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    Mary Zahn
    Jun 12th 2019
    Perfect Man Gift - Hands Down!

    I never saw my husband smile so much when opening a gift, and then sustaining the smile while checking out every item in the box. This is by far the most perfect gift, especially for one who loves Forged in Fire. Man Crates thought of everything, including keeping up the humor. I can't wait for the build. I am sure he will be adding his own review once he completes the project. But for now -- LADIES - Want to make your man beyond happy? Just give him this knife making kit and he will be like a kid in a candy store.

    Patti Marsh
    Jun 4th 2019
    Knife Making Kit

    I wish I thought of it! We made knives at a few clinics thru the years and you have everything here. I thought it would be a "quilt in a day" experience where you go home with a pot holder. But the knife making experience was awesome and I loved the time it took to hand work the steel and the wood to create something with a mirror finish and highly usable! You will love the experience!

    Don Gould
    May 9th 2019
    A fantastic gift - Enjoyed the build

    I am a huge fan of Discovery Channels Reality TV show, Forged in Fire, which is a knife building show. I never thought I would have an opportunity to build a knife as I don't have any of the tools that they use on the show.
    My wife gave me the kinfe making kit for Christmas 2018. I just recently had the time to build the knife, so I did. The project went exceptionally smooth and the knife turned out way above my of my wife's expectations.
    I'm hooked and have now started my second knife build project as a result of the success I had with the Man Crate kit. Thanks to my wife for the great gift. Thanks to Man Crates for including everything in the kit to make this a successfully and enjoyable DIY project.

    Don Williams
    May 7th 2019
    Found a new hobby

    This kit came complete with everything needed to create fit and finish your own knife and customize it any way you want. Yes it takes some time to do it right and by hand I went a step further and tried some eastern red cedar for my scales (stole it from my wife's craft scrap pile SHHHH) Still have to finished the sheath but very happy with the way the knife turned out, I am having so much fun with it I am going to order a few more blades of different styles and see how it turns out. I may have just found a side business that I love doing.

    L. E. Bonnette
    Mar 2nd 2019
    No Complaint From Me

    I can't figure why people are complaining about the box. My main concern was the contents, which were of much higher quality than I expected. My wife hit a homer by buying me the folder kit for Christmas. I just wanted to complete the project so I could say that I did it. I never expected to actually carry the finished knife, but I was amazed at the quality of the completed product. (I am a big knife guy. If I accidently leave my cell phone at home, I'll let it go, but I will turn around and drive 5 miles back home if I forget my blade!) It easily meets (and surpasses) all my criteria for EDC (every day carry) and has become my EDC of choice over my $175 ZT and numerous Outdoor Edge and Kershaw knives which I own. I had so much fun and was so amazed at my result, I immediately ordered the Idaho Hunter refill kit. Now if I had one gripe, it would be that you need to offer more refills! Yeah, the kit comes with a completed and finished blade, but there's still plenty to do to make it into a knife. I guess you'll have to include a forge to make everybody happy. I'll buy it if you do! One of the best gifts I ever received. Oh, and I have to mention the tools. I was impressed with their quality also. Excellent quality files and a high quality vise as well. All now reside in my tool box and will provide years of service. Thanks for giving me a new hobby. I just retired after over 30 years as a police officer...I know knives.

    Feb 15th 2019
    Awesome gift!

    I bought this gift for my fiance for Valentine's Day! He absolutely loved it! I don't normally leave reviews but since its the day after Valentines and he has already completed the project - I thought it was definitely worth a review!

    John Cook
    Feb 1st 2019
    I can't stop fondling it...

    My wife got this as a Birthday gift for me. Once I started making the knife I couldn't stop. It was so fun shaping the metal and forming the wood to fit my hand perfectly. I now consider myself an experienced knife maker and have a fun new hobby. Thanks babe.

    Jon Oeller
    Jan 20th 2019
    This was fun and exciting

    My wife and daughter got me this gift for Christmas. I tackled it right away. Fun project and hope they surprise me with another one.

    Jan 8th 2019
    Amazing gift and the best Customer service in the world!!

    I bought this for my grandfather after my original item got oversold. The original item was half the price of this but because they accidentally oversold the item they gave this to me for the same price and free shipping! This was the item I wanted all along! While waiting for this knife kit to deliever I received my original item in the mail and so I called them to let them know what happened and they told me to keep it that too! I have never worked with a company that actually genuinely cared and I will be ordering from here a lot!!!!

    Dec 28th 2018
    Son Loved It

    I bought this for my 14 year old son. He loves stuff like this, and was not disappointed. It took him about 6 hours to complete, and now wants another one for every birthday/Christmas. Looking forward to purchasing others. Have never seen him so excited about a gift, and then the finished product!

    Dec 26th 2018
    Love this Kit

    What a great Christmas Gift my GF bought me , I love to work with my hands and building stuff. This is perfect since I am also a knife collector. This kit has everything you need to make a knife be careful blade is sharp. Looking forward to taking this knife with me when I go fishing..

    H Gobrick
    Dec 13th 2018
    Merry Christmas!

