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    Donna Wendel
    Dec 24th 2014
    Great Christmas gift

    I ordered this on Friday and it was here on Tuesday, just before Christmas!!! How great is that? The gift was for my son, and he was so surprised when had to open it with a bar...he loved it. thank you for a wonderful crate and fast delivery.
    Donna W

    Dec 23rd 2014


    Dec 20th 2014
    Literally thee best!

    Just amazing. Worth every penny.
    Amazing customer service on top of the crate being completely badass!

    Dec 17th 2014
    he loved it!

    I got this gift for my boyfriend who is a big gamer. I think he enjoyed opening the box the most. Once he saw what was inside his face just lit up. He loved the retro candy and the game console. I only wish I had the option of picking the retro games, otherwise this was the perfect gift. I will definitely be purchasing from this company agsin. Thank you

    Alyssa L
    Dec 16th 2014
    best girlfriend status

    I bought the crate to surprise my homesick boyfriend 3 states away from me. He text me the day he got it and asked "did u send me this bad ass man crate?!" Haha lets just say I did a great job making the call to get the man crate :) I will definetly do it again one day! Thank u!!

    Dec 10th 2014

    I ordered two Man Crates (this one and a football one) for my brother and my boyfriend. They arrived in record time and are very impressive to look at. Perfectly gift wrapped already and super manly. They are the perfect gift for any man in your life. Don't know what to get your hubby? Man crate. It's a friend's birthday? Man crate. Housewarming? Better believe it's time for a man crate. Have to get a present for your boss? Man crate saves the day.

    Much thanks!

    Dec 4th 2014

    My Husband was thrilled with his Mancrate!! I only wish we could have picked the games, he ended up with some pretty lame ones.

    Nov 17th 2014

    My husband has been a hardcore gamer most of his life and when he opened his man crate he was blown away! I have never gotten a reaction even close to this one with other gifts that I have gotten him. He took pictures and showed all of his friends! I got the wife of the year award! Thank you!!

    Keisha J
    Nov 5th 2014
    Amazing gift for an amazing guy on his 34th Birthday

    The package arrived on time as expected from FedEx just like the last mancrate I ordered. I wish there was an option to upload a photo because my hubby was like a big kid when he saw the gaming sysem buried beneath all the retro candy! It came with two authentic Nintendo games too! However, I do wish there is was an option to select from a list of available games. But all in all, this man crate gets 5 stars!!!

    Nov 2nd 2014

    My husband is almost impossible to find gifts for, he's picky about everything, and he definitely does not want a girly gift basket. After wracking my brain trying to figure out what to get him for his 42nd birthday I finally stumbled upon this site. He has various gaming consoles stashed around our house, and if we can't find him, he's playing Mario Kart in the other room. He loves his games. So, obviously, I was immediately drawn to this crate. This was my first Man Crates purchase and will definitely not be my last. He got through the duck tape, opened the box, saw the crow bar and a wooden crate and just grinned and said "I need my mallet!!" Any time he can go grab one of his tools is an awesome time. He started pulling out candy and raving about the retro aspect......"Oooooooh, I haven't seen these in years!!" He had the console hooked up, half the candy open, and was playing Offroad with his best friend before I got back in the room from throwing the box away. They have had a blast for 2 days now, and we have 3 more games for it on their way that he found for sale online. And he's planning on finding a lot more of them. Best birthday gift I've ever gotten him! He's getting another crate for Christmas, shopping problems solved!! Thanks Man Crates!!!!!

    Oct 24th 2014
    Perfect for all Classic Nintendo big kids!

    This is my first of many to come Man Crates purchase. It was for my husband’s 40th birthday. So if you are doing the math, born and raised in the ear of original gamers. It was absolutely perfect. Not only did the excellent choice of classic candies fit the bill (hard time eating before the kids did), I was lucky enough to get two old school baseball games. Not only are we in the midddleof a fantastic World Series, my husband is a diehard Yankees fan. He even mentioned he had had one of the games when he was a kid. It was the perfect reminder that you’re never too old to act like a little kid. Even if you're turing 40. Thanks Man Crates.

    Oct 22nd 2014

    Bought this man crate for my cousin as a thank you for being one of my groomsmen. He is an old school gamer a LOVED the crate. Thanks so much for this interesting and different gift idea!

    USAF Proud Mom
    Oct 21st 2014
    Retro hit!

    Thank you Man Crates for making our USAF Pilot take a moment out of his very focused life and smile!

