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    Dec 31st 2016

    I have got to tell you all.....I found this year and sent this particular one to lots of friends and family. I got some other ones too. I have had the most fun.....everyone has loved them. I have had more than one I suppose to smash it? I had more than one who liked the cement block so much, they wanted to put it on a shelf for display. I had one who tried putting the block back together, so they could put it on display. Had one who thought when they got was just a stress reliever. No one knew the real gift was inside it. Had one say while smashing it....oh I struck gold. Gosh it has been sooooo much fun. They even have Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kits if you know someone who is into that. I said I was going to have fun this Christmas and I did. You just got to check them out. I am risking putting this on Facebook, because one of my recipients still hasn't smashed theirs yet.

    Dec 27th 2016
    Most talked about gift

    I ordered this one for my dad and, although they accidentally duct tape wrapped this box instead of the one I requested, he had a blast smashing it open! He liked that he could redeem his gift card where he wanted to.

    Dec 26th 2016

    I gave this gift to my son and the boyfriends of my two daughters and they all loved it. I was sent a video of each one of them smashing the card, it was entertaining and felt good to know that they really liked the gift they received. I'm sure they liked the pajamas I gave them too.

    Melisa Lovely
    Dec 25th 2016
    Super Fun!!!

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my step dad who seems to have everything, and is also a non-materialistic person, so it is always difficult shopping for him. The wide grin on his face when he saw the safety glasses and hammer were awesome. My whole family enjoyed watching him "smash" open his gift card, and I love that there are so many choices for him, this is definitely the perfect gift for any guy who is hard to shop for! Man Crates is the BEST!!!

    Dawn Halemanu
    Nov 23rd 2016

    I got this for my husband's birthday. He's the Operations Director for a maintenance facility and has been out of the field and stuck in an office for awhile now. What a joy to see his face light up as he wielded that hammer like the good old days!

    Jasmine M.
    Oct 14th 2016
    Winner of Coolest Wife Award Approved

    I got this for my husband's 30th birthday. He opened the present when we threw his party and boy, did I win major wife points for this. He absolutely loved figuring out that he had to smash the concrete to get to the gift and gleefully put on the glasses to get down to work. He gathered everyone outside while he smashed the concrete block, which thankfully wasn't as easy as it looked to break. He was even happier to discover that he could pick where to spend his hard earned money. He kept telling me how cool of a present this was (dare we say the coolest ever?) and how I was such an awesome wife. :) Happy husband, happy wife. :)

    Sean Parker
    Oct 12th 2016

    I just received this gift from my wife. It is the best most unexpected gift I have ever received. It was awesome!!! It was enjoyable to smash the block open and find the gift card inside.

    Well done!!!!

    Sep 21st 2016
    Great gift idea

    The smash and grab gift card was an awesome gift for my bf's 50th birthday. I was worried it would be too easy to open and crumble on the first smash but it took a decent amount of effort to fully open. It wasn't too difficult though. He chose to use the gift card at and got a great deal for the amount he bought. It's much better than just a regular gift card.

    Jun 22nd 2016
    Great Father's Day Gift

    It was hard to be away from my father on Father’s Day. I wanted to send him something really special that he would enjoy for his special day. I sent him the Smash and Grab and he had a blast smashing the brick to get to his gift. My relatives enjoyed watching him also. He was even MORE excited when he read the card and found out he had a choice of gifts to choose from. Love, love, love the Smash and Grab! Thank you Man Crates!

    Jun 14th 2016

    My husband received this a birthday gift from his son in the service. He was like a little kid in a candy store! Put on the goggles and went out to the yard to SMASH his gift!!!
    Awesome idea!!!!

    May 3rd 2016

    My boyfriend LOVED this gift. I got it for him for Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved it. He ended up telling all his friends about it and his friends all wanted to know where I had gotten it and wanted their wives/girlfriend to get them one too.

    Feb 28th 2016
    Funny gift

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a "just because you're awesome" gift. He loved the concept but cracked it open with one hit so it was a bit of a let dow, it was funny seeing his inital reaction though.

    I would say the only down side would be the shape the box came in, the inside was a bit ripped and the glasses were under the tray they were supposed to be in so I had to take everything out and fix it.

    I love this site, would buy again!

