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    Jul 27th 2016
    Cool Mom

    Bought my son who is in college the retro gaming crate. He loved it and was so surprised. The best part was watching the video of him trying to open it, lol Thank you sooo much. You guys and gals Rock. I will definitely order again. Thank you so much for helping my son have an awesome birthday. I can't say enough about how easy it was to order and it was delivered on time. You have a customer for life.

    Lisa Cremin
    Jun 22nd 2016
    "This is BEEPing awesome!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!"

    That's an exact quote from my extremely pleased boyfriend... well, minus the censored expletive. I knew I wanted to have something delivered to his job this year but you can't send a MAN flowers and I've done the whole beer-gram thing. Luckily I found I spent a total of 10 minutes looking through the options before settling on the retro gamer crate (he's huge into video games). Couple clicks and it was all set up to arrive today. He loves the candy and is so excited to play his NES games. He received Indiana Jones temple of doom and RBI baseball. He's already looking to buy other games for the console and he hasn't even gotten a chance to play the thing. We're both very impressed by the gift and I'm so happy I stumbled on to your site. Thank you so much crew!

    Catalina Repap
    Jun 14th 2016
    you and your man will love it

    this whole site is ridiculously creative.. and watching the person receiving the item is great.. this particular great was fun and tasty! i also ordered the golf mancrate and the ramen mancrate for my sister!

    May 12th 2016

    This gift was awesome! I ordered this for my husband's birthday. He came early or perfectly on time. The struggle was real to watch him open it! Absolutely loved it! Candy was cool. The games were good. The most fun...... again was watching him struggle to get in that ManCrate...... Who's the awesome wife........#Sharona

    Mar 3rd 2016
    Really fun, great service

    I received this Mancrate as a Christmas gift from my wife and absolutely loved it. Everything from opening the crate to exploring the contents was such a fun/cool concept. I had a small issue a few months later and the phone support was extremely helpful. They've definitely clinched me as a repeat customer.

    Jan 31st 2016

    I bought my husband this gift for Christmas. I loved the crate especially, because he is always breaking things around the house because "he does not know his own strength". It was hilarious watching him try to break into this crate! He loved the gaming system and the candy! Even though I was unfamiliar with the games that came with it he loved them both. He has since bought more games to go with the system. He's the envy of his friends and they think that I'm the coolest wife ever! Winner!!

    Jan 22nd 2016

    I order this Retro Gamer Man Crate for my boyfriend's 29th birthday and he absolutely loved it! From how it came in a wooden crate (on his birthday), right down to what was inside. The mystery of what could be in the man crate was really intriguing to him as he never heard of one before and he was utterly shocked and pleasantly surprised when he opened it to find something he loves like that. He was thrilled about getting the Retro Bit NES console to use for his games. He is becoming a retro video game collector so this was especially awesome for him! & He didn't have either of the games that were given and one in particular he said was especially rare!!! So GREAT all around! Thanks guys!

    Jan 6th 2016

    I ordered the crate on Monday and it was delivered on that Wednesday to CANADA! AWESOME gift!!!! Will by again from this company.

    Mickey Wade
    Dec 27th 2015
    Fun filled gift!

    I bought the retro gamer for my grown son and he loved it. It had games that he played as a kid and candy that he grew up with. What a fun and unusual gift.

    Dec 10th 2015
    Best Gifts ever

    I purchased several of these crates for gifts for our groomsmen and they were by far the best gifts. Everyone loved them and raved about them. I had told a few people about them and they purchased them for gifts. I highly recommend these.

    Nov 4th 2015
    Spot On

    I'll be honest, I bought this for myself as a little 30th birthday present. It arrived exactly when it said it would, and I had an awesome time opening it in front of my girlfriend. I received great games. Couldn't be happier. I even got my girlfriend to play, and then invited some of my friends over to make everyone nostalgic. Candy was also perfect. Great crate, great site. I can't wait to get more man crates (and hopefully I won't have to purchase them for myself anymore).

    Oct 14th 2015
    Love it!

    Great gift! I was looking for something different for my husband for his birthday, this was perfect! He opened it with the kids watching & he was just as excited about opening a gift as the kids were! He really loves playing all the old games we have with this new council. The candy was a great hit too!

    Oct 1st 2015
    Above and Beyond Expectations

    I wanted to surprise my husband and send him a "just because gift" for being so wonderful lately and helping out and picking up so much of the slack with how difficult our pregnancy has been, but you can't exactly send a man flowers, and I remembered him mentioning this website to me months ago.
    I'm so glad I remembered man crates, because it was the perfect gift for my gamer of a husband. He absolutely loved it!
    I've never experienced such a quick and pleasant customer service experience in my life. If I could rate more than 5 stars, I would. The company is amazing and went above and beyond to make sure both my husband and I were happy and satisfied. I wasn't expecting them to go so out of their way to make us happy with our purchase. I cannot stress enough how wonderful my experience was.
    I cannot wait for another opportunity to order from ManCrates. I'll be purchasing crates again for my husband, father, and brother. It's definitely worth it.
    Thank you so much, Man Crates.

    Aug 31st 2015
    Great Product, Great Service, Planning to Purchase More

    Not only is Man Crates a wicked site, but their customer service is pretty unbeatable. It was the perfect gift for my boyf's 3 year gift. It was hilarious watching him open it. The military discount pans out nicely, and even if you can't get your hands on that, there's additional discounts when you enter reminder emails. I recommended this site to 8+ people. Great work dudes.

    Aug 19th 2015
    amazing !

    bought this for my boyfriend for our 4 year anniversary last year, he absolutely loved it! the packaging was just the coolest thing ever. it was happiness in a box for him :)

    Aug 18th 2015

    Ordered this for my gamer son who is in the Military. He was so surprised and got a real laugh out of it. Couldn't think of a better gift for a 26 year old!

    Jul 8th 2015
    he loved it!

    got it for my brothers birthday. It was perfect for him & he loved it!

    Jun 30th 2015
    good product as described.

    Product arrived as described. Man crate was a hit.

    Jun 30th 2015
    Great idea!!

    Bought it for my grandson as a grad gift from middle school - he is a serious gamer - very thrilled with the whole thing - would have loved an old Mario or metro if - you might want to allow at least one choice per purchase but otherwise made a 14 yr old serious gamer light up like a Christmas tree!

    Jun 29th 2015

    I bought this for my boyfriend. It shipped quickly and came within a week. It was just like the picture. He loves it. The system works great. It even works with our original controllers. I will probably buy this again as a present for our friends.

    Jun 26th 2015
    great gift idea

    Great packaging; super alternative to gift basket for any man

    Jun 24th 2015
    Felt like a kid again!

    Got this for my father in law for Father's Day, and what a success! He said it made him feel like he was a kid again and brought him back to the good old days when life was simply a joystick and a red button!

    Jun 22nd 2015

    Great Gift! My boyfriend loved it for his Birthday! As always came in a timely manner! Couldn't be happier! Thank you Man Crates!

    LaSonya Lewis
    Jun 22nd 2015
    Happy Father's Day

    My friend loved this gift it brought back some good memories and his kids had fun eating all the candy. This was a great gift idea, would like to see more product like this!!

    Jun 19th 2015
    Retro Man Crate

    This is THE BEST gift for a guy! I got it for my nephew and loved the whole thing!! Thank you!! I'm the cool aunt, now ;). Oh and I ordered it on Wednesday and it was received on Friday!!! Wow!! That's great service!!!!!!

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