    My 3 kids bought me this last Christmas. I waited until I had the time to properly dedicate to building this. Had I known in advance what it would turn out like I would have taken time off just to enjoy the process earlier! Very patient and enjoy the build in your spare time. Worth it in the end...will wear it proudly!

    Dec 6th 2018
    A great gift

    Got this for my birthday from my girlfriend. Very sharp blade, good steel, easy to follow instructions and if you like working with your hands this is the perfect gift that will last you a life time.

    WP Croom
    Aug 15th 2018
    Birthday gift for son

    I purchased the kit in February but started in May. Just finished and very much enjoyed the process. Best advice is to have patience.
    My sons birthday is in October so the anticipation is a bonus!

    Jul 26th 2018
    Loved it

    My girl got this kit for me just because and it was awesome. Knife making kit not so much but still hours of labor assembling and shaping to what I wanted. Loved it. Am already thinking of 2nd blade kit or moving to the folding knife kit. Man Crates I will tell all about this kit. Thanks SS for the thinking of my gift!!

    Jun 17th 2018

    By nature, I am the world's worst gift giver and my husband is the best. This knife kit was a Hail Mary pass before I declared our home a gift free zone. It was more than a win. It was a sweet sweet victory. Thank you man crates. For knowing my husband better than I do, lol!

    Jun 7th 2018
    Loved it!

    Husband loved this! The knife is nice and sharp and great quality. The finished product was super nice and it made for a great weekend project. Definitely looking forward to getting some of the other knife kits.

    Semo Lalic
    May 6th 2018

    My wife bought this for me as a birthday gift. As soon as I saw what it was I knew it’d be fun. Couldn’t wait to make it my own. It took me about 6 hours and i enjoyed every minute.

    Adrian M.
    Mar 31st 2018
    Knife Handle Kit

    My wife bought me this kit for X-mas 2017. I'm a hobby guy and I watch a lot of Forged In Fire. She knew I'd love this kit. I don't own a forge, nor will I ever, blacksmithing is just not in my future. That being said I've always enjoyed wood working and being able to shape my own handle and customize the fit has been a great experience. No this is not a "Knife Making Kit." This was an enjoyable project and lasted me about a week. I've only got two steps left: 1. Stain the Sheath, 2. Shape the Sheath.

    Ray Wolfe
    Mar 20th 2018
    Better than thought

    My wife got this for me for my birthday and at first I wasn't entirely sure what exactly was involved but after taking it out of the box and looking through it and reading the instructions it turned into quite a little evening project for several weeks which I was delighted with. The instructions are just vague enough to be interesting and require a little bit of thought but not difficult that you can't figure it out . I found using a bench sander for more easier than using the rasps and files that came with the kit but the same paper was excellent and provided a nice finished . I am looking forward to more kits from the man crates and might even do another knife

    Mar 19th 2018
    More than just a knife.

    I got this as a Valentine's day gift, and was unsure about it at first, especially after looking at how much I cost when checking out the site. Sure, it's really pricy. You can buy the finished product for a third of what this costs. But this is not just a knife you are buying.

    I cracked into this on a Saturday morning in the garage as my family went out for their day of things to do. I usually go with them but this time was part of the gift. I figured I'd just knock it out and be done. 8 hours later they returned home and I felt like I had just started working. I lost myself in the process and had lost all track of time. I had a rough shape taking place and by this point had begun unboxing long forgotten tools (most notably the good ole dremmel)

    That night I just sat there with a roughly shaped knife handle and a taped up blade, holding it and trying to decide how I wanted it to ultimately feel in my hand. Looking at it and deciding how I wanted it to look when done. Searching online for examples of other knives, techniques for shaping and finishing. I spent an hour or 2 in some fashion almost every day for a month working or thinking about it. It almost became theraputic.

    When it was all said and done, I probably put 40 hours into this knife and have something to show for my efforts. It is not perfect, not even close. The brass is pitted and scratched, there are flaws in the finish of the scales and one of them has a gap between it and the brass. Every flaw is a lesson learned, something I had to deal with in some way. They are part of what makes my knife uniquely mine.

    I am proud of what I made with my own 2 hands. When it was complete the cost equals about $3 per hour of joy and entertainment. Oh, and I have a kick ass knife that I will use for life at no additional cost.

    I give it 5 stars, even though they give no left handed sheath option. Perhaps Man Crates will come out with a leather sheath making kit in the future...

    Dennis Nicholls
    Feb 21st 2018
    Fantastic Knife

    My wife purchased the knife making kit for me for Valentine's Day.... nothing says love like a good sturdy knife after all! 😀 I found it quite relaxing putting this together and had no issues at all. The finished product is a thing of beauty. Very satisfied with it.

    Jan 28th 2018
    Better than expected

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my fiancee who has everything. He absolutely loves it. I'll be buying other crates in the future

    Greatest Auntie Ever
    Jan 5th 2018
    I won the best gift prize!

    Bought this knife making kit for my project-minded 18 year old nephew. Score! Great gift! Like others have said though - the crate concept is what Man Crates is all about - wish this would have come in a cool crate.

    Dec 26th 2017
    Husband LOVES IT!

    My husband loved this gift! He is super excited to get started and is even happier to add quality tools to his set. Loved the packaging too! I understand they can’t put it in the crate for passing through security purposes.

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