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    Amy Pellegrini
    May 1st 2014
    Successful Birthday Surprise

    I placed my order for the Outdoor Survival Crate for my husband's 30th birthday weeks in advance and requested to have it delivered on his actual birthday. It was right on time! I was so excited...and so was he! He is a huge camping, hunting, outdoor activity enthusiast, so I knew this would be right up his alley. When he opened the box and saw the crate with the crowbar on top, he smiled from ear-to-ear knowing he would get to crack it open. When he got the box open and started pulling out all the items, he grew more and more excited with each product. He spent the rest of the evening reading his survival guide, playing with his new "toys" and telling all his buddies what a great job his wife did on his birthday gift! It was a huge success and I'm so grateful that I was able to give him something that he was so excited about on such a big day! He is incredibly picky and hard to please, so this was a lifesaver. I'm already looking at which Man Crate I should order for him next!

    Apr 21st 2014
    Words Cannot Explain...

    How awesome ManCrates are! I got one for my boyfriend and he LOVED it! He loved every bit of it; the wooden crate his manly survival gear came in, the fact you have to open it with a COMPLIMENTARY crowbar. all the manly contents! He's just itching to go camping now.

    I loved the great customer support and funny comments/jokes included with the contents.

    Thanks so much ManCrates and keep up the good work!

    Feb 16th 2014

    I bought this for my son who is a TOTAL guy. Hunter, camper, hiker, and all around great man! I saw theses and knew he'd love it. I was so on target. He loved it and couldn't wait to try out the items. Said he'd never heard of y'all but Mom hooked him up!

    Thanks for the quick shipment, quality items and awesome "man wrapping"

    Feb 14th 2014
    Perfect Gift!!!!

    I ordered this for my husband. It arrived super fast. He loved it! He even took it to work to show the guys. We couldn't have been happier with the product. I tell everyone I know about man crates.

    Feb 13th 2014
    Fantastic gift!

    I ordered this gift for my husband for Valetine's day. It arrived very quick and the customer service was superb. My husband loves survival type stuff and this was right up his alley. I think this is honestly will be the gift he will be talking about for years. After 15 years of marriage it's hard to find your mate a gift. This was a great idea and I will for sure be ordering more crates in the future. Job well done.

    Feb 11th 2014
    The PERFECT gift!

    My boyfriend is all about camping and survival tactic stuff. This crate offered him all the perfect gifts paired together, got him excited to go hiking/camping, and aided to his collection of necessity man things. I'd recommend this crate for any adventure-lover!! He was so surprised to receive a large crate that he had to pry open, also! "Best birthday ever" he said. Thanks Man Crates!!

    Dec 30th 2013
    My brother loved it!!

    My brother received this awesome Man Crate on Christmas and the joy of actually prying open his Christmas present sent him over the edge!
    Greatest gift ever award goes to me!
    Thanks ManCrates!

    Dec 30th 2013
    Outdoor Survival Crate

    I just got one for Christmas and I love it, it is very good quality and I loved how I had to open it with a crowbar. Keep up the good work MAN CRATES.

    Dec 29th 2013
    Best gift ever!!

    My husband was so excited about his Outdoor Survival Crate! He said he felt like such a manly man while opening it ;) this is hands down the best gift to give to a guy! We have Christmas and birthdays planned for the next couple years at least! The shipping was amazingly fast! We love man crates!!

    Dec 26th 2013
    No Issues Or Complaints About Man Crates!

    I accidentally came across Man Crates and immediately knew I had to order one for the man in my life. I mulled over the many options offered by the site and finally settled on the Outdoor Survivalist crate for my guy. Unfortunately, it was marked as sold out. I still had about a month before his birthday so I contacted the online staff about upcoming availability. They were able to give me the next shipment date and encouraged me to order early in order to avoid the same issue. A few days prior to the given date the crate was available once again for order so I locked mine down. I set a future delivery date and the crate actually arrived a day early. I was able to track my crate through its entire journey. My boyfriend was shocked when I told him to check outside of his door. Although I wasn't there in person to see his reaction, my typically stoic man was very vocal with excitement for his Man Crate. Everything he pulled out matched the site’s description to a t! I even received an email making sure I was satisfied with my order with direct contact information listed in case there was any issue. However, I have no issues or complaints about Man Crates, only great things to say! Keep up the excellent work! Most of all, thank you for your amazing customer service from start to finish!

    verdell smith
    Dec 23rd 2013
    im overerly impressed

    i was really impressed when it had got to me and opened it.
    it was packed really nice and everything was of good quality. i love it!

    Dec 13th 2013

    I was struggling about what to get my husband for a gift. I continued to think about things that he would like, but I wanted something that would be fun and exciting and the "perfect' gift. My husband absolutely LOVED his outdoor survival mancrate. He was so excited and so surprised about how he needed to open the crate with the crow bar too; I think that particular touch was great and it was fun trying to watch him pry it open. I would definitely get another mancrate product again.

    Debbie & Pete
    Oct 15th 2013

    Great Service! Thank you

    Aug 17th 2015
    Outdoor man loved outdoor crate

    My husband loved everything about this crate, the only thing he pointed out is that items could have been of a better quality if you are planning on using them on a daily basis.

    Jun 24th 2015
    Great Gift

    Dad was definitely excited to see what was inside. I was a little disappointed that the burner didn't come with the GSI Halulite Minimalist 1-person cookset. I would have paid for that being included as we will need to purchase it now.
    Otherwise it was a hit!

    Michelle S.
    Jun 24th 2015
    Bad. Ass.

    Bought this for my hubby for Father's Day. The crate/crow bar factor is without a doubt, fu**ing incredible. Showed up on my doorstep exactly as promised (2 days). He loves survivor stuff so this was ON POINT. He loves the book, especially. I would've rated 5 stars, but one of the corners on the crate was smashed in. Box was not damaged, so I know it went out like that prior to shipping. It's a small complaint compared to how great these products are, though. Thanks Man Crates!

    Jan 3rd 2014
    Great Gift

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my BF, who want to get more into camping / survival.
    I thought the knife was a bit small but he didn't have any expectations so he did not notice.
    I think my favorite part was the small crow bar.

    Dec 31st 2015
    Quality is lacking

    The packaging and whole idea behind this is fun, which is what prompted me to buy it. The contents, however, are of rather poor quality. My husband kept the firestarter and glow sticks but said the rest was not worth keeping. Might be worth the fun of the idea for $40 or $50, but not for $110.

    Jun 24th 2015
    Gift for Dad

    This crate was awesome and everything was as promised. The only reason it wasn't 5 stars was the name on the box was wrong, correct address but wrong name so my dad didn't open it till after Father's Day... So he didn't get his gift in time... Great product though.

    Theresa Corn
    Dec 26th 2014
    glue vs nailed

    The glue was harder to get in to . Would have liked it much better if it was just nailed. Who ever glued it put to much glue. Not impressed at all.

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