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    Alan g King
    Jun 14th 2019
    Smoker kit

    Luved it. Great idea I will pass this along

    Jun 6th 2019
    Dad Loved It

    I bought this for my dad, who has gotten into golf in the last few years. He can be hard to buy for, and I don't alway get it right, but this is something he really loved! I haven't seen him get so excited about a gift before, and I can tell he genuinely enjoyed opening the crate and seeing all of the fun items that were inside. I would purchase this again. Notably, the crate was delivered fast, and arrived right on time!

    Mar 2nd 2019
    My Husband Loved it

    I bought this for my husband as an Anniversary present (Valentine's Day). He is so hard to buy for and I just want sure that he would like it. He has never been a golfer, but is getting more and more into it. Let me tell you, THIS WAS A HIT. He Loved it. After looking at everything himself, he then took a picture of it and sent it to our son (who enjoys golfing) and then posted it on FB. He has never done that with any of his other Man Crates. I think the gopher head cover is his favorite. LOL

    Jan 3rd 2019
    Unique and fun!!

    My son picked the Golfers Crate for dad/husband on his birthday and it was a great hit!! He loved it! These crates make fun gifts. Thank you!

    Nov 11th 2018
    Military crate

    I bought this for my super hard to shop for has everything construction expert father and I've never seen him enjoy a gift so much! What a great surprise! Makes an old man feel like a kid again! Just purchased the golfer's crate for my hubby can't wait to see his biggest smile!

    Dec 28th 2017
    Awesome gift

    I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift. I paid the extra to have it wrapped in duct tape, which he found hilarious. He loved the crate and the process of opening it. All of the things inside he enjoyed as well and can't wait to use! Although he's disappointed in how much I spent. (I'm not. His reaction and happiness is worth every penny) He's very pleased with all of the items. Thanks so much for your company. I'm so glad I found you. And thank you for helping me find something for my hard to shop for hubby.

    Bob Cain
    Dec 26th 2017
    Golfers crate

    My daughter and son in law got me this for Christmas 2017, I love it and love them. It was the perfect gift for me.

    Fred Rak
    Dec 17th 2017
    Ingenious and a lot of fun

    I got this crate from my Daughter and Son-in law for Christmas and was taken aback by it. Just to open the crate was fun. This was perfect to demonstrate men don't need directions. I felt so dumb for not realizing it lol. Never heard of these things before this either and didn't know what was up. After I got it opened, I've put everything in there to good use and I loved the divot tool. Very nice tool. Oh, and the little pinch bar to open the crate with made a great addition to my tool collection.
    Hats off to whoever came up with this idea for gifts, I think it's a real winner. Nice job!

    Sara C.
    Jun 7th 2016

    Our 15th Anniversary and was stuck on a gift. Saw this, got it for my husband and he was THRILLED with it! Thank you for making his day great!

    Feb 24th 2016

    I ordered this for my brother as a congratulations gift. He loved the duct tape and the crowbar -- he said, " I thought the crowbar was a cute idea ... then it became very necessary!!" He loved the stuff inside and said it was totally worth the effort! Thank you!!!!

    Suzanne Hakeos
    Jan 5th 2016

    I ordered 3 crates for my boys and husband. They loved them and it was entertaining for us ladies to watch them open them.

    The golf one was great as my husband enjoys golfing and got a laugh out of this crate.

    Thank you,


    Dec 31st 2015
    Golfer's Crate

    I bought this for my son for Christmas. It took a while to open, but after a few splinters, he dug inside. He loved each and every gift inside, especially the gopher. Caddyshack is a favorite movie of his. It's nice to give something that makes him smile!

    Elizabeth Martin
    Dec 30th 2015
    Golfer Gold Mine !

