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    Gina/Jeremy Kral
    Dec 26th 2021
    Christmas Present for my Brother

    I called my brother to find out how they liked their presents. Even with the crow bar he struggled to get into it and had to get other tools. He said it was such a site to see that they should of recorded it for laughs later on. He really enjoyed this present.. I wanted something different as a present and told me he was going to get him back. I could of gotten the duct tape wrapping but couldn't stop laughing.. Truly loved this gift!

    Oct 25th 2021
    It was a hit!

    Sent for my cousin's 60th birthday which was Oktoberfest themed (he's German). He said it's the best wrapped gift he's ever received. We couldn't be at the party, but the man crate made up for it. Thank you!

    Nancy Wickenheiser
    Sep 25th 2021
    Mom scores big time!

    I always have trouble finding something for my son's birthday. This crate hit the jackpot with him. He absolutely loved everything inside. Many thanks to helping mom score big!

    Kim Ellins
    Dec 25th 2020
    Beat Christmas Morning Ever

    Five stars for Man Crates. I purchased the Oktoberfest Stein crate for my husband and the popcorn crate for my son. Watching them open the boxes was priceless and the items inside were top quality. Everyone who didn’t receive a Man Crate was jealous!

    Barbara Newton
    Jul 30th 2020
    Hard to buy for...

    I love my husband but he is very hard to buy for. He likes practical gifts. He is obsessed with the mustard that is in this crate and he went ABSOLUTELY Wild for the stein. He hasn't stopped thanking me for it. When he opened it, his eyes lit up like I had never seen before. This is the best gift I cold have ever gotten him. He loves the sauerkraut. I ate the pretzels before he could get to them...ok I gave him a few but he just loved everything about this gift, including the crate. Which he has found a way to reuse (which makes him even happier) and he has even gone on the site and bought something for his brother-in-law for his birthday. Which by the way he loved.

    Jan 2nd 2020
    It's a gift inside of a gift!

    This was the BEST Christmas thanks to Man Crates! My Husband and my Kids all LOVE them! I have so much to say about these gifts - and this company - they are so incredible! Hailey is amazing, and Customer Service is the BEST!!! Here are a couple of suggestions that I would like to make if I may: first, make crates for women too! Several of the items that you already sell are great for girls too - especially the cooking ones! But I could think of lots of fun things that you could put in crates that women would love! Also, it would be really nice if mancrates.com would give a discount to military/veterans and/or first responders. And again, PLEASE give Hailey a big raise - she's awesome!!! Thanks for all of your help!!!

    Beau Sutton
    Dec 25th 2018
    Best Xmas gift ever!!

    Just received the Oktoberfest stein and Exotic meats jerky for Xmas!!!! I’m a mechanic and fabricator by trade and I wasn’t prepared to use the Blunt -tipped crowbars at 9am..hahah. Besides creating a weld-encrusted box to get to the goodies, I’m very impressed with the simple construction! I mean, it doesn’t even say “open here” hahah. Having no hammer or any other leverage save for the crowbar, I hammered it with my fist and found a very well packed gift! I even want to order one for myself!!!!!! Thank you for providing a great experience for both myself and my girlfriend!!!

    Matthew Guerrero
    Jun 13th 2018
    Just Amazing!!!

    Well I ordered this last week on Friday for my dad to get some for Father's Day and he did just received it today which is June 12th. It was so funny to see him open the box and see that there was a wooden crate inside with a crowbar for him to open it. He struggled with it for about 10 minutes and said "Screw this I'm getting a hammer!"
    He even got a hammer and used it to hammer in the Crowbar in order to finally open the box. He read the card and he immediately dovinh to see what he got because he was so curious. All I can remember is in having the biggest smile on his face and saying this is the best gift he's ever gotten! He loved the Oktoberfest Stein inseam that his name was on it. He loved the sausages as well as the pretzels with the mustard. He told me that he was all set for when the football season starts!

    JoAnna Battin
    Feb 19th 2018
    “Best gift ever” was the reaction

    Let me first say, I ordered this and paid for it to arrive on Valentine’s Day and it didn’t make it. I had to rush for a backup gift. But even with that info I can’t rate this thing with anything less than 5 stars. (I also got my shipping refunded)

    He got it the day after and videoed himself opening it. He laughed and struggled and just LOVED every second of it. His exact words were “best gift ever!” And that’s after using the GoPro I bought him for his birthday a week earlier to take the video (Ha!) When we talked about it later he said whoever came up with this concept is a genius but beyond that, “the execution was FLAWLESS.”

    Jordan S.
    Feb 8th 2018
    Love it!!

    Got this for my fiance for Valentine's day, needless to say I had no place to hide it and he will search for it because he's not very patient when it comes to gifts, so I had him open it early! He loved it and hasn't stopped thanking me! It's always so hard to buy for him because he can never decide what he wants or he goes out and gets it himself, so this was perfect! I love it, he loves it, and i will definitely be buying from here again!!

