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    Feb 19th 2016
    Best Gift EVVVVER!

    I sent this to my dad for his 70th. I even did the duct tape treatment. He absolutely loved it. Said he was saving everything...even the duct tape! Perfect gift!

    Erica W
    Jan 11th 2016
    VERY cool gift!

    My dad is German and since his birthday is in October, I thought this would be the coolest Christmas present. The crate was a bit difficult to go into, but it was hilarious trying to watch my dad get into it. He loved all the stuff inside and immediately put the giant mug in the freezer. I can't wait to get more of these for the men in my life.

    Scott Williams
    Jan 7th 2016

    I purchased this crate for a late 20's nephew for Christmas and when he was handed his "duct taped" crate you could see a kid on Christmas morning came out in him. Finally got through the wrapping and saw the Mancrate and pry bar and he was pumped. He couldn't wait to get after it, the family had just as much fun watching him open the crate as he was.

    Unfortunately the stein and kraut suffered damage from shipping. Emailed Customer Service on Monday at noon and Mancrate overnighted another crate out to Indiana delivered on Wednesday morning.

    Not only a great gift idea with quality contents but what customer service.

    5-Stars for concept, contents and customer service.

    You have made buying gifts for men easy and fun.

    Jan 5th 2016
    Great Gift

    I love this website! It saved my butt 3 times this christmas! I purchased 2 of these crates, one for my brother and one for an old friend who lives far away. They both LOVED their personalized mugs and the entire crate! I had a slight issue with some of the etching on one of the mugs, but they quickly resolved the issue beyond my expectations and even discounted my order! I also bout the "Smash Me" gift brick for my boss and he was over the moon about it! This site fills a need in gifting for men, I love it and due to their excellent customer service I am completely satisfied and plan to use the site for my dads birthday in March, and all my unique gifting needs! Great site, great gifts, and great value. I can't say enough Mancrates! Thank you for pleasing the men in my life!!!

    Jan 5th 2016
    Funny to open, fun to use

    I got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. It was our first holiday together, so I was at a loss for gift ideas until a friend told me about this site!
    It was perfect! He's a beer fan, and his birthday is in October, so it fit perfectly.
    Watching him open it up was pretty funny, although the crowbar was a bit useless against the wood glue.
    I'm definitely a huge fan of this site & your products! He used the stein & the coasters right away :)

    Jan 1st 2016
    Absolutely Amazing

    The packaging was well done and my boyfriend had a great time trying to get it open I would highly recommend this to any handyman guy who loves wood and or tools.

    Paula Custiel
    Dec 30th 2015
    Happiness from the South

    I sent this crate to a friend of mine as a birthday/Christmas gift. The weird part of this is that he lives in Texas and I live in South America. I thought that it would be a nice surprise but could never guess his reaction. He was exited just at the look of the box... not to mention the look at the crate. He not only loved the gift, he had secretly asked Santa for a stein, but a manly tear almost rolled through his cheek when he saw his name written at it. In his own words 'best gift ever received! '. Thanks for helping me enlightening his Christmas away from his family and also for making me look good.

    Dec 24th 2015
    Blown Away

    I bought this for a friend and he LOVED it. In his words, he was 'blown away'. It was creative, personal, and appreciated. Great gift according to him.

    Jenifer Goulet
    Dec 23rd 2015
    Office jealousy!

    I had this delivered to my husband's office as an early Christmas present. It was a huge hit! Even the Fedex guy that delivered it waited around for him to open it, just so he could see inside! Thank you Man Crates for making me "the coolest wife on the planet"!

    Dec 23rd 2015
    Gift for Boss

    Im an assistant and gave this gift to one of my leaders, he loved it! Great gift for any occasion. I will definitely be buying more crates for other gifts!!

    Dec 16th 2015

    I just got this in the mail from my lovely stepdaughter. After shredding the duct tape wrapping with fingers of fury, I eschewed the included crowbar and sunk my teeth into the edge of the crate and tore off the cover. In true manly style. Much to my surprise I discovered an awesome assortment of treats and a personalized stein. Love this gift! Prost!

    Dec 16th 2015
    Loved it!

    I have a hard time finding gifts for my boyfriend. I got this crate for him and he opened it like a kid at Christmas. He loved the fact he had his name was on the stein and tore into the the sausages and pretzels within seconds.I'm so glad I came across this site and will be making future Mancrate purchases.

    Elizabeth Davoren
    Dec 12th 2015
    His favorite gift!

