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    Jun 2nd 2018
    Smashed Xmas present

    I purchased one for my old man this past Xmas 2017. It was a hit! At first people were confused and then came the joys and laughter of having to break it open. I think it made everyone in the room jealous and it made my dad feel great! What a gift for my special guy!

    May 20th 2018
    Super Fun Gift

    Got this for my boyfriend and he loved it! It was really funny and fun watching him open the box and seeing his surprised face! I would highly recommend this item!

    cliff nadaner
    Apr 17th 2018
    best gift

    totally awesome, the best gift I ever received.
    so surprised, so much fun.

    Kerrie Muller
    Feb 28th 2018
    He Loved it :-)

    I got this for my boyfriend who recently retired and lives on a 42 foot sailboat. He doesn't have much room to store only but the necessities and this was perfect! He had a great time getting all the duct tape off and was like a kid and Christmas :-) When he finally got to the brick he loved the hammer and had a great time smashing into the brick! I recommend paying extra in getting it packaged with the duct tape!

    Feb 26th 2018
    Your gift card was a hit

    The gift card was for my husband - who absolutely loved it, but my son also thought it was very cool and immediately googled your site to see what else you had :)

    Feb 25th 2018


    Julie Layton
    Feb 16th 2018
    Great surprise for my hubby.

    My husband was so curious as to what I got him. He couldn't stop giggling at all the duct tape. Then he was so excited when he got to smash the gift card out. He said it is one of his best gifts. Also, he loves the hammer and safety glasses.

    Feb 15th 2018
    Loved it!!!

    I got this for my husband for Valentine’s Day, he absolutely loved it and said it was the most unique coolest gift ever! He loved smashing it and he’ll redeem his gift card soon, he just has to decide where he wants it from. Thanks Man Crates!!

    Whittton Karen
    Jan 16th 2018
    Smash & grab

    I got this for my grandson for Christmas & let me tell you he had a blast & it’s the excitement & challenge & quality , he’s was thrilled about the hammer 👍 , the only problem is my granddaughter is wanting one really bad 🤣

    Dec 28th 2017
    Birthday boy!

    I bought this for my boyfriend he loved it so much! I am getting one for my dad!!

    Kristy Kay Showley
    Dec 26th 2017
    Amazing amazing!!

    Couldn’t wait for my hubby to open it for Christmas. He loved every second of breaking it apart and then choosing what gift card to get. Will do for him again soon!! I love the crates and the smash and grab. Guys are hard to shop for but I think I hit it outta the park with this one. Thank you!

    Dec 11th 2017
    Fun Gift

    Get this for my boys every year (this year 19 and 21). They love it. My 12 year old daughter was bummed she wasn't getting one this year, so I just bought her one. Something different than a gift card in a card.

    Deb Baumgartner
    Dec 11th 2017
    30th Birthday Hit

    Got this for my son on his 30th Birthday. He LOVED every minute of it - from opening, to smashing to choosing his gift card. Plus receiving the fun stuff in the mail that he ordered with the gift card! A unique, entertaining gift that made a memorable milestone birthday even more fun!

    Horace Fauntleroy
    Dec 9th 2017
    He just don’t get it

    Brad Smith gave a rating of 1 star? I’m sorry that life is so “Stone Cold” for you. Praying for you!
    Great gift and play on a real man’s instinct/nature! Need more gift card selections!

    Laura Furderer
    Dec 9th 2017
    Perfect for the man who has everything!!!!

    My husband is very handy and also very hard to buy for. He opened the box and saw the hammer, safety glasses and brick. He loved it!!! The hammer was a good quality and something my husband didn't have. It took a few hits to crack the brick open but then several more to get the gift card out. He thought it was a very creative gift and once again, Man Crates had a unique and fun idea for a gift! For his birthday last year, I sent him the man crate survival kit. He loved it and used it on an overnight hiking/camping excursion. I'd recommend Man Crates to anyone who needs a creative and fun gift for that hard to buy person!!!!

    Dec 9th 2017
    Pretty Cool

    My lady got this for my B-day. She had these guys wrap the thing in tape so I had no idea what the hell was. Not really sure what she paid for the card/kit but overall pretty cool, get the money card an a ball-pin hammer for tac nails.

    Oct 13th 2017
    A SMASH Hit!

