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    Feb 14th 2014
    31 going on 13

    This gift was beyond amazing. I knew my boyfriend would love it for Valentines day but not to this extent. He opened the gift and was shocked to see what was inside. He immediately hooked the Retro system up to the tv and started munching on the candy. He walked outside and he came back in with a huge box. He opened the box and then showed me his collection of games he had along with the original Nintendo that didn't work. He has been playing for hours already with the games that came with the box as well as the 50 something he already owned like Zelda, Ninja Turtles and even Family Feud. Literally the best gift I could have given him! Bonus was that his score from the legend of Zelda was still saved on the game.

    Feb 6th 2014

    I just have to say, this was the greatest gift ever. I ordered for my boyfriend for Valentines Day, (we are not mushy people) and he LOVED having to open the crate with a crowbar. I will definitely order another box for some of the other men in my life! Brilliant idea guys, can't wait to see what other crates come up!

    Jan 22nd 2014
    Best. Gift. Ever.

    I ordered this crate for my husband for his birthday. He loved it. He looked like a kid on Christmas when he saw the crowbar and realized that he had to pry it open. Once he got the crate open he was so excited, he set up the game system and started playing immediately. I will definitely be ordering more Man Crates in the future!

    Dec 29th 2013
    He absolutely loved it!

    So I wrapped this one up in a special wrapping paper. You know the old Christmas colors of red, green, gold and silver were just not going to do for such a wonderful gift for my man. Nope so camo wrapping paper it was. I made him wait to open this gift last and when he asked why I said because I want pictures of you opening this one. So he begins and the next thing I know he is to the box then he opens up the box and this gigantic smile comes across his face and he lifts out the crowbar, he loves it already and has no clue whats inside. He sets it down on the table and starts at it. He opens it up and to he has a ton of awesome retro candies, and a retro NES and two games which were two he had never played before even more awesome. He looks over and says " I got to go in the office and find my mario!" haha He has absolutely loved it. He said the experience of opening it was the best and I must say I am thrilled that he is enjoying it.

    Michael Marcellino
    Dec 17th 2013
    Every Kids Dream. Even us 30 year old kids....

    They have it locked. video games and candy. Who can ask for anything else stuffed into a crate which has to be opened with a baby crowbar. It's as manly as a child can get, and as childish as a man can be. FLAWLESS. I ordered one for myself, and I was the groom....

    Dec 10th 2013
    Soup to nuts, a great experience and awesome product

    I've been travelling a lot for work and wanted to send my husband something to cheer him up. Flowers for a dude is kind of lame... and then I stumbled upon the greatness that is this site. I got my order in just before the 3pm cut off but made a goof on the gift note. I called in and they not only got it changed but made sure it was absolutely getting sent out that day so he would receive it before I got home. He loved the contents but was almost more giddy about the crate and mini crow-bar itself. I won so many awesome wife points. He bragged to everyone at work for a week!

    A happy wife
    Oct 4th 2013
    Perfect for my husband

    I was struggling with trying to find something special and fun to get my husband for his birthday when I came across your website. My husband has been a gamer since he was a kid, so this retro gamer crate was perfect. He enjoyed opening it and loved all the candy and he can't wait to try the Atari game device. In fact, he liked it so much that he took photos and posted them on his Facebook account for all his friends to see. A number of them have already started shopping for their men (or themselves) on your site as well. Thanks for making a great gift!

    Sep 26th 2013
    Retro Gamer Crate

    We just received this thank you note:

    Thanks for the awesome Man Crate -- what a cool gift! I have to admit, I had to watch a YouTube video to see how to open the crate (I DID get it open faster than the guy in the video though). I've always wanted one of these retro game controllers, so I'm psyched to play it.

    Thanks again -- you guys are awesome!

    So, it looked like he enjoyed it. And I love your website and have already recommended it to many!

    Samantha Centeno
    Aug 30th 2016
    Husband loved it!

    First off my husband enjoyed his gifts, a big hit. So there are a few things that were a little off. I scheduled the crate to arrive on Monday but it came the Saturday before so he had to wait to open it all weekend and it ruined the surprise since he knew it was a man crate for his birthday. No big deal at least it came before his bday. The other thing is the game that came with it, Platoon, it did not work and got stuck in the system. Husband was able to remove it without breaking the system. Lucky for him he had other games to play with his system (previous bought from somewhere else). Overall it was awesome to watch him open which took him over 3 minutes ;)!!!

    Melissa Baatz
    Dec 25th 2015

    I had bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. Took him a good 15 minutes to open it which was a plus. He loved the games and the candy and can't wait to play. Only reason this is 4 stars instead of 5 is because I paid extra for it to be wrapped in a duct tape cacoon and it never came in duct tape.