    Every year I give my husband "12 days" of Christmas gifts. Because he has been working out of town for most of the month of December, I sent this to him as a surprise gift. He absolutely loved it! He said it was the best gift I ever gave him! I have a hard time surprising him, and this definitely did! He even showed it to one of the guys he works with, and now that guy is buying one for every man in his family for Christmas! LOL! Thanks Man Crates!

    Alisa Sanders
    Nov 17th 2015
    Man Treat Box

    What a great gift. I bought this for my husbands birthday. It arrived as promised on his birthday sitting at the front door. One item inside had a slight issue. However, thanks to the awesome customer service from Meghan, a new item with another crate was shipped out and back at the front door in two days flat!! Jeff Gordon has nothing on Man Crates when it comes to speed!! Very pleased overall and so was my husband - he loved opening the crate with the crowbar and hammer ( he saved the crate for another use). I'll order again.

    Twila parker
    Nov 12th 2015
    Best gift ever

    My boss just opened his OCKTOBERFEST Man Crate. I was told 3 different times how Awesome it was by a man that usually doesn't show much emotion. I will definitely be ordering again. Such a great idea for men. Kudos to Man Crates!

    Oct 12th 2015
    Awesome gift!

    I knew my husband would love everything within this crate: Sauerkraut, sausage, pretzels, stone-ground mustard, bottle opener coasters, and of course the personalized mug. The crate and pry bar was a great surprise for him. When he opened the crate, he truly enjoyed the experience, but was confused when the mug had the wrong name engraved on it. I called the customer service number and the mug was replaced for free within 24 hours and we were told to keep the other mug. What a positive experience for something that could have been a disaster. He still uses the mug and coasters every day and I think I will continue to give these crates as gifts in the future.

    Tina Abbott
    Oct 2nd 2015

    This was such an awesome gift! My boyfriend loved it. My dad and uncles thought it was really cool and were absolutely jealous. Everyone complimented me on such a great gift. I will absolutely be purchasing more products from you :)

    Alex Blake
    Sep 30th 2015
    Great Gift

    I sent this gift to a friend that works on my RV. He has done an amazing job and I felt he should know how I appriciated his help. He said it was the coolest thing he had seen in a long time. Thanks!

    Sep 24th 2015
    Best Gift Ever

    I got this for my mortgage broker. He was an amazing asset to my husband and I getting our first home and I wanted to thank him in a big way. He absolutely loved it and I think was even a little surprised. Great unique gift! I will definitely be sending more gifts from Man Crates in the future!

    Sep 24th 2015

    This is an amazing gift idea all around! My husband was more than pleased to have his name on his BIG beer mug! He loves the snacks! We are also going to upcycle the crate and put a hanging piece on the crate lid so that we can have it as decor!
    I can't wait to customize what goes in the crate... Invest in some bigger boxes guys!

    Sep 9th 2015
    So creative!

    I recently received the Oktoberfest set and love it! The packaging is so unique & creative!

    Aug 27th 2015
    Mortgage Rep loved it!

    We recently sold our old home, and bought a different one. Long story short, there were endless complications. But everyone worked so hard for us, up to the last hour. Not knowing exactly what they're into, we Facebook stalked our real estate agent, and our mortgage rep, and saw in photos, that they both enjoyed beer from time to time -- So the Personalized Oktoberfest Stein, it was! They were each surprised and impressed by the thank-you gifts. I think they enjoyed opening it, just as much as the gift itself! :) win!

    Aug 26th 2015
    Awesome gift for the man in your life!

    I ordered this gift for my husband for his 50th birthday. I was looking for something new and unusual that he hadn't seen before and this fit the bill. He thought it was a really cool idea. There was a small problem with our order in that there was a mix up and his stein actually had someone else's name on it! Customer Service contacted me and let me know ahead of time that they think they may have mixed them up. It made for a memorable 50th birthday for sure! They were very friendly and made it right quickly. I am definitely going to place an order for at least three more man crates at Christmas!

    Sam Perry
    Aug 14th 2015
    Fantastic gift

    Got the Oktoberfest Stein for my dad on his 68th birthday. He loved it! He proudly sent me a picture of him holding the stein that was personalized with his name on it. The man crates are so awesome, wish I knew about them sooner! My parents said it arrived as a crate in another box that looked like a crate. The crowbar is an excellent touch, it took them both to get it open. Overall very satisfied with how it turned out.

    Aug 5th 2015
    Satisfied Pops

    I ordered this for my hard to shop for dad who lives thousands of miles away. He loved it! He said the stein was awesome, heavy duty and the crate was a "pain to open." But I could tell he loved it and that was part of the fun. :)

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