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    Sherry Kern
    Jul 29th 2023
    Perfect Tween Birthday Gift

    Smash & grab a brilliant way for my 14 year old son to open up his GameStop gift card… he had so much fun smashing the block! And don’t forget the gift wrap Man Crates offers… I got the red duck tape and my son took a couple of minutes to get into his present, the anticipation was fantastic, lol. Thanks Man Crates!

    Nov 18th 2021
    Karate Tool

    We gave this to our Son whose a black belt and he took
    it out of the box….put the hammer aside and took it
    out on the deck and opened it with his hand. Great gift
    for him! Thanks Man Crate!
    I came in to get another one…but the cost went up so with covid I wasn’t able too.

    Nov 1st 2021
    Groomsmen Smashing

    I gave these to my sons best man and groomsmen at the rehersal dinner. It was a hit (pardon the pun) and they all wanted to know if they could keep the hammer!

    Tina Peek
    Jul 11th 2021
    A little late.. however smash and grab

    I got my boyfriend this for his birthday 2 years ago. He loved it so much, I bought him another mancrate last year. His office loved watching the boss smash the block. He got so frustrated, he almost took it outside to shoot it.. lol. He loved the gift certificate. Let me know if you can make a block made to shoot.

    Candace Geisler
    Dec 27th 2020
    It was a smash!

    Best Christmas Eve gifts for the family on Christmas Eve. Lots of fun and everyone loved the gift card options.

    Dec 26th 2020
    Christmas Smash & Grab

    What a great gift! My Godson and his daughter put on their goggles and took turns smashing the brick. Lots of laughing and oohs and ahs! Perfect gift for any occasion.

    David R Misiak
    Dec 21st 2020
    Smash & Grab

    Smashed the brick and got the gift card code. Went to Website and entered code. Entered code about 30 times and did I am not a robot thing. No entry and just wasted a lot of time.

    Cathy Medina
    Jul 10th 2020
    Jesse’s smashing gift!!

    My 33 son who has everything, got the biggest kick out of this gift!! So unexpected and so clever!! I was sent a video of him with the goggles on and hammer smashing away!! So perfect!! Delivered when promised! Great company.. 👍thumbs up!! Thank you😘 Cathy

    Jan 2nd 2020
    It's a gift inside of a gift!

    I saw this on television in a segment that was touting the coolest Christmas gifts of the season, and I thought my husband might like it. Then I went the website, and I saw all of the cool gifts they had there. I ended up getting the majority of my Christmas gifts from They are the BEST! My entire family LOVED them! This one was especially great because my husband actually got to CHOOSE which gift card HE wanted - I didn't have to choose the gift card for him! That's probably my second favorite part of this gift! I hope that you continue to offer this one in the future, and perhaps even add more stores to the list of options as you grow. Awesome!!!

    Diane Gress
    Dec 30th 2019
    Christmas Fun!

    I bought this for my dad, son and brother at Christmas. I had them open at the same time and video taped it. It’s hilarious! Don’t know how I’ll top it next year! Thank you Man Crates!

    Diana Torgersen
    Dec 27th 2019
    Awesome Gift

    I gave it to my grown sons and it was a hit. They were very surprised and loved it was challenging to figure out. The best gift I could have given them. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again next Christmas. But it will be something different. Also kept them occupied for three hours.

    Mr. Ree
    Dec 24th 2019
    Great for Kids!

    My grandpa gave it to me for Christmas and I love it!!!

    Keith M. Paris
    Dec 13th 2019
    Prefect Gift

    This is the most unique way to send a gift card ever. I Loved it !!!

    Kay Dee
    Oct 15th 2019
    He loved it as a trophy!

    Unable to be with my manly man for his birthday, I sent him the Smash & Grab gift. I made a clever quip about him using his hammer to smash me. He thought it was me being flirty. He assumed I sent him a custom cement block. LOL! He was so touched that the gift was interest specific that he wanted the block as a trophy. I ended up having him watch the YouTube video Big Al's "Smash Me" Brick. How funny that men love their trophies. I thought I was trophy enough. GREAT GIFT IDEA for the "last man standing." Tim Allen would be proud. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE PERFECT GUY.

