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    May 27th 2015
    Great Gift

    I bought it for my husband's birthday. When he saw the crate and crowbar, needless to say, he was quite intrigued! Being a avid golfer, he was excited and delighted to see the contents of his man crate. Thanks for making his birthday unique and special!

    May 22nd 2015
    Made a great birthday gift

    First box came through damaged, but when I called, it was immediately replaced. This was a birthday present for my brother, who is now out of town for 2 weeks. Now I will get to see him open it when he returns. He loved the first one and I'm holding the 2nd one.

    Cord H
    May 11th 2015
    Mothers day mancrate

    My children and I selected the golfers crate for my wife who had just started a golf league as a Mother's Day gift.

    My daughter gleefully added extra duct tape wrapping to the package.

    We all enjoyed watching her struggle to open the duct tape which had her laughing by the end of it. Then the crate with the crowbar fell out. The lid was glued rather than nailed in which made opening all the harder. By the end everyone was having a lot of fun. She lived the caddy shack references and we enjoyed watching it that night.

    Great gift

    May 6th 2015
    Golfer's Crate

    Purchased for my Son as a pick me up. He laughed the whole time trying to open the crate. It would be great if the crate had a couple other items in it. It seems just a tad expensive, based on the contents.

    May 4th 2015
    Coolest Gift

    This was a great and unusual gift. My boyfriend loved it and said he showed everyone in his office because he thought it was so cool!

    Apr 28th 2015
    "Made his day"

    Got this as a surprise to cheer my brother up after a very difficult time. His response: "made my day!" And "Fantastic... Most awesome gift!" Next I ordered one for my brother-in-law's birthday...can't wait to see his reaction! I wish they would come up with cool college care packages as well!

    Mar 31st 2015
    Best Gift Ever

    Upon receiving the "man crate" my husband called to say that this was the best gift he's ever received. He cannot wait until the next birthday or holiday to buy his son one.

    Mar 18th 2015
    Best Gift Ever!

    My husband absolutely love it... He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

    Mar 16th 2015

    I bought this for my son's 22nd birthday. It was a hit!

    Feb 26th 2015
    Great gift!

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he LOVED it! It's such a different kind of gift to give and I think I might have been just as excited for him to open as he was. The only drawback was I wanted it delivered on his birthday but due to a glitch in the system, it wasn't delivered until 2 days later. However, the team at Mancrates was so accommodating and felt bad about it and actually called to me to fix the situation which I greatly appreciate it. I love mancrates so much that I just ordered the Oktoberfest crate for my dad's birthday!

    Feb 13th 2015
    Awesome! My husband loved it!!!

    My husband absolutely loved this gift! Unlike no other!! Great find!!

    Jan 15th 2015
    Great Crate!

    This was so much fun! We loved watching my brother in-law pry open the crate and find the goodies it contained. He loved it!

    Jan 5th 2015
    absolutely great!

    I purchased this crate for my husband for Christmas. Watching him try and pry open the box was great... He was so impressed with the gift. Thank for a wonderful idea!

    Dec 30th 2014
    what a great gift!

    The package had everything a golf lover would want! The interest and intrigue on my husbands face was worth the price alone! With the (expensive) next day shipping, I was super impressed!!! I would order another one for sure!

    Dec 23rd 2014
    3rd place was was still a winner

    This was bought as a gift for our boss. We wanted to choose the personalized bar ware first, sold out. Then the team sport crate second, sold out. 3rd choice was this since it is a hobby of his and he loved it. Raved obviously about the packaging and then about the stuff in it. He even texted a pic of the before and after opening. There were bets whether or not he could get it open or if he'd have to pay someone else to do it but he managed nicely.

    Dec 20th 2014

    Great gift for my father in law over the holidays. While the contents are perfect for a golfer, the best part was watching him attempt to open the crate with the crow bar. I had to get a hammer to assist!! One downside, the crates look alot bigger online than they really are, but still great fun and even better gift idea.

    DeAnna C.
    Dec 12th 2014
    Perfect Birthday Gift

    I bought the Golfers Crate for my boyfriend's birthday and had it sent to his job. His co-workers sent me pictures of him struggling to open the crate but he loved it once he got in. He especially enjoyed the help options for opening the crate which said :"Try Harder!!!" It was a great gift and a huge it with his co-workers.. I can't wait to get him the football crate and the cigar crate in the future!!

    Dec 12th 2014
    customer loved it

    Sent one to my customer for the holidays he didn't have caddy shack and will use the box and crow bar in the future! Great stuff!

    Ron Morgan
    Sep 20th 2014
    My Client Loved the Crate

    Being a guy, I waited until the last minute to order the Golfer's Crate and not reading the instructions carefully (imagine that!) I screwed up the order and was shipping it to myself. It was Friday night and I sent an email and left a phone message with customer service. On Monday morning I received an email that the guys at Man Crate's had my back and corrected my shipping address error.

    My client received the crate and raved about it. When I went to his office a few days later he showed me, with pride, his new paper weight, the Man Crate Crowbar!

    Score one for our team.

    Thanks guys!

    Sep 4th 2014

    This is my second mancrate purchase and my husband loves them. He recently got back into playing golf so I bought him the gold crate for our anniversary. He loved it!

    Aug 1st 2014
    My dad loved it!

    My dad has a workbench that easily weighs a ton but he didn't have a crowbar! Thanks to this crate his tool collection is now complete and he was able to play a practical joke on one of his golf buddies with the Chuck cover so this was hands down the best Father's Day gift he could have received. I will definitely be sending this crate to other men who golf and coming back for birthday and Christmas gifts for my dad.

    Jul 10th 2014
    Perfect Man's Birthday Gift

    Hi Man Crates,

    Seeing my husband use the crowbar to open that crate was absolutely priceless. At first he thought the crate top would pop right off so he barely put any effort into it. Then he said, "They really put that top on," at which point he got serious about finding out what's inside. When he got the top of the crate open and saw the gopher, I think he actually giggled for a split second. He is endlessly practical, so loved the 6 Tool DivPro. He loved getting it and I loved giving it to him. My next purchase is going to be getting one of the zombie survivalist crates for my dad.

    --Happy Wife

    Ziegler Carolyn
    Jun 20th 2014
    Golfer's Crate

    Very nice Father's Day surprise--opened it with children and grandkids watching. Probably one of them will order one in the future.

    Jun 17th 2014
    Dad loved the concept

    I have to say that my Dad was more excited about the concept of a , and I quote, "a wooden box with a tool" that the actual stuff. It is so different and unique...manly. But, when he opened it up, he really liked all the goodies inside, especially the Arnold Palmer. Nice touch there.

    Jun 17th 2014
    Golfer's Crate

    AWESOME!!!! My dad loved it

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