    Dec 9th 2015
    Pretty Awesome

    Bought the Retro Gamer Crate for my fiancé's birthday, who is a true gamer with all consoles and PC-games you can imagine. He thought the crate itself was a fun gift and really enjoyed the candy. He recognised the titles of the games he got and thought it was a great gift. However, the console itself is very plastic. For the amount of money one pay for the crate, it is not really worth it. I understand that NES is not manufactured anymore and this is a copy of some sort, but it was quite poorly made and the games were difficult to get in and out.
    I do recommend it as a gift, but it is a little overpriced for what you get.

    Nov 25th 2015
    It was cool!

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he enjoyed it! I paid extra for the duct tape and it was fun seeing him struggle a little to open the crate! :) It was a fun crate, but some of the candy was a little old and stale and he was not too big of a fan of the games. Overall, it was a fun gift to give!

    Sep 29th 2015
    Good gift but no choice of games included.

    This gift is pretty awesome. My boyfriend got a kick out of it as did his parents. The candy that was included was a hit as well.
    The only downside is that you do not have control over which games are included in the crate, that is why this is only getting 4 stars from me. The two games included he had never heard of nor played. Thankfully my mom hooked him up with Donkey Kong.

    May 28th 2015
    new fun and cray cool

    My kids and I were excited to give this gift to my husband for his birthday. A unique and perfect gift for a gamer that doesn't game too often on the kids new toys. My only wish is that Nintendo games we received were better than a baseball and basketball game. We paid for the $10 special duct tape wrapping which was a huge hit at the party and the man great was well loved that something nobody had ever seen before

    May 9th 2015
    Great for the hard to buy for.

    Very happy with the man crate. Such a unique gift. Wonderful customer service.Will definitely buy more crates!!

    May 7th 2015
    Husband dug it.

    My husband had a fun time opening his crate and thought it was super cool. I was a bit disappointed that instead of the well-known games pictured he was sent two obscure games we've never heard of, but I realized I signed up for random games, so I guess I can't really complain too much about that. I just wish they'd been more well-known so there would actually be a feel of nostalgia with them. Other than that though, he thought this was a pretty fun thing to receive at work.

    Feb 18th 2015
    Great gift but hard to open!

    Got the Retro-Gamer crate for my BF for Valentine's Day - he loved the contents and thought it was an awesome super-creative gift. BUT, he got so frustrated prying the crate open w/the tiny crowbar that he almost gave up! And tiny pieces of wood kept falling off & made kind of a mess. I think they should be nailed shut instead of glued all the way around - much easier to open that way!

    Feb 16th 2015
    Best gift ever!!

    I recently purchased them retro gamer crate for husband for valentines day. I don't think I have ever seen him light up their way he did in their 5 years we've been together! I will definitely be purchasing future gifts for him from here!!

    Feb 14th 2015
    What a great idea!

    Really creative! I received this as a Valentine's gift and was impressed with the crate and crowbar. Imagine my surprise when I pried it open to find retro gaming and delicious candy. Best vday gift ever. Unfortunately, one of my games didn't work. But the system and other game worked fine. If both of the games would've worked, this is easily a five star gift.

    Feb 10th 2015
    A little disappointed

    My boyfriend was stoked when I got this for him. Great candy and everything was in perfect shape. Unfortunately we haven't played much because of the games provided. Gotta go buy new ones, i guess. Overpriced, but very fun concept.

    Kim Sando
    Jan 11th 2015
    Cool Gift!

    I sent my son the Retro Gamer crate and he loved it. Part of the fun was with his struggle to open the crate. He loved the gaming system and said it came with a ton of candy. The only reason I don't rate this 5 stars is because the games are randomly chosen and he got 2 less popular games. In the future if you give the option to pick your own games or even add extra games it would be perfect. Will definitely order from man crates again

    Jan 6th 2015
    Pretty Awesome

    This man crate was awesome!
    I loved the website for instructions to open the crate lol
    The only thing that bummed me out was as my boyfriend was opening the crate he busted one of the games to peaces

    Anabel Hernandez
    Dec 28th 2014
    Stroll Down Memory Lane!

    I got the Retro Gamer Crate for my fiancee for Christmas. He was super curious to open the crate and couldn't believe it came with it's own crowbar .. soo cool! Once he opened it, he was so excited to find all the old school candy and especially psyched to play the Nintendo games. He sat down on the floor to play just like when he was a kid. My brother-in-law was equally impressed so I guess that'll be my next mancrate purchase. Only down side was one of the games didn't work but all in all thanks Mancrates ... finally some really cool gifts for the men in our lives!

    Dec 27th 2014
    great Christmas gift

    Great gift for my brother, my family had a blast watching my brother, open the crate. The only issue is the random games, he got two of the same game.

    Jun 23rd 2014
    fathers day gift

    gift was great. my husband is enjoying his new toy.
    Shipping was an issue for me. I ordered it early and selected an arrival date but man crates forgot to send it so I didn’t get it till Tuesday after father’s day. I was refunded the shipping cost but i still would have liked to get my gift when it was promised

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