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    Feb 20th 2015
    Das- Amazing!

    I got this for my boyfriend for valentines day, and he loved it!! The stein is a heavy, well made class, and the engraving was perfect! We made brautworst and sourkrawt with the beer krawt provided! So good! Totally recommend this for the beer lover In your life!

    Feb 19th 2015

    I had absolutely NO idea what to get my boyfriend for his birthday this year, but thankfully I managed to stumble upon Man Crates! It was such a hit! My boyfriend & I couldn't stop laughing while he was opening it (it's not that difficult and the crate itself can handle a lot of pressure) and it was so much fun going through the crate and seeing his reactions to everything. The personalized stein looks amazing and everything was delicious. I'm already planning what crate to get for him for the next holiday!!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Loved it!

    My husband is of German Heritage, and very hard to surprise. When he got the Mancrate, he was like a little kid! I got him the Beer Stein and, he loved it. He also kept the crate and put henges on it to keep things in. Thank You for putting something out there for our guys!!

    Feb 17th 2015

    I bought this for Valentine's for my fiancée. I am not a big fan of Valentine's but when I saw this site I knew it would be perfect.. Something funny and unique!! I had it duct taped and all I could do is laugh as he got through the tape and then used the crowbar. He loved everything in it and has told all of his friends about it... Many more wives and girlfriends will be ordering from your site!

    Karen Lewsader
    Feb 17th 2015
    Fun times!

    Hubby loved his Valentine's gift. It's a unique way to say, "I love you. You're special to me."

    Feb 15th 2015
    my sons loved it

    Thank you! My boys loved everything from the crate, beer stein. Pretzels, etc... Thank you for such a clever gift! I will be ordering in the future

    Feb 15th 2015
    oktoberfest set

    i bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, he absolutely loved it, he said it was the best gift ever, he the opening the crate with the crow bar. You guys are great and I will definitely be ordering many more gifts for family members. The shipping was quick too, I ordered it on a Friday and had it the next Thursday, even with the snow storm we had.

    Tara Melville
    Feb 15th 2015

    My husband loves opening your crates! This time I had it duct taped and it was hilarious because he got worried I used his GOOD duct tape and did it myself. The Stein is loved and he already ate the pretzels and mustard. Maybe you could include a gas X tablet next time though?? Haha. Thank you for a great gift idea for men that isn't a razor!! (I would LOVE to see a list of your products with the ability to order more in a larger crate. Customized. We really wanted two Steins or even four! And more bottle opener coasters would have been great!)

    Feb 15th 2015
    great valentine gift

    I got this crate for my fiance for valentine's day and he loved it!! He asked me where I found something like this and how fascinated he was with it! He even looked up your website to check out the other man crates! He picked out several other crates he'd love to have!!! Definitely something I'll be purchasing for him in the future!

    Feb 15th 2015
    Another Winner!

    This is the second man crate I have purchased and the contents were top of the line. My husband loved opening the crate and the duct tape wrapping is always fun ! I will continue to order different crates due to the uniqueness and great quality of every item.

    Stephanie Elliott
    Feb 13th 2015

    I bought this gift for a gentleman at my work who hand crafted a wooden chair for my 1 yr daughter. The look on his face was priceless. He took his time opening up the wooden box because he did not want to ruin it. When he saw his name engraved on the mug he was impressed. Thanks for having an awesome and unique website!!!!!!!

    Ashley Naples
    Feb 13th 2015
    Super Awesome

    It was very entertaining watching my husband open this gift! The shipping was on time and perfect. Everything is just unique and awesome about these crates!

    Feb 12th 2015
    Awesome Man Gift

    Ordered this for my guy for our anniversary and had it delivered to his office. He loved it! The stein is way bigger than I thought and great quality.
    I actually posted on facebook to give my girlfriends ideas. Will order again for sure!

    Feb 5th 2015

    Unique gift! It was fun watching my soninlaw open it! He really liked the gift. I would recommend Man Crates.

    Kelly kelly
    Feb 4th 2015
    There shd be a line for females!

