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    Jul 5th 2021
    First time knife maker

    Absolutely loved this kit. My first knife was a success. I’m going to make this my new hobby.

    Anthony Williams
    May 18th 2021
    50th Birthday Gift

    I received this as a 50th birthday present from my brother. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I took it on vacation and spent two days working on it. I’ll carry this knife with pride and love. Thank you little brother.

    Jan 29th 2021
    Neat and tidy... a great project

    I am an amateur knifemaker, and my wife got this for me over the holidays. I was a little unsure about assembling a “kit knife” because I work from scratch... but it was a blast! I was able to concentrate on fitment, handle geometry and fitting, and the stain/finish on the handle scales. It was nice to not source the pins, handle scales, grind the blade, set the bevels, etc... this was all ready for fit up and assembly. The pins were tight...they had to be adjusted and shaved down to get through the frame, and the drill bit included was too tight for the handle scales. But luckily I had the experience and tools needed to quickly fit it up. Take your time, adjust the pins not the (hardened) knife handle, and enjoy the luxury of having all the little parts all ready to go before you glue up...that is a true rarity in knife building!

    Jan 23rd 2021
    Awesome DIY kit

    Got this for Christmas from my wonderful wife and it turned out to be the best gift I could have received. A few days worth of work and this knife is in tip top shape.

    David S Smith
    Jan 7th 2021

    Son gave for Christmas present. Great gift. I've got the handle on now and have it in the shape it will remain. Lots of sanding and polishing ahead. 90% of the work is the last 10% of the finishing!! Great idea and project.

    Jan 1st 2021
    Shawnee skinner knife

    Got one for Christmas. Got right on it and finished in three days. Did not like the maple so I used some hedge. Also called Osage Orange. Very hard wood. Knife was very sharp right out of the box. Used my wood burner to monogram the handle and sheath. Used some power tools to shape and saved some time, but final finishing was hand rubbed. Gonna get another.

    Dec 30th 2020
    Perfect gift for the crafty guy

    Got this for my 14 year old who collects knives. He wants to be a farier and lives working with metal and wood. This knife was a great project to put his workshop to use and hone his skills! He wants 5 more to give to friends! Thanks man crates!

    Thomas Kilbride
    Dec 13th 2020
    Beautiful kit, what a nice project

    My son gave me this for my birthday, I was busy for several weeks, then I opened the box and really looked at what was inside. The blade was of such quality it was a pleasant surprise. Years ago I built a 50 cal. Percussion cap pistol, so I was excited to do another project from a kit. I have a full workshop in my home so I have a lot of power tools, makes the job a little easier. Two days of hard work and I have the finished project. Thanks for a great kit.

    Sandy Osborne
    Oct 19th 2020
    Mom for the WIN!!

    Got this for my son last Christmas. Biggest hit EVER. He had bought other kits but they did not include everything and he couldn't figure them out and threw them to the side. This kit has EVERYTHING! He made this beautiful knife and learned what he needed for the others. Mom for the WIN! THANK YOU!!!

    Jared Custer
    Oct 1st 2020
    Birthday Gift

    Received the kit from my parents for my birthday and finished it over about two weeks just periodically working on it for an hour here and there. I did substitute in some walnut for the scales as the maple that came with the kit had relatively straight grain and not much character. This was my first time fitting and dyeing a sheath but used a wire brush to lightly rough the surface so it took more of the color and resealed it with the wood finish that came in the kit. I was really happy with the resulting fit and finish. The blade itself was sharper than I expected. Mine was just shy of being able to shave. I plan on sharpening and stropping the edge further.

    Recommendations... give some options with the kit. I have a decent tool selection so the files, rasp and vise weren’t really needed in my case. Material options for the scales, blade shape/material options... that sort of thing.

    Overall, a fun kit that helped occupy some down time in this CrAzY year!

    Jun 28th 2020

    For Father’s Day my girlfriend got my this kit. Honestly had no idea at first glance what it was. But as I frequently watch forged in fire I picked it up right away. I love knives and feel naked without one, everyone in my shop frequently brings me their knives to sharpen or polish as I have an assortment of stones, and other things. But this took it to a whole other level. The blade looks superb and was very sharp out of the box. I worked on this knife and sheath for 5 days straight about 4 hours per day until it was finished. Love it. The materials were great, tools worked perfectly and good quality, and was just a blast to build. I now carry it rather than my Kershaw. Can’t wait to do another. Would love to just be able to get more blades and pins instead of the whole kit, but I digress. Well worth it.

    Jun 25th 2020
    His friends are jealous

    NOTE: THIS KNIFE DOES NOT COME IN A CRATE! Please read the description carefully.

    Bought this for my boyfriend as a “just because” gift. I opted for the duct tape packaging — he opened it with his pocketknife! I was hoping he’d go the old fashioned way and try opening it with just his hands lol.