    Veronica N
    Aug 20th 2019
    He loved it!

    The past years I've been failing in the gift giving department for my best friend. This year I decided to try something unique and fun. I saw this Smash and grab and thought how perfect. I added the diabolical tape to make it even more challenging. My friend said it was the best part because even though he was frustrated, he wasnt going to give up easily until he opened the gift. I wanted him to know how much I valued our seven year friendship with this challenging gift. It worked as nd we both had a good laugh. Thanks guys! Next I'll use this on my brothers and nephews.

    A very satisfied customer
    Jun 13th 2019
    Smash & Grab gift card

    Just an FYI: I’ve order numerous gifts from your site for the men folk in my life and they were ALL a big hit!! From my husband, to my son, to my son-in-law. They all loved them and thot they were really cool!! Your website DOES states that this particular item comes in a “cardboard box” and not in a crate. Keep up the good work!

    Ja'Brellia Boykins
    May 1st 2019
    My Dad Loved His Gift

    I purchased the Smash and Grab Gift Card for My Dad's Birthday, because I couldn't think of anything to get a guy who has everything! He absolutely love it! Thank you Man Crates!!

    Sylvia Sapien
    Feb 24th 2019
    Valentines Day Gift

    I had this sent to my honey for Valentines Day. The package arrived that same day, and he loved it! He had fun "smashing" his way through, lol. He said he appreciated the gift card to one of his favorite stores and thought the smashing part unique and funny. I would buy again for another holiday/gift.

    Robbi Lehman
    Jan 17th 2019

    For Christmas I purchased your SMASH crate for my fiance. At the time you gave SEVERAL options that they may choose from with their gift card. Where I understand these may change at this time there is ONLY ONE option to choose from and its a GROOMING SET????? Really???? I will never suggest this site to any family or friends. You took something that was fun to watch him break open and turned me into a laughing stock.

    Man Crates Response: Hi there Robbi,

    We have reloaded our retailer options for redemption and they are all currently available. Please give us a call at 866.902.7260 so we can get this worked out for you, thanks!

    Team Man Crates

    David Verber
    Dec 26th 2018
    Worth the effort

    My son & (GF) got me a duct taped crate for Christmas. Everyone had a good laugh while I sweated through opening the gift. Not only was it sealed pretty darn good in duct tape then I had to get out the (supplied) crowbar and open the box. The stuff inside was pretty cool too!

    Dec 24th 2018
    Great surprise gift!!

    I gave this to my husband for his Birthday this year, and he loved it! He is always looking to be surprised, and his gift was the highlight of the party. Everyone wanted to see him smash the brick, and he was surprised and delighted to find the giftcard inside too! Ususally, he hates gift cards because he thinks they are thoughtless gifts, but he really likes that this gift card he has the choice of ten different stores! And the packing was incredible. PLEASE DONT EVER GET RID OF THIS!!! I think this gift card is actually worth the value.

    Jul 31st 2018
    Awesome Service

    Mancrates got the job done. Stepped up after a shipping misstep, and not only delivered but saved the day. Well done, gents. Will definitely be back.

    Dennis shaffet
    Jun 18th 2018
    Great giftd

    It was a great surprise my kids got me. I love it

    Jun 8th 2018
    Fathers Day

    I ordered this for my son for Father’s day. He loves the unique and this definitely is a unique and manly way to get a gift card. I too thought it a little pricey but he did get a hammer and safety goggles along with the $50 gift card so not really to bad when you factor in there cost.

    Jun 5th 2018
    Cool gift

    I got this for my father a year ago i believe for Fathers Day and he loved it. Although it looks like they raised the price about $45 so im probably not going to get him another one sadly. Way too over priced now.

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