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    Pamela Shannon
    Jan 23rd 2015
    Outdoor Survival Crate

    Why didn't I think of this?!?
    I got the Outdoor Survival Crate for my Love for his birthday.....& it was the absolute perfect gift!! Period.

    Jan 12th 2015
    Wonderful crate, even better customer service

    I ordered the Outdoor Survival Crate for my husband for Christmas, and he absolutely loved it. He is very outdoorsy (Eagle Scout, hunter, fisherman, avid hiker, etc), and as someone who thinks shopping in an open air mall counts for outdoor activity, I tend to struggle when it comes to buying him anything adventure-related. Man Crates came to the rescue! The crate wasn't shipped on time, and customer service was extraordinary. They immediately overnighted it to me, and even added something additional to the crate because the recipient is active duty Navy. Gestures like that guarantee my future patronage. I highly recommend Man Crates & their unique, fun gifts!

    Desiree Astacio-Alvarez
    Jan 7th 2015
    Wesome Gift!

    Christmas 2014, I bought my husband this Survival Kit. He enjoys camping and pretending he's Bear Grylls. This was the best gift with the greatest reaction that kept going for hours. Now, all that's left to do is hop on our JEEP and get lost. :)

    I will be back man crates for your New Daddy Kit soon enough... soon enough.

    Dec 30th 2014
    Best gift idea!!

    Just got this gift. My girlfriend wrapped the whole package. Untapped it and thought another lame gift that I have to pretend to like... WRONG!!! As soon as I opened the package and revealed a wooden crate with a crowbar I was hooked! Spent a good five minutes opening it which was half the fun. Upon opening it I realized I had got the outdoor survivalist cate. I inspected each item with curiosity. Funny thing is I don't need any of this stuff.. Well at least at the moment. Still with that said this is on the top of the list of gifts I have ever gotten because of the fun I had opening and reviewing everything. Makes me want to grow a beard buy some flannel shirts and live out in the wild. If you are having any doubts about buying this for a man throw them away and get it.

    Sarah B
    Dec 29th 2014

    My husband loved his crate! You definitely have my business for the future :)

    Mary Rizzo
    Dec 29th 2014

    This was a gift for my son in law and he absolutely loved it! He was so surprised and loved each item in the crate. You guys rock, I'm telling everyone about these.

    Thanks so much!
    M. Rizzo

    Cynthia H.
    Dec 28th 2014
    Survival crate

    My boyfriend absolutely loved his crate, said it was the best gift he has received all year. Minor issue with the lid but everything was taken care of in the most professional and respectful manner. I can't wait to order another crate!

    Dec 26th 2014
    Great Gift

    I bought one for my Dad and one for my Uncle. They both really enjoyed getting them open. The whole family got entertainment out of that!

    Dec 26th 2014

    My secret Santa loved it! The shipping was crazy fast and i would definitely buy from here again

    Dec 25th 2014

    My fiancé finally opened his man crate today! CHRISTMAS WIN!!! He loves it so! All the men in my house did. Only complaint is my special little note did not come in the box. It's ok though cause he would have probably thrown it away with all the papar.

    Nov 30th 2014
    for the guy that has EVERYTHING!

    Bought this for my husband a few months ago. He's a wannabe doomsday preppers and fascinated by that show. He LOVED this! The crate wrapped in duct tape was cool. He loved everything inside and started to read the book immediately. This was a very unique gift that he loved. Will definitely get others that fit his personality.

    James Winebrenner
    Nov 21st 2014
    Survival Crate

    I had bought two of these crates for Christmas gifts. They were so well liked that I ordered two more. One for me and one for another Christmas gift. They are awesome.

    Nov 17th 2014

    Loved sending this to my husband while he was away, and his friend was jealous when he saw him opening up the crate with the crowbar! LOL Fun gift. Thanks!

    Melia Z
    Nov 17th 2014
    No longer the world’s worst gift giver

    I have been given the title 'Worst Gift Giver' for many years. Not for lack of trying but I was just that. This was my first big gift to my awesome boyfriend. I was nervous for him to be opening my 'bad gift' in front of his family. BUT thanks to Man Crates... it was a success! Everyone enjoyed watching him break into it and the bonus… all the Survival items where valued even for this extreme outdoors group. Thank you Man Crates!

    Jordan C.
    Oct 24th 2014
    The best EVER!

    Got this little gem for my boyfriend. A little nervous he wouldn't enjoy it, boy was I wrong! He loved every part especially prying open the box. Thank you man crates, I'll definitely return in the future!

    Sep 23rd 2014

    My daughter sent me the survival man crate to my office. I work for Ripley's Believe it or Not! and we see a lot of amazing stuff come in the mail ... the man crate had my entire team gathered around to watch me open it with the mini crowbar and reveal each item inside.

    The crate has now become part of my permanent Ripley display above my desk. It looks like a set from Indiana Jones :-)

    You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up! THANKS!

    Barbi Collins
    Sep 23rd 2014
    #dadbrags winningest dad LOVED it!

    He's all about the zombie apocalypse and every other dire situation, so long as it means he gets cool toys disguised as tools. He is planning a survival lesson for the kids (7, 8, 16, 18, 22, & 26) based on his new ManCrate... you guys truly are awesome. It made his day, and I hold my reign as favorite kid... :)

    Aug 29th 2014
    Survival Crate

    Might think the Survival Crate is funny but it actually fantastic for your home, car/truck or cabin. Truly a unique gift.

    Aug 7th 2014

    We had great customer service after having issues with customs . My son loves the crate and all the survival goodies. He had a blast trying to open up the crate too!

    Jun 27th 2014
    My go to gift

    Bought the survival crate for my father in law and he loved it!!! Never disappoints this little box of wonder

    frederick ridenour
    Jun 21st 2014
    Awesome product! Awesome Customer service

    The staff at mancrates were great! They quickly returned my call and helped revise my order! Would definitely order from again!

    Jun 18th 2014

    I sent this to my husband at work, where he is a saleman for guns, ammo, surplus supplies, MANLY things. He had to open it in front ofall his male co-workers. They all LOVED it! My husband was impressed, and immediately went to your website to check it out. He finally got something for Father's Day that WASN'T a tie, and plans on putting hinges and a lock on his MAN Crate to be able to continue using it! Thank you SO much. This is definately a go-to site for birthdays and Christmas for all the men in my family!

    Jun 9th 2014
    HMMMMM....that's a lot of Duct Tape!!

    We sent this to our nephew who lives in a different state. He is always very creative at wrapping our gifts with lots of tape. I think this year we got him good. His first reaction was Hmmmm that's a lot of Duct Tape. We had a lot of fun going back and forward with pictures of him opening his gift. I think he was pleasantly surprised with the contents too.

    Amy Newman
    Jun 4th 2014
    I will be back!

    My fiance is so hard to buy for because he has just about everything he could ever want or need already. I saw this company on pinterest and after seeing the survival kit I knew it was perfect for him for Father's Day. I have spent countless hours watching recorded episodes of dual survivor! I was so excited about it, and he was so intrigued by the duct tape wrapping, that I gave it to him two weeks early. He loved it. I am planning on ordering him another one for our upcoming anniversary. I can't wait to see if ya'll add new sets.

    Brittany Keyes
    May 7th 2014
    LOVED it!

    I sent this crate to my husband who is deployed. He absolutely loved it! It also arrived within two weeks and this was around Easter time. Man Crates now has a customer for life! Matter of fact i'm sending him the daddy bag for fathers day since i'm currently pregnant! This shit was awesome!

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