    Shari Fann
    Feb 6th 2018
    My husband LOVED it

    I ordered this for my husband. It arrived today while I was at work, and naturally he opened it. He said it was the best present he's received in a long time, and he really loved it. He said he's got plans for the crate (I think it's going in front of the fireplace). The personalized stein put the icing on the cake for him, as he's been wanting one for awhile. I'll be ordering from this company more in the future

    Brittany Hortert
    Dec 27th 2017
    Great product. Loved it

    My guys loved this crate! The whole process was fun, and all the products were great! Definitely will order more creates for him :)

    Dec 26th 2017

    I ordered this as a gift for my boyfriend, when it came the sauerkraut was broken but luckily was packed in a way that protected the stein. Called customer service and they refunded me my shipping cost immediately and asked if I wanted the broken item replaced. I told them that the stein was fine and that was all I cared about. To my surprise they sent a whole second crate with the personalized stein today at no additional charge!!! My boyfriend loves it and is thrilled he now has 2 personalized stein's. This is not my first time using man crates and it won't be my last. They are outstanding and their customer service is top notch

    Rebecca Lorenz
    Dec 26th 2017
    Best gift for a hard-to-shop for guy who has everything!

    This gift could not have been more perfect for my dad! I have the hardest time shopping for him every year, but this gift was everything he could have asked for, but never would.
    At first I thought these boxes were a little pricier than I would like, but after watching and seeing what was in it, I thought nothing more. It was worth every penny!! We even personalized his Beer Mug to have his name on it. My dad went on and on about what a neat idea this was.
    We will be buying again and referring many people. Thanks so much, Man Crates!!

    Jordan Rose
    Dec 26th 2017

    Got this for Christmas today, and loved every second. Took me a while to get it open but once I did, I had to immediately try the mustard. DELICIOUS. Thanks for the crate, team!!

    Dec 10th 2017

    Gave his as a Christmas present for my brother, he absolutely loved it! Uses his new mug when he has a drink and the snacks didn't last long! He LOVED it and watching him iptn it up was even better! Thanks Man crate!!

    Dec 10th 2017

    Gave his as a Christmas present for my brother, he absolutely loved it! Uses his new mug when he has a drink and the snacks didn't last long! He LOVED it and watching him iptn it up was even better! Thanks Man crate!!

    Rhonda Wright
    Oct 16th 2017

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    Aug 26th 2017

    I bought this crate as a first time purchaser for my boyfriend's 30th birthday. Arrived on time and he absolutely loved it!! I got the duct tape wrapping which he pulled off in less than 20 seconds so next time I purchase I don't think I'll choose that option. It took him just under 10 minutes to get into the crate haha...and he loved every second of it! Personalised beautifully and he loved every included item. He's very happy :) I will definitely be buying from you in the future! Men are always so hard to buy for... Not anymore! :) Thank you all so much!

    Angee Barnett
    Mar 5th 2017
    Man Crates help me sleep at night.

    Dear Man Crates,
    Thank you so much for finally providing a gift option that lets us women truly discover our man's 'manliness potential'. Your diabolical duct tape wrapping left my boyfriend wondering how the hell to open his gift. Of course, being the MAN that he is, he broke out the trusty pocket knife and tore into your packaging right away.
    Once passed the first task, he had to again prove himself by prying open a seriously sealed wooden crate with the provided crowbar. Of course, this took a little more work.
    Fortunately, he (again, being the manly man he is) only took a mere 6 minutes to muscle his way into your awesome box (insert box joke here).
    Not only did he receive a fantastic gift. I can now move forward in our relationship knowing that he's capable of handling such a masculine task. You've provided the comfort of knowing my MAN is no sissy, and now I can sleep at night.
    Man Crates truly are the coolest guy-gift ever.

    Yours Truly,
    Angee & Craig

    Missy M.
    Jan 14th 2017
    Simply Awesome!

    I sent this crate to my husband at work. He was incredibly surprised and absolutely LOVES it. All the guys at his work want one and all the women at his work are now looking at these as gifts for the men in their lives. My hubby just couldn't stop raving about it! I will definitely be ordering from here again.

    Dec 27th 2016

    My Dad loved this! Perfect gift!!

    Dan Panarella
    Oct 31st 2016
    Great Gift

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my son-in-law. He loved it and so did I. It was so worth the money and the quality was exceptional. I will be a many times return customer!!!!!

    Aug 5th 2016
    This was Awesome

    You guys rock! I bought this for my brother in law as a belated birthday gift. He loved it! The Cherry on top was I got the duct tape wrapping. I got picture updates for an hour while he tried to figure out the complex box. It felt like a gift to me! haha. Once he got it open he was really excited to see the stein. Great work as always! You guys keep me coming back.

    Liz Pfisterer
    Jun 26th 2016
    Great Father's Day Gift!!

    Hi Guys!

    Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for giving my son and I a different/out of the ordinary gift for my husband.

    He totally enjoyed the feast and was extremely surprised with the Oktoberfest Stein crate. He called us that day it arrived.

    Everything was perfect!

    Unfortunately, due to my husband not being home for Father’s Day, we couldn’t take any photo’s to pass to you.

    I will, definitely, let my family and friends know of your web site.

    Keep up the good work!!

    We will return.

    Again, a BIG Thank you to everyone!

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