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    Tammy V
    Feb 20th 2014
    Did the job!!

    My BF loved it.... even though he wasn't allowed to have another flash light, I made this one exception!!! He is a Walking Dead Fan! He especially loved the duct tape box & always wanted a machete! Like a little kid in a grown mans body!

    Thanks for the great idea! Not something I would typically pick out for him.

    Feb 17th 2014

    I ordered this as a Valentine's Day gift for my hubby. When he arrived at work he was told he had a sketchy looking package waiting for him that was covered in duct tape. (exactly what I was hoping for!). He tore it open and absolutely loved everything inside it! Especially the great quality machete. Thank you!!!! I hope to send him another one next year!

    Susan Vezza
    Jan 5th 2014
    All prepared for the Zombie Annihilation!

    My son loves all things Zombies and this crate was the perfect Christmas gift! He loved it! He couldn't get over the can of spam and the duck tape! It was the perfect gift and everyone got a real kick watching him try to open the crate! He goes fishing a lot and the machete will come in handy for all the brush he encounters on some of the trails. Thanks for some great memories.

    Dec 31st 2013


    Michael Marcellino
    Dec 18th 2013
    Items from anyone's zombie apocalypse list

    what is there to say about this crate. The zombie survival crate. With all he movies coming out about zombies and all the media craze about rumors of an apocalypse approaching, I know I sleep well. A flashlight, gorilla duct tape, GIANT machete and a first aid kit to assist your mistakes with the machete, you can be sure to either satisfy your sudden urge for home protection or anyone else's. A great idea and surprising gift idea that will amaze anyone receiving it. Even Chuck Norris....

    Virginia Mulligan
    Oct 21st 2013
    Zombie Crate

    I gave it to my brother for his birthday, and he was thrilled. He feels that he is ready for zombie attacks now. He was upset that you no longer sent twinkies, because everyone knows they last forever.

    I told a friend about it and she wanted to know if you had crates for girls. You know, girls that don't like all the frilly stuff.
    I will be ordering more for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

    Oct 8th 2013

    James gave me, simply put, the best customer service I've had in months. I used this item for a silent auction benefitting a charity. The item was one of the hottest items on the auction table - in fact, a bidder supassed all bids to buy it. It was hotter than, for example, a flat screen TV. The bidder was extremely happy about the item. I want to thank you all for your help and superior products. I'll never forget about this company and I'll always use you whenever I can

    Jun 19th 2018
    Update to my previous review

    Recap of previous review: specified delivery date as Saturday the 16th and crate hadn't arrived. (At the time of first review) Man Crates issued a refund for shipping charges.

    Update: My dad's crate FINALLY arrived and he loved it! Thank God since it was 3 days late getting there. Man Crates has great customer service. I still would not recommend choosing your arrival date at checkout since it can't be guaranteed. Although shipping issues aren't really Man Crates fault. Overall it was a decent experience with this company (FedEx sucks though).

    Dec 25th 2014
    great gift

    Fun great gift for any guy

    Jun 27th 2014
    Zombie Survivalists...UNITE!

    The gift itself is great! I watched him open it, and all the while he was asking what it was. I was kind of disappointed when he didn't have to use the provided crowbar, as the lid just came off. He said it was a great gift, he just wished that there was a baseball bat or cricket bat inside. Other than that, this is one of the best gifts I have ever been able to buy for my hard to buy for husband.
    Man Crates Edit:
    Hey Kim, glad to hear the crate was a success, bummer to hear that the crate arrived unsealed, definitely not how we usually send our crates!! If you happen to see this-, give our customer champions a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise.

    Jun 20th 2014
    Great Gift!!!

    My Hubby loved his crate and the knife!! He immediately started taking pics of the box the items and sending it to people lol. He finally agrees with me that I am amazing! My only disappointment was our crate was not glued properly. There was a small gap all around the top of the crate so the lid did not fit and the glue did not seal it shut. my 5 year old removed the lid like nothing. Customer service was amazing and gave me a percentage back. They were so nice and willing to help in any way!

