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    Jeff Bennett
    Jan 7th 2019
    Bug out bag

    Received this as a Christmas gift and loved it. I'm in the process of building a bug out survival bag and this was the perfect addition to completing that. I'm ready to bug out. Thanks

    Aug 9th 2018
    Too funny

    I got this for my hubby! And he couldn’t believe it! It was a hit! And I got it on video too. I had fun just watching him trying to open the crate!

    brady park
    Jun 23rd 2018
    survival crate

    VERY cool.
    I just retired and got this from my daughter-in-law for fathers day. perfect for everything I enjoy doing. Much thanks

    Jun 18th 2018
    Amazing Father's Day Gift!!!

    My hubby loved his Father's day gift!!!

    Jun 16th 2018
    He LOVED it!!

    I got this for my fiancé as a surprise gift to use on his “bachelor party” white water rafting trip. It is perfect!! Love this company so much, it is genius.

    Sandy Lewis
    Dec 25th 2016
    Laughed & Laughed watching him open it!

    Awesome gift I gave my adult son for Christmas. He's home for HBL & enjoyed this gift very much. The fire starter did break the 1st time he struck it....we got a good laugh out of it. Everything else seems to be fine. The shovel/hatchet set....I want to keep.

    Great gift for a TERRIFIC son!

    Sep 5th 2016
    Happy trails to him....

    After a near decade of working alongside a person whom I deeply respect, completely adore and hold on a plain that no other relationship exactly fits on came to a sudden and abrupt end upon his announcement of retirement. I scrambled to put together something for him to send him off and to show how much I deeply cared for him. This gift was part of that. It was a bit spendy, but was presented under the ruse that it came from other colleagues as well. I opted for the devious cocoon of duct tape wrapping to add to the fun. It seemed to be a perfect gift for him; an avid backpacker, camper, hiker, geologist-loving dude whom would be doing a lot more of these activities in this newest stage in his life. Due to unforeseen circumstances of the evening (read: me being an awkward emotional spaz-case) I didn't get to witness the present opening in person. Pictures were captured of the big reveal, and later sent to the colleagues thought to be involved. He seemed to enjoy it, the novelty of the crate and literature inside, the frustration of opening the crate, and discovering tools he can hopefully use on his new journeys. Sadly, this was the last time I got to see him. He suggested a slow fade instead of good-bye. I suppose I was the only one whom didn't fully understand that I would not see him again. Except for those pictures.....pictures of him opening this man crate. This is all I have. And I treasure them.

    Feb 11th 2016
    Approved by Picky Boyfriend

    I bought the Outdoor Survival Crate for my boyfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. He is very picky with the things that he likes; he doesn't impress easily. I had to make sure that whatever I got him was "awesome". This wasn't just a gift; it was an experience. It was a heck of a lot of fun watching him try to pry open the wooden crate with a mini crowbar, and then watching him drag everything to the garage so that he could use "bigger tools" to open the crate. You could see the gears working in his mind as he pulled and pried his way into that crate. And then when I showed him the "opening instructions" on the ManCrates website ("Try Harder"), he laughed... which never happens. He loved all the tools and gadgets.

    I will definitely be ordering more products from ManCrates in the future! Thanks for making the gift-giving process a lot easier!

    Jan 1st 2016
    Man Gift

    For Christmas I bought the "Outdoor Survival Crate" for my 23 year old son. Had some buddies over for Christmas, drinking beer, deep frying turkeys, shooting prairie dogs and riding snowmobiles around the property. Man stuff. Retired to the man cave for a roaring fire, dinner and more beer and my son opened the "Man Crate". He loved it and lost interest in opening anything else. Five stars? You bet. Six if they'd let me. No guy would be disappointed with this crate.

    Dec 28th 2015
    The gift that keeps on giving!

    Watching my stepdad open this package was for sure the best part. Hilarious to watch.

    The products inside are worth the value and the effort to get at them.

    Dec 27th 2015
    Great Couples Gift

    I bought this as a Couples Gift, since I love Outdoor tools & gadgets. My wife loves the outdoors & camping. There was several items in this crate that we needed and some new items we enjoyed, like the bar and jerky.

    I've bought several crates for different gifts this holiday and I have to say this is one of the better ones. It fit us both perfectly. Great job Man Crates.

    Kelly N
    Dec 16th 2015
    Boyfriend is prancing about showing off his goods!