    My husband recognized the ManCrates box and immediately got excited for what was coming. When he opened it he got an even bigger smile on his face, saying "You mean I get to break apart this block to get to my gift?!"

    He loved it.

    Michael Newman
    May 15th 2017

    What a great gift. Not only was it a surprise when it came, but it was a surprise after opening since I had to enter the code.

    I cannot imagine anyone who would not like getting this gift

    May 8th 2017
    Fantastic Gift!!!

    A totally fantastic birthday gift that my husband loved. Thank you for presenting a gift card in a way that a man would love. No "sad" little paper gift card holders here. This is a REAL MAN'S gift. He will smash until His heart is content and get a cool gift at the end.

    May 6th 2017

    Got this for my brother's 40th. His 3year old son loved cracking it open. My sister-in-law sent me the video!! Sooo cute

    Donna a.k.a Nana
    Apr 24th 2017

    When my grandson received this for his 20th birthday he texted his mother and said "Mom this gift is a little sketchy so if I never see you again, know that I loved you"!
    I had it sent with duct tape wrapping so he thought it was a bomb and said he was a little scared to open it! His mother got to watch him open the gift via face time and later told me that the gift was very cool; my grandson said he had an awesome time smashing his gift open!
    All and all, it sounds like my grandson thoroughly enjoyed his gift and I thank Man Crates for helping to make his day special. My only regret is that I couldn't be there to watch!

    Apr 22nd 2017
    Dad loved it!

    My Dad, a retired builder,just had his 80th birthday and I couldn't be there, but wanted to send something special. I searched on line until I found your website and instantly knew, this was perfect! It was really hard to decide between all the choices, so I ended up going a bit overbudget because they were all so cool - I sent the Smash and Grab, the Coffee Ammo Cannister and the Nutty Crate for variety. When I called him, his wife was still giggling over the whole show of opening the presents. I paid extra for the duct tape on one box and he said it took him quite a while to get that opened. Thank you so much - you guys are geniuses! You exceeded my expectations, plus your customer service person was awesome and gave me link for discount on first time purchase that allowed me to justify going over budget since I had to pay for one day shipping. If you could pack a few real bullets for show in the ammo can, that would be fun too!

    Mar 12th 2017

    I got this gift for my boyfriend and he thought it was so cool. Watching him smash it was great. The first time he hit it, he expected it to break easily so it was funny. I think I enjoyed it just as much as him. He also loved the different option he has to pick from! A little pricey, but totally worth it. Unique and fun!

    Feb 15th 2017
    Best Vday gift EVER!

    I don't know who had more fun... me or hubby! It was so hilarious! He saw the box, guessing it was a shirt... then lifted it and that idea was out the window. Then he opened it thinking it was something "cute" to set up - packaged in a manly way (& was being very gracious about that). LOL! When I realized he didn't take the "Smash Me" seriously (who'd thunk something was in a brick after all!), I asked him if he wanted to take it outside. His response was PRICELESS! I LOVED the confusion this created in a man who's always a GENIUS! (insert some little horns on my head if you wish! :P ) His eyes lit up as he went outside to see what was to be revealed. THEN... oh it just doesn't stop! He thought perhaps this was just a "cutsie brick" made with plater of paris, so he gave it a little tap thinking it would crumble. LOL! When he realized this was a job for a he-man, he smashed it (while hoping he wasn't going to hurt what was inside!)! Oh my... this whole gift from start to finish was full of fun, pleasure and laughter! WE had a blast! Then he saw what he got and thought he'd get to pick a gift on a website ("what kind of overpriced shaver will they have?"). Noooo.... realizing Bass Pro was an option, it was over! A huge Thank You, Man Crates, for making me the best wife ever yesterday, getting all the accolades for YOUR creativity! Thought I'd pass it on to you... the ones who were the masterminds behind me!

    Jan 18th 2017

    Thank you to the ManCrates team for making this past Christmas so much fun. All the sons and boyfriends received crates. Once the confusion passed the house was filled with laughter. The best was dad who thought he was in on the joke until he got the duct tape box. After going outside with the brick he came in with it half smashed asking if it really was a gift. The box with the pieces in it has been brought to work, and friends for an ongoing reliving the moment. Thanks for making me a hero!

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