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    Jul 30th 2015

    Got the Mancrate for my husband for his birthday. He thought it was a really cool gift and idea.

    Jul 24th 2015
    Great gift

    I wanted to find a unique gift for my husband and this was perfect. He loved this. He could not wait to try the items included. Opening the gift was half the fun of receiving it. I think the glue made it harder to open, I am not sure what kind of glue it was, but it was really strong.

    Jun 30th 2015

    I ordered the Oktoberfest crate for my Dad for Father's Day. Everything inside the box was amazing and tasted great. There was a slight issue with the crate itself but as soon as I notified customer service, they politely and quickly fixed the problem. Can't beat that, they have a customer for life now.

    Jun 26th 2015

    I got this for my husband, who is a avid beer guy. the only issue we had was that there were no cheese or crackers to go with the meat. But other then that he loved everything in it! He used the stien right away! I hope fresh new ones will come up! I can't wait to get another one!

    Jun 24th 2015
    awesome gift

    Gave this to my husband for his birthday. He absolutely loved it and super excited to have his name on the stein!

    Jun 23rd 2015

    -My Dad

    Now Dad is trying to figure out how to repurpose his crate while drinking out of his stein.

    Such a great gift idea for any guy in your life!

    Jun 22nd 2015
    My sons loved their Man Crates

    They thought the crate and gifts were really fun. Small complaint , like another customer, one of the crates wasn't sealed really good. I wanted it to be more difficult. He popped it open very easily. The other one was a lot more difficult, makes it more fun. You need a little more end product checks before product is mailed.
    It would have helped if the outside box had the name of the person it was for on it. I ordered the boxes with mugs with a name. And not being able to tell whos was whos . Of course they each opened the other guys package. Wasn't too bad though we got a laugh out of that.

    Jun 22nd 2015

    Purchased this for my Son-in-law who is difficult to buy for. He LOVED it, was a really big hit right down to the crow bar!! Thank you for making me look good!! Definitely recommend Man Crates!!

    Jun 21st 2015
    The perfect man gift

    Perfect for the man who's hard to find a gift for.

    Jun 17th 2015
    I'm the best sister EVER gift

    I ordered this for my brother for his birthday. He came home to find a box at the door and when he opened the box and saw the crate he was like " what the hell is this" them came the WOW! Moment when he found all his goodies. He loves the stein with his name and told me he couldn't wait for the beer to chill so he could open it. He did call me as well as his girlfriend to tell me this was the coolest gift and that the sausage and beer in the October fest crate was awesome. So mancrates hats off to you making me look GREAT once again.

    Jun 11th 2015
    Really cool gift idea!

    Not much to say, gift was well liked and was exactly what I expected!

    Jun 10th 2015
    Unique gift for someone who have everything.

    I bought this for my Father in law's Birthday. This unique gift was a good idea for someone who have everything. He absolutely loves everything in it. Will purchase again for my Husband's Father's day gift. Highly recommended! Thanks Man Crate!

    May 28th 2015

    I bought this crate for my Dad on Father's Day. Best Father's Day present ever!

    May 22nd 2015
    Very Pleased

    This gift was for a friend of mine. He was very impressed. The contents were of good quality, and the naturally the packing is unique!

    Apr 30th 2015
    Happy Anniversary

    I loved this idea, I wasn't sure what to get my husband but found this to be a hit. Loved the crate!

    Apr 29th 2015
    A Happy Birthday

    I ordered a crate for my husband's 40th Birthday. It arrived intact and on time. He enjoyed opening it, took him a minute. The items were a hit. Oddly, his favourite was the enclosed crowbar. The other men at work enjoyed it as well. A nice surprise for a birthday. Thank you Man Crate!

    Amy Patterson
    Apr 3rd 2015

    I loved the engraved glass stein. This actually caught my eye bc of the snieders pretzels in the pic, which he loves. However it was a different brand. He still loves it. It's cool with the crate and how it's shipped. Opened WAY too easily compared to the YouTube vid I watched. I wanted to see sweat. I would also think for the price, maybe a touch more things per crate. Everything came in great condition and on the day it was expected. Would probably do again... But something more fun. I'm curious about this zombie kit as everyone seems to mention it. Googled it. Still didn't get an answer on why. I'm right where they film walking dead so zombie kit was my choice. Either way a cool guy gift. He was having a bad week so it was good.

    Mar 10th 2015

    The best quality and the best customer service, I recommend it 100%

    Mar 7th 2015

    This is an anniversary gift for my husband. He always says that he doesn't want or need anything. He is so hard to shop for. He loves crate. What he really loves about this crate is the personalized mug. He has not stopped using it. I had to wash it and once the dishwasher was done he took it out and started using it again. he has yet to try the snacks but I'm sure they are going to be great. The mustard is really good. This wasn't my first man crate and it won't be my last man crate. He is always excited when he gets a man crate. Keep up the good work!

    Mar 5th 2015
    A Great Mystery

    My husband was not expecting this gift from our best friends who live halfway across the country and when he got a FedEx delivery email he was so surprised - spent a week trying to figure it out. Once it got here, the packaging alone was amazing, and he loved the little crowbar after working through the ducktape. The stein is very cool and he hasn't eaten the snacks yet, but is looking forward to it. He suggested you need to do a line of "woman crates" like small milk crates full of body products, makeup, etc....

    Feb 28th 2015
    creative majestry!


    Feb 24th 2015
    Birthday Life-Saver!

    I had no idea what to get my boyfriend. He's a little bit older than me and has EVERYTHING he could ever want already. BUT, thankfully I found an original and unique gift he absolutely LOVED! He thought it was so cool and was impressed at my ability to find something that completely made his day super special! Thanks again, I will definitely be looking to your website for future gifts for the men in my life!

    Feb 24th 2015
    Love <<<3

    Great idea! I wanted to send something to my husband for our anniversary, but flowers did not seem fitting.... so... BAM ManCrate it!

    Feb 24th 2015
    No Better Stein

    My husband used to use any cup in the cupboard...until this stein came into his possession. Now the strain is cleaned every night before bed so it can be used again the next day.

    My hubby did not like finding the kraut in the crate. He cannot stand it. Overall though, the crate was a win and caused my hubby to go out and buy more dips.

    Feb 24th 2015

    First of all, it was predicted that I wouldn't get the package until the 17th of February, I got it ON Valentine's Day! That was a huge surprise, and then I got to see the look on my fiance's face when he opened the original box it was shipped in, absolutely priceless. Then he saw how you open the crate, his face lit up even more. Incredible products, the stein turned out amazing and seems to be really great quality. Most amazing gift I've ever purchased and I'm so happy I decided to go this route. He'll probably got another one for his birthday :)

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