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    Shelley Foley
    Jan 12th 2023
    Great for whiskey person in your life

    I got this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! We are freezing extra ice molds for when we have friends over.

    Jan 27th 2022
    Husband loved it

    Bought this for my husband and he loved it!!!

    Jazmin Zuniga
    Jan 4th 2022
    Awesome in all aspects

    Bought my boyfriend's parents this super promising crate because their whiskey drinkers. Unfortunately, upon opening the crate one of the glasses were shattered. This was nothing to do with Man Crates, but they happily supplied me with a replacement and it came quick too! I will be shopping here for future gifts, even if it's just for myself ❣️

    Casey Clutch
    Dec 23rd 2021
    I was gifted a Man Crate

    Do yourself a favor….video tape the opening. As for the presentation and quality…absolutely stunning. Love it. My whiskey box came personalized and it looks awesome. Nothing chintzy about anything that came. Probably a top 3 gift considering it was absolutely unexpected as well. I can’t wait to gift a man crate myself.

    The Love Engineer
    Dec 4th 2021
    Greatest Guy Gift

    I bought this as a thank you gift for my brother in law. Sometimes we forget just how much work men quietly do say in and day out to make the lives of their love ones easier, comfortable or just fun! When he received his gift he was thrilled. It took a while to get into the crate and that was a apart of the excitement. He loved the glasses and couldn’t wait to use the ice cubes. The guy in your life will never forget this gift because guys don’t get many gifts to begin with.

    Very Satisfied Customer
    Sep 10th 2021
    Don't hesitate - buy it for someone special!

    If you're looking at the reviews, that means you are interested but not yet ready to commit to your decision of buying this whiskey crate. I recommend this crate for someone special or someone you want to impress. This is a gift within a gift - personalized items inside the ultimate gift wrap, you can't go wrong.

    First of all, it comes in a real crate that they will have to open with tools. You will enjoy the perplexed look on their face and hear them say "what IS this" over and over as they begin hacking away at it... it will be a great show! You will have to be be strong though- do not give any hints about the contents and take away from this moment.

    Your recipient will be thinking "what did I do to deserve this?" as they admire all the items they pull out of the box. They will look at the etched, high quality, sturdy glassware and think... "wait a minute, what did THEY do?" as they look at you suspiciously- that's how great a gift this is!

    I don't work for Man Crates, I'm just customer who had a great experience. I had questions about my order and customer service was prompt and courteous. I would give them 6 stars if I could. I'm on the website right now looking for unique Christmas present ideas and wanted to encourage other shoppers on the fence.

    You're not just paying for the glasses, coordinating items and snacks - it's the whole experience of opening the crate and seeing the thought you put into their lasting gift. They can open up a boring gift bag another day - make this an occasion they won't forget.

    Jun 18th 2021
    Awesome gift!

    We got this for my hubby for Father's Day, and added the Diabolical Duct Tape wrapping for a bit of fun. He ABSOLUTELY loved it and got a chuckle at the wrapping. The glasses are fantastic, and the ice spheres are neat. Thanks Man Crates team!

    Erin -Sacramento
    Jan 11th 2021
    Killer Man Gift

    I purchased this gift to send to a friend in Germany. You cannot send alcohol through their customs- but items related to alcohol are approved. An American product received in their country is coveted. He was ecstatic that his name was engraved as well. What an awesome gift. Took a month to move through customs- but eventually got through- it was worth the wait!!

    Y D
    Dec 28th 2020

    This was a Christmas gift and his first Man Crate gift. (We have gotten other gifts for our five grown sons). He carefully took the crate a part, was happy for the crow bar to add to his tools. Then could not quit saying "How Cool" with the personalized square whiskey glasses which he waited to use until the round ice sphere were frozen. He kept saying how perfect it made the whiskey taste! Everything in the kit was perfect for the experience. Also my husband's first name is Dave....so the Dave's Meats and Nuts bags were a huge bonus. Thank you for what you do. Quite a "guy" experience. I cannot remember the last time he was this excited about a gift.

    Aug 8th 2020

    I bought this gift for my son-in-law’s birthday. Having a personalized gift was the perfect touch. What a hit!!!!

    Man Crate’s Customer Service is outstanding. I made a mistake with the order. I used the text option and had a terrific turnaround. They not only corrected my error but they did in within 30 minutes.

