, funny, polite, and every other positive adjective I can think of from Stacia Cunningham (give that lady a raise). Bottom line, she wanted to make everything she could to make it right but also pointed out to me that I hadn't actually ordered the duct tape for the crates. With that said, they still wanted to make right even though it was My goof up! Man Crates, y'all are the best!

    Chris Killingsworth
    Dec 12th 2016
    Great but....

    I am no stranger to Man Crates and they never dissapoint with the gifts. However, for the second time in a row I paid for the duct-tape wrapping and didn't get it. I love your gifts but come on guys, you're slipping.
    Man Crates Edit:

    Hey Chris,

    Man, that's a total bummer, so sorry to hear you order has been sans duct tape twice now! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll hook it up bigtime for you.

    Team Man Crates

    C. Bradley Kreutzer
    Nov 30th 2016
    what a thank you gift

    i received this as a thank you gift. the family was all watching as i tried to open the crate after about 5 minutes i went to the garage to get more tools, determined to get it open (hammer and knife) what i found was just the greatest surprise and items i will use and remember a close friend for the rest of my life

    Nov 29th 2016
    Back again.

    My husband LOVED his man crate. He uses the glasses and the ice maker on regular basis. Here I am again buying one for my nephew. Great gift for a man in your family!

    Beckah Flanick
    Sep 6th 2016
    My husband LOVED it!

    So I ordered this for my husband for his birthday. It arrived the day that it was promised, and he had so much fun breaking open the crate with the crow bar. The quality of the glasses, flask and other components of the crate are phenomenal! It didn't hurt that I also gave him a bottle of Maker's Mark to test things out. ;) He was so in love that he immediately got onto the website to check out what else Man Crates sells. We will be lifelong customers. :D

    Aug 26th 2016
    He LOVED it!

    I bought this for my husband for his 44th birthday. Watching him get into the crate today was fun, he made a bit of a mess of it. The whiskey glasses were perfect. We liked it so much that I'm ordering the beer glasses for my brother's 40th! Great gift ideas!

    Aug 10th 2016
    Great customer service

    I just did a exchange of gift from cigar humidor to whiskey crate. Thank you Robby & Molly for helping out so quickly with my gift exchange. It was a pleasure talking to you and you guys are awesome.

    Jul 14th 2016

    I bought the personalized whiskey crate as a gift for a friend's birthday. I had the glasses customized with his name, it came with everything listed in the item description, nothing was damaged, crow bar wasn't left out and I even chose to pay the extra money to have it wrapped in duct tape--just for the satisfaction of the struggle I knew he would go through to open it up! I ordered it a month and a half in advance. Chose the day I wanted it delivered & it arrived on time, on the day I chose. Undamaged. He was so happy & could not have turned out better! I definitely won the award for most badass present this year!

    Jul 13th 2016
    Great idea

    We bought this crate for my father-in-law for Father's Day and he loved it. And since we are so last minute, I loved that I was able to order almost last minute and still get it in time! Very creative and unique gift and I will be ordering from you guys again! The only thing I would change is to maybe only nail the crate shut, instead of gluing it AND nailing/stapling it shut? It was fun that it had to be opened with a crow bar, but the glue made it impossible to open with just the crowbar you supplied. We had to bring out much larger tools and both my husband and FIL both ended up with splinters and small injuries. Maybe that means they aren't man enough for a Man Crate, but I'd love if it were a *little* bit easier to open with the supplied crowbar. ;)

    Jun 19th 2016
    Dad's officially in our family MacCrate club!

    My brother and I bought this crate for Dad, for Father's Day. Dad is now officially in our family ManCrate Club!! He absolutely loved it!!! Said it was the neatest gift he's ever received and he's 77! We had the glasses personalized with "Dad's Rotgut"...hahahahaha!!! :)

    Jun 10th 2016
    Perfect 21st Birthday Gift!

    I received this crate for my 21st birthday from my boyfriend. Although it arrived a day later than promised, it allowed us to celebrate my birthday for an extra day. Yay for 2 birthdays! The coasters are incredibly solid, and being a whiskey drinker who tends to drop things, the durability of the flask is impressive. Overall, a great gift!

    May 26th 2016

    I ordered this as a thank you gift for a friend that built me something for my house - he absolutely loved it! Said it is the best gift he has ever received haha. He loved that he had to pry it open and the personalized glasses. Man Crates has an awesome thing going - will absolutely be ordering again!

    Gabby Coggin
    May 6th 2016
    Best Graduation Gift!

    I ordered this for a friend's graduation present, and he absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, when it arrived a coaster had broken. However, Charlie with Customer Service contacted me within 24 hours, and a replacement coaster set on the way, as well as another treat. The customer service with this company cannot be beaten. Everyone I know will be getting Man Crates from here on out. Thank you so much!!!

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