    He LOVES it! I was worried the tools would be cheap but they are not! they are quite nicely made - I recommend this gift to any survival type men in your life. The army issued survival guide is top notch. It shows you much needed survival tips - not a knock off book - really happy - He is downstairs prancing with his tools on his belt :) This is my second man crate for him and he glows when he sees the box. I just ordered another (the booze infused jerky crate) for my uncle. I LOVE mancrates.

    Dec 16th 2015
    Great Birthday Gift!!

    We got this crate for my 12 year old son who is really into the outdoors and survival techniques. He thought it was so fun (after the fact!) to have to pry open the crate with the crowbar! We also had it "gift wrapped" in duct tape and he had so much fun opening it! The quality of the products inside the crate definitely exceeded my expectations. We will definitely be ordering other crates in the future!

    Nov 13th 2015
    Awesome Sauce!

    This crate far exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried that my husband would think it was cheesy, lots of "these types of gifts" come with very low quality products inside, but not this bundle! I would definitely buy from Man Crates again and am excited to order other bundles!

    Aug 26th 2015
    Outdoor Survival Crate

    Wish I could give this 6 stars purely on the fact that this was the first present my husband actually nodded his head and said "cool".

    The crate was fun, I knew to have a hammer close by after watching some other recipients on You Tube struggle with the crate. - but he's Manly, so he had no issues :-)

    The interchangeable tool was pretty stinkin cool - I was worried since I had done some research about this tool and saw some negative reviews - but as a backpacker, the weight and how compact it is, works for us. (and husband said, "huh, that's cool... so there's that too!)
    The meal kit is pretty clever, but I would beware of purchasing your stove until afterwards (or better research than me)... I bought a micro stove separately thinking I'd be a super clever wifey... and it didn't fit in the system. (nothing to do with ManCrate, just an fyi)
    The knife and fire starter is probably my favorite since I think it's just so clever to have that paracord wrapped up... so clever.

    In general all the items were pretty handy and a good addition to our backpacking gear.

    Thanks Man Crates - I think he may let me pick out his own Christmas gift this year... I'll be back!

    Aug 25th 2015
    Great Anniversary Gift

    I bought this for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary. He was super excited about everything that was included in this crate. He posted on his Facebook and all the guys were asking where he got it and wanted to know the cost because they were interested in getting one!

    J P
    Aug 20th 2015
    Perfect for backback camping!

    I got this crate for my husband for our 5 year anniversary. It was hilarious to watch him pry and pry away to get his crate open! I giggled...he cursed, but he absolutely loved what was inside! Thank you, Man Crates, for the utlimate Man gift!

    Jul 31st 2015
    Great Gift. Husband loved it.

    James of man crates was really helpful and quick to respond to any inquiry. The first order was lost during delivery and James sent me a new one right away. I'm so happy I got it today in time for our anniversary. My husband was ecstatic when he saw the package. It's not just so cool in the outside but a lot of useful stuff in the inside. He loved it so much! Will definitely order again next time.

    Jun 25th 2015
    Dad loved it

    I sent one of these to my Dad for fathers day and he thought it was very cool! He thought the packaging was very unique and found several useful items inside.

    This was a last minute gift and man crates shipped it out right on time.

    Jun 25th 2015
    Father's Day

    I got this for my husband for Father's Day. He had fun opening it and loved the idea. I think the next time I order I won't get the duct tape wrapping. Other than that I was pretty impressed.

    Jun 25th 2015

    I got this for my son's birthday. He loved it! Great gift for the outdoor adventures guy!

    Jun 24th 2015
    He loved it!

    My fiance loved this gift for fathers day! He was so excited to open the box to see what could be inside. We will most definitely be purchasing from Mancrates again!

    Jun 17th 2015
    Great Gift for an Eagle Scout!

    What do you send a new Eagle Scout?! An Outdoor Survival Kit of course! He, and his dad, loved it!

    This is my favorite site for "man gifts"!!!

    Jun 9th 2015
    Husband and son loved it!

    It was great timing to get it right before their first weeks long Boy Scout camp.

    May 30th 2015
    Perfect Present

    I bought this man crate for my boyfriend for his birthday. I think I was more excited for him to open it than he was. He was beyond happy with this gift. Thank you guys for making me look good! Man Crates are AWESOME

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