    Oct 16th 2014

    I ordered this crate as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. This review is mostly about the packaging since his birthday is still coming up. Delivery was quick and the packaging was great! Very unique and creative. The note enclosed was exactly what I asked for!! I'm positive he will love it!

    Oct 10th 2014
    Never played a NES before

    He is in the military and I'm so glad he got the package himself from the courier. They called him up and they met at the parking lot outside the address I gave for the package. My fiance opened the crate last night and it took him 13 minutes to do so!.. But to my dismay the letter I asked one of the staff to add in the crate was not done. It was a 3rd year anniversary letter and I really wished the letter was in there for him to hold and read with the crate.

    Man Crates Edit:

    Hi Nina,

    So sorry to hear your order didn't include the note you requested, please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise.

    Sep 30th 2014
    Great gift for a college kid

    Got this for my son, and he loved it. It was easy to order, and there were a lot of selections. He had a blast and loved the whole thing.

    Sep 16th 2014
    Great gift for military :)

    I recently purchased this for my husband who is currently deployed as a welcome home gift. I sent him a photo of the crate the day it arrived. He is super excited. He loves playing video games so I know he will love this! (he has no idea what's inside lol)

    Sep 12th 2014
    Perfect Gift

    I ordered the Retro Gamer Crate for my husband as an anniversary surprise. He absolutely loved it! All the guys in his office crowded around as he opened it. There was a slight delay in customs but James in customer service was awesome to deal with and was very accommodating. I will totally be ordering another Man Crate again!

    Sep 12th 2014
    This was perfect GIFT for my ADULT Son!!!

    I saw this crate and knew instantly this was the perfect thing to send to my 27 yr old SON, who know lives almost 2,000 miles away from me ( I raised him & his lil sis as a single M.A.D. aka MomAnd Dad) He SKYPED me & asked if I had sent him something....( I sent it a week early for extra surprise factor) he wasn't sure what to think of it at first. Bawwhhaaa "MOM" got him this time. Anyway I got to see him open it via SKYPE and it was funny as hell to watch. Made all of us laugh and made another unforgettable FAMILY story to tell. Thank you to MAN CRATES!!!! I will be sending more crates to HIM and even to other MEN in the family.

    Sep 8th 2014
    Amazing gift!!!!

    I got this for my girlfriend for our anniversary she loved it!!! she is a gamer at heart thats one of the reasons I love about her. if you have a gamer get this it is so worth it!!!

    Aug 29th 2014

    Got this for my fiance's 34th birthday. He loves it! Set it up immediately after opening it. PERFECT present for a gamer! System and games worked great! Wish we could have picked the games we got - but it was actually kind of fun playing old school games we hadn't heard of... now on the hunt for more NES games!

    I would recommend ANY of the Man Crates for ANY man in your life!

    Rachel Lehmann
    Aug 26th 2014
    Awesome Product

    My husband loved this crate! He immediately set it up so he could play and went to get all his old NES games. Works great and got here fast!

    Robert Reynolds
    Aug 15th 2014
    Great customer service!

    Had a problem with a faulty NES system. My fiancé called and the problem was taken care of immediately. A hint: clean the contacts on any retro game carts they send you, with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. It fixed issues with both carts not working. I love these guys and I love getting a man crate for my birthday. My girl will keep buying them for me I'm sure.

    Sheila Carter
    Aug 15th 2014

    I bought this crate as a birthday gift for my game loving fiance!It arrived quickly and he loved it!!! However when we tried to hook it up and use it,we realized it didn't work.I sent an email to customer service and before i knew it I got a response apologizing and informing me they would replaced the faulty system....(and they added a bonus bag of beef jerky for the trouble) two days after i emailed them we got the replacement!! Talk about great customer service!! I love the man crates just as much as my fiance.....can't wait to buy the next one!

    Dawn S
    Jul 30th 2014
    Great gift for the big nerd/gamer that I love!!

    I got this crate for my boyfriend, that happens to be a BIG gamer. He has every system that you can imagine, so I just knew he would love getting this for his birthday today! And boy was I right! When it came in all wrapped I duck tape lol, I thought that was hilarious. Then after him getting through that and getting into the actual crate and then seeing what was inside! His eyes just lit up and got BIG! I have lots of MEN in my family that will be getting crates for birthdays, Christmas, and any other occasions I can think of. Thank you for making it such a great birthday for the man that I love and appreciate so much!

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