    He’s preserving the box it came in, wonderful duct taping job really!

    He’s most of the way done with the knife and he loves it! He said he wants another one already lol. We went to our friend’s house and he brought it along to get some help for the first part of it, since he didn’t want to mess anything up. Unexpectedly, one of his acquaintances was there and this guy makes knives for a living. He was very impressed with the set and praised the quality of the tools, wood, and blade.

    Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful and fun project for my boyfriend! It gave him something to do instead of staring at a TV playing video games all day lol.

    Definitely recommend Man Crates to everyone who's never tried them!

    Ramon Mejia
    Jun 12th 2020

    I received a gift from my girlfriend, I was so excited, I discovered the threads for the bolster were a little crooked, I was disappointed I couldnt start working on it right away. I emailed. M.C. about it and 2 days later I received a whole new kit.with a note telling me to keep the other one to do with as I pleased..I've never expected such great,fast service and you mean 100% satisfaction guarantee..thank you I'm getting a different knife kit for myself..

    Jan 6th 2020
    Created a Knife making monster

    I bought this gift for my boyfriend who is the biggest outdoorsman and he loved it so much that his new hobby is making knives. He gave this knife to his son who was so amazed that his Dad made it. It is a great gift for someone who enjoys making things.

    Shane A Aydelott
    Dec 28th 2019
    Fun gift

    My wife got me this knife kit for Christmas. We like to watch the knife making show on T.V., so she knew I would enjoy this. I will say that even though the blade is finished, it still takes more than 3 hours to attach the handle, at least for me, and that's OK.

    Vanessa McGarry
    Dec 26th 2019
    Perfect gift!!

    My son watches a show on TV about knife making so I knew he would love this! He is so excited to start his little project!! I wish I had gotten this one for my other son instead of the auto care crate. Would have been the same price at the time and I think he would have liked it so much more.

    Nov 16th 2019

    Got my boyfriend this. He carried the box around with him everywhere we went for the next 2 weeks just showing everyone what he got and how he made it and was just so proud of the dang thing. Still loves his knife. Still brags to everyone how he got to hand-make it.

    Nov 8th 2019
    He was smiling from ear to ear!

    Just gave this to my fiance for his birthday. He loved it! He was just as excited over the tools that came in the box as he was with the knife makings.
    Thanks for a great gift!

    Joshua Mcmillen
    Oct 4th 2019
    Beyond just a gift

    My wife bought the knife kit for me thinking it might be something I enjoyed doing. She never expected how much joy it would bring me. I was scared at first of screwing it up but as it came together I was getting more and more drawn into it and out of myself and doubt. Loved this whole process, love the finished product. Very high quality. My son will inherit this knife, a knife his father's hands put together.

    Sep 22nd 2019
    Anniversary gift

    I gave this to my husband for our anniversary and he absolutely loves it!

    Jul 28th 2019

    Never done any wood working, but thoroughly enjoyed this project. My brother got it for me as a bday gift, and wow what a blast putting this together.

    Jul 25th 2019

    My husband loves this! We were also able to get it shipped to our FPO address in Okinawa. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to but I guess it was one of the few military zips that it could go to! He is so excited to make it. After the other couple items I purchased, I know it'll be great quality. The knife kit is very nicely packaged. *NOTE* it DOES NOT come in a crate! It just comes in a regular box. So if you're wanting the crate, you'll need to tack on another gift ;) one gift just isn't enough from man crates!

    Georgia K
    Jul 19th 2019
    Best Gift Ever

    I got this for my boyfriend’s birthday. He absolutely loved it!!! He told me it was the best gift he’s ever gotten. He can’t wait to make his “Man Knife” creation and I can’t wait to surprise him with more man crates in the future.

    Jul 12th 2019
    So Much Fun!!!

    Not a man, but I got this knife making kit as a gift to myself and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made! Everything I needed came in the kit, although I did use a coping saw to remove about an inch of excess wood. The instructions were easy to follow and I really enjoyed myself watching it come along. If you're thinking about buying this kit, GO FOR IT!!! I may try the pipe carving kit next!

    Jun 28th 2019

    I mainly bought because it came in a crate but then I read more and realized this one was just the cardboard box which was still ok because I opted for the diabolical duct tape cocoon anyways. I order two things wrapped in the duct tape. One was for my dad who had quite the hassle trying to get it open, which was the funniest thing to watch. This gift was for my boyfriend and somehow I ended up being the one who got to open it. I took my gerber knife to that duct tape box and had it opened in seconds so I was a little bummed about that.
    Anywho, my guy loved the gift but has yet to start the project.
    I can’t wait to see how it turns out and will definitely buy other gifts from man crates.

    ****Also can I add that I got this the day after I ordered it!?!? How awesome is that.

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