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    Ann Bonner
    May 15th 2014
    excellently awesome!

    fabulous gift for golfers w a sense of humor!!!!!

    Apr 15th 2014
    Dad Absolutely Loved it!

    What a super Idea- he loved Everything in the crate! . . . and especially LOVED the opening process! Said he will use every item! For the man who has everything, and has traveled all over the world, he is really hard to shop for! Thank-You ManCrates!
    only recently he has to watch Salt, so he will not eat the sunflower seeds! Can't wait to send one of these to my Fiance! have a tremendous day!

    Charlie Fusco
    Mar 10th 2014
    Great for my Dad's Birthday

    He loved it and always the guy that is hard to buy for

    Feb 18th 2014

    My father absolutely loved it!! It was the perfect way to send him something unique and special.

    Mary Fultz
    Dec 27th 2013

    When my husband went to open the box & pulled out the crate & crow bar, he and my son went nuts! He loved everything in it, and cant wait for warm weather to use the golf items. Thank you so much with coming up with this great idea!! I will be ordering from you again for sure!

    Dec 26th 2013
    My brother was thriled

    My daughter handed my brother the crow bar when we walked into the house. All though dinner, he could not stop talking about this crow bar and what it could be for. When he was given the box and opened it, he was thrilled with the gopher driver cover. He had so much fun with it. Totally worth the cost, just to see the pleasure on his face. Thank you so much.

    Dec 26th 2013
    Awesome Golf Creat

    I decided to get this for my dad for Christmas. I figured it was something different and it would be fun for him. It was a total surprise and he loved it!!!! The golfer was hilarious and he put it on his club as soon as it was out of the box. Plus according to him Cady shack is the best movie ever. So glad I got this

    Nov 26th 2013
    Great presentn when you don't know what to get!

    My Hubby loved it! The crate amused both my husband and my son. They were just sure that it was a prank and he would not be able to open it! I definitely plan on coming back to site for Christmas gifts for my older sons and father.

    Oct 20th 2013

    I bought this crate for a friend of mine far away. I had so much fun shopping at the site and it was super easy. My friend called me once he opened it and I've never heard him sound like such a girl ooohhing and ahhing over how excited he was, how much fun it was to open and how much everything inside was such a great quality! It was funny listening to a 42 year old manly man go goo goo over it! Shipping was precise and accurate. I will definitely use this site again and again and recommend it to all my friends!

    Oct 4th 2013
    Golfer Mancrate

    My brother in law just had surgery and I thought I would order something manly for him. This is the coolest gift for a man. My brother in law was too weak after surgery so my sister in law had to open the crate. It has a disclaimer that says "If you are having difficulty opening the crate contact us". She said that she did and it said "Try harder". The both died laughing and she finally figured out how to open it. Totally awesome gift. Would definitely recommend to anyone shopping for a man. My sister said the chuck rodent golf head cover will now be his very favorite golf cover!

    Mar 6th 2015
    great stuff

    This is the fourth man crate I hve bought for various reasons. It's always great to see the guys crack into the boxes. This time I paid extra for the gift wrap (duct tape) and I didn't actually get it so that was a little sad. But that's the only bad experience and they always love the contents of the crate.



    Hey Hannah,

    Sorry to hear that we forgot the duct tape!! If you haven't already, please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to: and we'll get this fixed for you! Thanks for your orders, and we're glad to hear all of the crates you've purchased from us hit the mark!

    Melissa B
    Feb 18th 2015
    perfect Valentines gift

    It was a huge hit! My boyfriend loved it! I was expecting it to be bigger but I think it ended up being perfect for him! He loved everything inside and was really excited about the driver cover. I would definitely try another one in the future. Especially wen we get pregnant! I'll get him the daddy tactical bag!

    Jan 5th 2015
    Great Item: However

    This a is great item but sadly during shipping the drink got a hole in it and the contents got sticky and wet.

    I gave it 4 stars only for the way the crate was packed. Better care should be taken when packing a drink.

    Dec 21st 2014
    Christmas Gift

    I bought two of the crates for two of my friends. I know, I know we golf so stop laughing before I come over there and wack you up side the head with that gopher on one of my clubs. Ok so I bought two of these things and the guys loved them. One smashed it on the cart path to get into it and the other used his pry bar. At least half a dozen other guys have asked where I got them so my plan is to sale them at a large mark up. Keep up the AWESOME work !

    May 12th 2014
    Great gift for my husband

    I did the "gift wrap" however he tore threw it like it was nothing. I was expecting there to be more a challenge with the duct tape. He was extremely happy with everything in the crate.

    Feb 17th 2014
    Fun Surprise

    I got this crate for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. It was much more fun for him than getting flowers.

    Matt Gold
    Oct 28th 2013
    Big Hit with my Dad

    I got the Golfer's Crate for my dad for his 55th birthday. He loved the gopher driver head cover and enjoyed the entire gift as a whole. It went over really well.

    Dec 29th 2017
    Easier to open then expected

    We were all disappointed with how easy it was to open (I even paid extra for the duct tape). He pried it open within seconds of getting the duct tape off from the bottom which wasn’t glued. The box was a hit, but we were expecting a tougher time getting into it.

    Jan 16th 2015
    Great gift but the crate didn't even slow him down...

    I bought this for my fiancé for his birthday. He's getting in to league golfing and I thought it would be a neat gift. He really loved it and thought the crate was pretty cool....although it took him approximately 3 seconds to open it. The disappointment was all on my end, but I should have known better. He's a professional firefighter so getting things open is sort of his thing....I do wish the crate had a little more than glue holding it together. It would have been fun to see him struggle to get it open!

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