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    Angie B
    May 26th 2015
    For The Husband That Has Everything

    I purpurchased this man crate for my husband for his birthday and he loved it!! I plan on purchasing one for my son's 21st birthday in July! I was so impressed that I recommended man crates to several of my friends to use for upcoming birthdays and Farther's Day! Love ❤ man crates!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    May 11th 2015
    anniversary gift

    I ordered the survival crate for my husband, he is big camping, fishing outdoor enthusiast. he absolutely loved it. it was the not knowing what was inside and having to open the crate that made his day. thank you for such a great idea. this man has everything, very hard to buy for and surprise!

    May 9th 2015
    The husband absolutely loved it!

    What a cool gift idea! I gave it to my husband for his birthday and he loved every piece of what was hidden inside the man crate. Thank you for making his birthday special and making me look good!

    May 2nd 2015
    Best Gift Ever!

    My fiancé just opened his and loved it, Said it was the best birthday gift he's ever received! Such a fun idea. We plan on getting others for people in the future. Whoever came up with these are genius.

    Apr 24th 2015
    5-year Anniversary gift

    It's the wood anniversary and what better way to express that than through a crate of awesomeness. My husband had fun going through all of the stuff inside. I will be ordering from your company again!

    Apr 10th 2015
    greatest gift

    My husband loves his crate! I was so worried about what to get him for our wedding anniversary! Thank you!

    Apr 7th 2015
    Manly manliness

    This is going to be an epic gift for my fiancé!
    No more gift cards, candy, or girly wrapped gifts! This is a gift that will really speak to his heart!

    Jennifer C
    Mar 18th 2015
    50th Birthday

    I purchased the outdoor survival kit for my outdoorsman as part of his 50th celebration. What a great gift. He'll keep in in his car for any adventures he may encounter. Will in customer service was GREAT! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    Jessica Lewis
    Mar 8th 2015
    Worth Every Penny!

    I got the outdoor survival crate for my fiance for Valentine's Day. I did a Custom crate and had an ammo can added. The whole process was so easy and the staff did a great job fulfilling my request. When I gave him the gift he was so surprised and confused but he LOVED it. It was fun for him to open, he was ecstatic with the contents and he actually said it was the best present he'd ever gotten. Will definitely be purchasing in the future.

    Mar 1st 2015
    Awesome !

    What a great idea. Got mine today for my birthday. I love it!

    Feb 25th 2015
    the perfect anniversary gift!

    Totally gave in and gave this to my husband for our 5 year anniversary. ..3 weeks early because I just couldn't stand waiting. He really loved it. This is my new go to place for the men in my life.

    Feb 23rd 2015
    He loved it

    My husband loved his Mancrate! He was working some pretty grueling shifts and I hadn't seen him in 18 days. He was super stoked for the crate and loved how fun the packaging was. I can't wait to buy him more.

    Feb 20th 2015
    Love my survival Man Crate!

    My wife got me the survival man crate for valentines day, boy was I a kid in a candy store opening the crate. Then going through and checking out all of the goodies inside. I have purchased hinges to put the lid back on the crate then it is going in the car.

    Debbi Smith
    Feb 20th 2015
    Won't be my last Man Crate!

    Hubby loved his Valentine gift! It arrived on time and he had a blast just opening the crate. I can't wait to get him another for Father's Day. :)

    Feb 20th 2015

    You have yet to disappoint and my recent purchase of The Great Outdoor Survival Crate lived up to my hope and surpassed them. There is nothing like watching the excitement in my boyfriends eyes as he " prys and prys again" to get to his anticipated treasure!!!!! I will buy him man crates for ever and keep up the awesome work!!!!

    Feb 19th 2015
    great gift!!

    This was a great gift! So much fun to watch him open it!!

    Feb 18th 2015

    OMG.. I AM NOW THE BEST MOM... EVER !!! I wanted a unique and an out of the ordinary gift for my son for VALENTINES DAY and found this OUTDOOR SURVIVAL MAN CRATE... It arrived on WED. 2/11/17 and such PERFECT TIMING. My son, JIM was at his gfriends home when it arrived and he had no idea what it was nor whom it was from until he opened the box with the crate inside. His gfriend had a blast watching him try to pry the crate open and was laughing til her sides hurt because JIM had a hard time opening the crate. He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and the contents inside... He called me as soon as he finished checking out all the items and thanked me... I am now the COOLEST MOM THAT ROCKS THE UNIVERSE... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MAN CRATE... You all have some AWESOME GIFTS and you got me sold on your INCREDIBLE GIFTS and the PACKAGING they come in !!! You are the GO TO for the manly gifts that i shall order from now on...

    Erin Tillman
    Feb 17th 2015
    Great Crate! - Shipping troubles

    I ordered this for my husband's Valentine's day gift - he was SO excited! I've gotten him a number of boxes over the last few special occasions, and this was was definitely a winner! The first thing he pulled out was the knife and he squeed. - a sound normally reserved for the latest Marvel movie or a trip to the range.
    Unfortunately, the shipping was a day behind. This is the second time it's happened. He was leaving for an extended work trip, and the package arrived as he was literally walking out the door, rather than the day before like I requested. It's a bummer that could have really impacted the gift.

    Feb 17th 2015
    GREAT gift, outstanding customer service

    If the man in your life is outdoorsy and for sure a manly man this is the gift for him! My significant other absolutely loved it, and stated all the items inside were of quality! Best pick ever!

    As for the ManCrates customer service-outstanding! I had a shipping issue with FedEx(no surprises there) and one of the item had a manufacturer defect (it happens) James was phenomenal in taking care of everything in a matter of few hours with no questions asked. This company definitely puts their customers as priority and goes above and beyond to make things perfect.

    Thank you ManCrates team YOU ROCK!:)

    Feb 15th 2015
    Perfect Gift

    This "out of the box" gift made my fiancé very happy. From the packaging to the contents, it will make you say WOW! I also called customer service to ask a shipping question to ordering and their customer service is amazing!

    Feb 11th 2015
    Brilliant idea!!

    Arrived today for Vday, and let me share my hubbie's text message from work, "I felt like a superstar when group of co - workers surrounded me while i opened your BEST GIFT EVER." So Thank you, Man Crates!

    Ashley Erick
    Feb 8th 2015
    Hubby loved it. Great Customer Service!!

    We ran into a few snafus when I ordered the gift before Christmas. Due to some issues with Customs, it didn't arrive on time. I spoke with James a few times, and he made everything right with the order (and I'm pretty hard to please). We may have gotten the package late, but it was worth it! My husband loved the gift... and immediately tried to set the house on fire with the knife and flint... Thank goodness he's not that good yet ;) Would definitely order from this company again.

    Feb 6th 2015
    great product and excellent customer service!

    Ordered the survival crate over the phone and I have nothing bad to say. The customer service is excellent everyone was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be ordering from here again!

    Jan 28th 2015
    Epic gift for an Epic guy!

    I bought this set for my fiance, an airman in the USAF, for Christmas. He was thrilled. The confusion at first that yes you do indeed need to bust this thing open with a crowbar was exactly what I was going for. Every single item inside elicited a response that could only have been matched by Ralphie Parker opening a Red Ryder.
    Thanks guys! For Valentine's day he'll be getting another Man Crate for sure!

    Jan 27th 2015
    Damn Cool

    I can't go wrong buying my dude your products! He loves the outdoor survival kit and in one weekend has taken up whittling - seriously! I'll be back for sure and you guys rock! One day, I will work for Man Crates because the company is as cool as I am!

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