    I will continue to buy from Man Crate an will definitely suggest this to all who I know.

    Cornelius Reffegee
    Jun 23rd 2020
    Father's Day gift from daughter LaTonya

    Never had such a creative gift, its presentation, and contents...
    so simple but WOW

    Elizabeth Tyler Spaulding
    Jun 15th 2020

    My husband loved it and now he has the ice cube ball in the freezer. And he loved the whiskey glasses!! Thank you Mancrate

    Rachael Marsili
    May 23rd 2020

    This is such a nice change up to a gift idea. I was quite skeptical as to quality and whether my husband would find it to be ‘cool’

    (He gets the same gifts every year. Granite he expects it and wants it, he was pleased with the change up)

    Quality? Amazing. The glasses are amazing quality and with personalization? You can’t go wrong. The coasters are a neat touch and the ice molds are perfect.

    This package is perfect.

    I’ll be purchasing for all the men in my family for all special occasions.

    Keep it up ManCrates!

    Mar 31st 2020
    Everyone wanted in on opening this gift!

    Half the fun is the great packaging and the fun in the anticipation of the work to get inside it... then, you’re there, and the gift is AWESOME! All the guys wanted to give it a go :)

    Amanda S
    Mar 17th 2020
    My husband loveddddd

    My husband had a hard time opening the first crate as I got him two, but he loved this entire crate. Surprisingly, it came super fast even with the personalization on the glasses. We love the whiskey ice ball molds too.

    Feb 3rd 2020

    My husband had received a crate and when it came time to order for his friend there was no question Man Crate.
    I received excellent service and it came with the quickness. Can't thank you enough!

    Gunny Moore
    Dec 21st 2019
    Best gift ever

    Came unexpectedly Saturday before Christmas, Good thing because I leave in the morning to go North for a couple days. Never heard of it before and brought a instant smile to my face seeing the crate to be opened. I knew there had to be something super cool inside . Some men get to a point where they have what they want or go get it themselves. This is something I never knew existed and yep I needed it. Thanks Son for knowing to get Dad something super cool. And thanks Man Crate for the super cool gift sets just for Men

    Mark the Elder
    Oct 8th 2019
    Happy 50 to Me!

    Wife and kids got me this for my 50th. Pouring myself a bourbon from my new decanter into these awesome glasses (with big ice) certainly took away some of the pain. MC is great

    Jun 4th 2019
    Awesome Service

    I Ordered for my dad to his birthday. Everything was just great. Nice crate with glasses and all other stuff.

    P.S. Support service here is awesome. They respond fast and really care about every delivery.

    Feb 24th 2019

    I'm in Colombia, i was trying find something special for my fiance from here
    I am happy because everything arrives in perfect conditions, he loved it and I was able to send him a gift from here. Thaks guys...

    I only have one recommendation, you should have more variety of products.

    but for everything else it was wonderful.

    Emilie Jensen
    Jan 10th 2019
    Unique Gift

    I ordered two crates, one for my husband and our best friend, for Christmas. It was such a unique, fun and fantastic gift to give since they already have everything they want. They both love Whiskey so I thought it would be fun for them to track their tastings together. The duck tape was a total bonus and totally worth $10!

    Dec 28th 2018
    Christmas Fun

    I was told I had to open it last, when I did I was baffled by what it could be. When I opened it, to my surprise an AWESOME treat! I had fun opening it and will enjoy the glassed and ice trays for a long, long time.

    Tangela Jordan
    Dec 26th 2018
    Will buy again

    He really loved it, enjoyed seeing his face as he was trying to open the crate with the crowbar. Priceless!!!! Will be buying again since I know there are more options for different things.

    Dec 26th 2018
    Great gift idea!

    Ordered this 12/15 last minute to surprise my hubby. Was really easy to order, a little weary about picking a particular day for delivery since it is the same shipping $ no matter which day I picked. I choose delivery for 12/19, but it came on 12/20, which was OK but Mancrates refunded my $ since I asked about it. The customer service is top notch. Hubby loved the crate, the glasses look really nice, although the Tovolo ice balls don't fit in the glasses that came with the crate, which is kind of funny. Really great experience and I'll be ordering again.

    Dec 11th 2018
    The look on his face was priceless!

    First words out of his mouth were "This is so cool". Beautiful looking display was very happy! Will be ordering again!!!! Thank you Mancrates!!! 😀😀

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