    Feb 18th 2014
    Pretty Awesome

    Great gift for a guy who loves zombie apocalypse stuff. It was fun actually having to open the crate with the pry bar. The items in the box were of good quality and were in great condition.

    Morgan Suarez
    Jul 20th 2013
    A gift worthy enough for a MAN

    I cannot express my love for this company enough. Everything about you is enjoyable. Your website, attention to detail, creativity, and customer service above and beyond anything I've experienced. I purchased a mancrate for my husband's birthday. He is currently deployed with the IS Army in Guantanamo Bay. The gift was a joy for his entire unit. They all laughed and passed the machete around like it was a sacred artifact. The holy grail of all things sharp. I am a customer for life and can't tell enough people about how great you are!

    Thank you so much.
    Morgan Suarez

    Jun 19th 2018

    I ordered this man crate about a week and a half to 2 weeks before father's day and chose my arrival date as Saturday (the day before father's day because Sunday wasn't an option). It is now the Tuesday AFTER father's day and it still has not arrived. I contacted mancrates about it and they DID refund my shipping charges BUT my dad's crate still hasn't arrived and I'm worried he thinks I forgot him on father's day! I can't review the actual product because there is nothing to review yet. These things are kinda pricey and for it not to arrive when it needs to is just upsetting. I will not order these again sadly. I would NOT recommend choosing a specific arrival date at checkout because it probably won't be there when you want it to be. The only good thing I can say about this situation is that the customer service is outstanding!

    Melissa Lakas
    Dec 25th 2015
    Do not give to inept old men - just let the Zombies get them

    Well I have been waiting for over an hour to see the expression on my husbands face when he opened this. I am the Zombie fan and was so excited to find this for him however my joy and his is being greatly diminished by the difficulty he is having opening the crate. So far he has used the crow bar,a hammer, a screwdriver. A small handsaw and has taken a coffee break. I am just glad there are no breakable so included in this gift. It was indeed well packaged-too well.
    It did arrive very fast after being ordered and the presentation was terrific. I will update if he ever gets it open.
    Finally opened after an hour and a half, at least he is smiling ang chuckling. But he does not seem real impressed due to the difficulty and time it took him to open it. He said "it's cute" and a heck of a machete. He declined to give me a rating. Oh well I thought it was cute - now he has kindling for a fire and put in the camper. After all who knows what is lurking in the dark!!!
    I, however thought it was awesome, great idea for keeping the zombies at bay.

    Art Norton
    Dec 13th 2018
    Very disappointed

    I received a great man crate last year for Christmas. It was the make your own knife kit. I loved it.
    I decided to get this crate and was really disappointed. The crate was 89.99.
    When it arrived, the machete that came with it was of very poor quality. I looked it up and I saw it for 10.99 on other sites.
    In addition to the machete, it came with a can of Spam, a flimsy plastic flashlight, a zombie survival guide, and a med kit which contained some pieces of gauze and not much else.
    The quality of this particular crate is poor. I was very unhappy when I realized what I got. Please try and keep the products you sell at a better quality level than this.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Art,

    So sorry to hear you were dissapointed in the quality of this crate! We think that this crate offers a great assortment and value for the price. We'd love to work with you to make this right, please give us a call at 866.902.7260, thanks for your feedback!

    -Team Man Crates

    Dec 30th 2015

    When my husband opened the zombie survival crate, it did not have the 'Zombie Survival Guide' which it was suppose to have. Instead, it had some other manual that has nothing to do with zombies. So, my husband didn't get it (that it was a Zombie Survival Crate) because there was nothing else in the crate to indicate that that is what it was. Since we are Walking Dead fans, the whole point of me giving this gift was the zombie theme. I had to explain to him that it was a Zombie Crate. I paid extra for the quick shipping and it did not arrive on the day that it was suppose to. So it ended up being a late gift.


    Hey Virginia, sorry to hear that you received the incorrect book! Please give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise!

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