    Feb 26th 2016
    Awesome gift

    I ordered this for my fiancé for Valentine's Day. I don't like giving gift cards, but I had to have this. He loved it.

    Feb 19th 2016
    He was so excited to open this

    Not only did I order this for my very manly boyfriend, but I also made sure I sprung for the duct tape wrapping AND a message thanks to the guys and gals that described this Valentines Day gift perfectly that said the this crate is like my heart, only opened after considerable effort/misery or something like that. He loved it and bragged to all his buddies about it. SCORE! Then he asked why I didn't get him the jerky one. lol

    Feb 3rd 2016
    Merry Christmas

    Shopping for my dad is hard because he's one of those guys that buys the things he wants and doesn't need anything. He also hates for people to buy him stuff, but what kind of daughter would that make me if I didn't surprise him with SOMETHING !! So I got him this crate, it was funny watching him try to open it and then he got to choose what giftcard he got. WE LOVED IT !! Great gift for a father that already has what he wants.

    Jan 26th 2016

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. From the box festooned with plaid print to the inside presentation of hammer, brick and safety glasses, this is truly a gift that amuses, impresses and keeps on giving. It also makes giving a gift card a lot more fun with a "choose your own adventure" when you decide which way you want to go with your gift card choice. I've seen some complaints about the price, but considering you receive a hammer and safety glasses that can both be used again as well as a gift card, it's a great value. Besides, what price can you put on the entertainment value? My only great disappointment was that I was too busy laughing at my husband in his pj's, robe and safety googles, and didn't realize I failed to hit the record button when I thought I was videotaping. I loved this, he loved this - we would totally purchase this again as a gift.

    Jan 7th 2016
    Causes Jealousy

    I gave the Smash and Grab to my brother-in-law for Christmas. Needless to say, he loved it! Everyone else did too. We all wanted a gift we could use a hammer to smash open, so we were a bit jealous. My brother-in-law didn't wait a moment. As soon as he opened the box he immediately went outside and smashed the brick.
    I can't wait to give more ManCrates gifts!

    Valerie Jordan
    Jan 7th 2016

    This was a christmas gift to my husband and he loved it!! I highly recommend this!!

    Jan 5th 2016
    Smash & Grab

    This was such a fun gift!! My brother of 50 smashed the block with the hammer in his hands not the ground and broke the gift card into pieces crying I broke my toy before I got to play with it. It was all to funny and very entertaining.
    Thanks Man Crates for the entertainment value well worth it.

    Jan 3rd 2016

    GET THIS!!!

    Barbara Piscitelli
    Dec 28th 2015
    Smash and Grab

    Our friend loved it!!!! What a great surprised gift!!! At first was confused as to what to do with it but finally figured out how to smash the brick to receive reward!!!! Great gift for the person u don't know what to give !!!!!! How about Visa or MasterCard gift cards also? Variety and monetary increases needed!!! But still fun gift !

    Dec 26th 2015
    Practically Perfect

    I gave this gift to my best friend and he was jazzed at the fact that he got to take a hammer to the gift. He stopped the gift exchange so that he could grunt, growl and smash open that card.
    The only thing I wish would change is if I could choose the card instead of adding an additional step also I wish there was an option to get it placed into a crate. I did manage to put it in a homemade crate and made him grab his own crowbar.

    Dec 17th 2015
    This is awesome.

    This is so awesome I am going to disregard the guy who asked for shave art or lululemon. At the very least ask for Rhone apparel - step your game up you baby-faced yoga flower. Nevermind, I didn't disregard.

    Dec 17th 2015
    Great Gift!!!

    I got this as a Christmas gift for a family member (haven't given it to him yet) but I was really happy with how fast it arrived! I really like how it isn't a super thin layer of concrete too so he will have to work for it! I'm positive he will love it and I will definitely be a returning customer (again)!! I think it would be a really cool idea to do a "build your own" type thing though! You can pick if it comes in a crate, box, ammo tin, etc. And then you pick what comes in it (with limitations of course).

    Dec 12th 2015
    Smash and Grab

    I love this!! I only wish there were more selections for the men who don't fish or build!! lol

    Maybe a Shave Art, or LuLuLemon or something?????

    Love the idea and I've been a customer for a few years!!!

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