    I hadtwo forhusband LEIGH KELLY at christmas....Bbq and bacon... What a frigging super gift!!!! Wrapping is a hoot! Inside. Are super surprises-ate jerky on way to Florida overthe last couple days !!!! Definitely a great gift!!!! just buy it and don't wrap it ...sit itanywhere...super conversation gift!!!!

    Jan 28th 2015

    I purchased this crate as a gift for my boyfriend. He was so surprised and enjoyed the gift very much! He enjoyed opening the crate with the crow bar. I will definitely buy from ManCrates again. Super pleased!

    Jan 21st 2015
    Very Happy

    I got this for my Dad for Christmas. When my Dad opened it he was very happy and was thanking me and telling me how much he loved it. He was showing off his mug and that is when I found the wrong name was on the glass (he did not known it was to have his name on it). I called Man Crates Customer Service and talked to Will, he was very helpful and got a new mug sent right out! I thought that we would get the mug with the correct name on it, however they sent a whole new crate!!! WOW, was not expecting that! I know Christmas was very busy for man crates, and life happens. They made it right and I look forward to purchasing more Man Crates in the future!

    Jan 6th 2015
    Absolutely Amazing

    I ordered this for my manfriend. He was so excited to have a stein with his German last name on it, and having a little bit of Oktoberfest in December made his day. I couldn't believe how fast it was personalized and delivered. Everything about this crate is perfect. I absolutely love Man Crates and so do the people that receive them.

    Nicole Joseph
    Dec 30th 2014
    Great Gift!

    We purchased this for a friend that we went to Oktoberfest with years ago. He loved it! The mug is a great quality - nice and heavy - and the engraving is a nice touch. Really great gift set.

    Dec 30th 2014
    Personalized Stein Man Crate

    I bought this man crate for my daughter's boyfriend. He was thrilled with the personalized beer stein, but really raved about the "kraut." He said it is the best he's ever had. Also, the fun of the crowbar and opening the crate was perfect. Thank you for a gift that made us look good. I also purchased another man crate and will definitely be back to this site and refer family and friends.

    Dec 28th 2014
    Holy man crate!

    My spectacularly awesome wife got this for me for Christmas. The fact that I opened a gift with a crowbar is just frickin cool. My summer sausage, and pretzels are history (that mustard is ridiculous), the sauerkraut has a serious dent in it, and all the guys are jealous of my coaster/beer openers. My stein (hey, it has my name on it) is used on a daily basis. I couldn't possibly be happier, unless of course you get zombie annihilation crates in like now! I am so impressed with this gift, I know where I'll be doing my man shopping from now on!!

    Dec 27th 2014
    awesome gift for the beer loving man

    The products in the crate were really great, love the stein & coasters with the bottle opener in it. My fiancé loved it. Will be ordering a sports one for my son in JANUARY.

    Brian Anderson
    Dec 26th 2014
    Awesome gift!

    This is my 2nd year sending ManCrates, with over 20 sent to customers this time around!

    Absolutely love them.

    I sent the Oktoberfest crate to a friend of mine originally from Germany and now living in San Diego. He loved the food (said it was great!) and the personalized stein.

    Absolute no brainer!

    Dec 25th 2014
    Simply Amazing

    My father in law got this crate for Christmas and he opened today. It truly was great watching him and his two sons who also got crates for Christmas struggle to get them open. Truly truly unique gifts. Thank you for getting this one to me before Christmas. Your customer service was fantastic as well.

    Rylee Shimmer
    Jan 11th 2016
    My son loved it!

    There were some challenges getting this delivered, but the customer service rocked in resolving my issue! My son loved his stein! The only sad thing was the sauerkraut container broke during shipping, so everything in the crate smelled like it! But still my son appreciated it and thought the packing was cool. I'd order from this company again in a heartbeat.


    Hey there, sorry to hear about your exploding Sauerkraut!! Hopefully we've helped make that right for you, if not, give us a buzz at 866-902-7260!

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