    This gift came in a smaller crate than the ones I've ordered before, however once my dad started to open this at Christmas we were not disappointed! Such a great assortment of items for a golfer who is impossible to shop for! He watched Caddy Shack as soon as everyone packed up their gifts and left the house. I even asked for this to be shipped with 2 other crates I ordered in one day...and they showed up at my door the very next day (no extra shipping cost). I'm so impressed with these products and will continue to order many many more!

    Dec 29th 2015
    Great Christmas Gift

    Bought this crate for my boyfriend for Christmas with the added duct tape gift wrap. Very fun to watch him open - would recommend.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Great Gift

    My wife bought this for her father as a Christmas gift based on my recommendation. It was a hit. He really liked it. Everyone was intrigued with the concept and contents of the crate. Best of all, these are items that he can actually use.

    Dec 26th 2015
    The Golfer's Crate

    This was a Christmas gift for my daughter's boyfriend. He loved the gopher golf club cover! He liked it so much he ordered the Premium Jerky for himself.

    Dec 17th 2015
    Awesome Gift

    First time I have used Man Crates Was EVERYTHING was great--- Shipping was easy and they LOVED the Gift

    Dec 14th 2015
    Great Gift, Better Customer Service!

    We recently sent the golf crate as a holiday gift for a business partner and he absolutely loved it! The only complaint was that the Arizona Tea included burst, spilling over the rest of the contents of the crate.

    Although most of the items in the crate were unharmed, just wet, Man Crates offered to send a completely new crate to our client at no charge. We were very pleased with the customer service and plan on using Man Crates again in the future.

    Shaun Adams
    Sep 28th 2015
    Gunga Galunga!!

    So, I'm on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one - big hitter, the Lama - long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-galunga. I'm a die hard golfer and my fiancee got me this crate the other day. It is absolutely the most perfect gift. I almost pulled out my sand wedge to and gave it a good whack to open it! Ha!! Can't wait to try some other man crates!

    Sep 18th 2015
    The Golfer's Crate

    I was so pleased with the contents of this man crate I couldn't wait until he received it. He loved it and "gopher guy" has been a steady companion as seen on his facebook page. I've mentioned your company to several people regarding all the different "Man Crates" you can provide. Thanks again for great gift ideas.

    Lyndsay Hall
    Jun 25th 2015

    I ordered this crate for my husband for Father's Day, and he LOVED it!! He even drank the Arnold Palmer that same day, while watching Caddy Shack. LOVE Man Crates!!!!

    Jun 24th 2015

    I got this for my father in law! He was so impressed, he loved the gopher golf club cover! definitely a great gift!

    Jun 23rd 2015

    I bought this Man Crate for my husband (38yrs) for Father's Day. It's always a challenge to find a gift for my husband because he usually buys whatever he needs. I was so happy to find Man Crates! It was tough to pick just one, there were so many great looking crates, but the Golfer's Crate was perfect. My husband loved the Crate. It even came with his favorite golf balls that he has had a tough time finding! It was a crack up to watch him try to open the crate with the crowbar. My husband said it was the best gift our girls and I have ever given him. He loved the
    crate-BOX so much that he didn't want to damage it, so he could put it in his office as a "decoration"! Love what you do Man Crates!!! Thanks for helping all of us wives that have "hard to buy for" husbands! Keep it up!!!

    Susie & Don
    Jun 12th 2015
    Terrific Gift!

    Sent this to a friend who was recovering from surgery. He loved it!!!! Forgot about the fact that he was recovering so he had to look at it all day until someone could open it for him. The wait was worth it. It made his day!

    Jun 4th 2015

    I bought the golfers crate for my husband as a surprise 30th anniversary gift. I had it delivered to our hotel room. When he found it and opened the box, he had a puzzled look on his face. After trying several tactics, he was finally able to get it open (that was the best part for me!) When he saw the contents, he began to laugh & sing" I'm alright"& grabbed the gopher club cover & made it dance. We had to watch Caddyshack that night. It was a BIG success He's looking forward to his son's birthday so we an send him the retro gamer crate!

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