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    May 20th 2015
    Totally worth the $$$

    It was the perfect present for my picky bf! Watching him cut through the duct taped box and then have to get into the crate was hilarious...he definitely wasn't expecting that!!

    May 13th 2015
    Best gift ever!

    I ordered this as a fathers day gift for my husband. I was to excited to wait and give it to him by then...It was very much worth it! He loved it! It arrived very promptly. I think this crate is well worth the cost. We go camping a lot in our jeeps so all of this stuff will come in handy.
    Thanks Mancrate!

    Sherry Davis
    Mar 17th 2015
    Perfect Gift!

    I bought the Zombie Annihilation Crate for his 31st birthday, and he absolutely loved it! What a perfect gift for someone who has everything! Definitely an unexpected surprise for him!

    Mar 11th 2015
    Picky Person

    My husband is hard to shop for and very picky. So when I came across this website I was eager to try! I ordered the Zombie crate, and WOW I was impressed! My husband took forever to open, but it was so worth it!!! I look forward to purchasing from this site again. Thank you!!!

    Feb 6th 2015
    S***s' N Giggles

    I have searched, and searched for the perfect gift for my boyfriend this Valentines. He is challenging, and always putting himself to the test. This gift is manly enough, and no gift for a guy with lotioned hands. I'm so pleased with this site, and can't wait for him to open this tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do. You guys are epic.

    Jan 6th 2015
    Husband's Christmas Gift

    My husband absolutely loved his Zombie Annihilation Crate!! He is so excited to use all the tools. Definitely will be purchasing from this site again.

    Jan 5th 2015
    A must have for your future zombie hunter

    Everything about this item was awesome. The weapons are quality stuff and will last forever. It was so entertaining to watch the "opening" of the crate... a must have for your zombie hunters.

    Jan 1st 2015
    Envy Inducing

    My boyfriend LOVES this gift! It was a Christmas present and now ALL his friends want it to! I got major girlfriend points now because he said I got him a gift that is truly about him and not something that seemed "romantic" lol :p

    Joanna Kragt
    Dec 30th 2014

    Here is the comment my son emailed to me--nothing I can add to it except Thanks for adding to my coolness:

    Momma!!!........ this is the BESTTTTT!!! SO cool so cool so cool!!! I just opened it and it was not easy...... so much fun...... you are the COOLEST MOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Zombies BEWARE!!!!!!!!

    Dec 27th 2014
    Perfect for my son

    I wanted to get my 19 year old son something very manly this Christmas. I happened upon your website and was immediately 'sold' on your very manly items! I purchased the Zombie Annihilation crate and it was perfect. He spent 20 minutes opening the crate and then we all enjoyed looking at each item. My son loves it! Perfect! Home run!

    Jeri Gray
    Dec 27th 2014

    Got this for my son for a Christmas gift & he thought it was the best ever. Can't believe I found you guys!

    Dec 23rd 2014
    Best gift ever!

    I got the Zombie Annihilation crate for my husband for christmas. This crate hit it out of the park. When he saw Gerber knives gleaming up from that box, he was ecstatic, and is currently planning our anti-zombie plan of home defense. When we make it through the Zombie apocalypse, it will be thanks to mancrates.com. Thanks guys! If you're in our neck of the woods when it goes down, we'll share our spam with you!

    Dec 22nd 2014
    Solid Gold

    One word...machete. But seriously, this crate is amazing, awesome and any other words you can think of for describing pure unadulterated man love boxed up into one manly crate and doused with a heaping helping of testosterone. Perfect gift, top notch service. Thanks for being my new go to guys!

    Dec 17th 2014
    Can't wait!

    I just ordered this Monday, and it arrived today so amazing shipping speed! It's for Christmas so won't be opened till next week but I am so excited to give it to my hubby! I hope he's as excited as I am. Amazing customer service here too, Thanks! Will update with what he thinks next week!

    Desiree Acree
    Dec 15th 2014

    I ordered this for my husband for just a cool no reason gift. When he opened it, they had sent a zombie suppression crate by accident. Oops. I sent an e-mail to them right then, at about 9 PM, expecting a reply the next day. I had a return e-mail within 10 minutes from James and he'd already put in the order to send the annihilation crate at "ludicrous speed" at no further charge for me. Wonderful, amazing customer service! I was really impressed.

    Now, on to the crate. He loves everything about this crate. He got super excited when he unwrapped the first crate and found out it was a Man Crate. He's gotten several and has loved every one of them. He was so excited about all the new "toys" in the crate! Then, when I told him things were missing, he got even more excited when he found out he was getting another crate with even more "toys", his word, not mine. I now know how he acted at Christmas as a child, I've seen how he acted over this crate. LOL. Just perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better gift, or better customer service. Thanks for making Man Crates, awesome idea and wonderful gifts. And thank you so much James, you're the best, and you saved the day! You should be promoted to superhero. :D

    Dec 15th 2014
    New Toys

    My husband is ex-Special Forces and really loved this! The knives are his new toys. Thanks for putting together a great gift and for providing a good memory!

    Dec 12th 2014

    My boyfriend got his duck taped gift wrapped man crate today! He absolutely loved it! Everything is exactly what you expect! His family was around watching him open it and were super impressed by it!! I don't know how I'll ever out do this gift! Thank you!!

    Dec 10th 2014
    No doubt whatsoever!

    My fiancé won't be opening his crate until Christmas. We have ordered from you before for my brother. I have 100% trust in your product. I know that he will love it. Because he knows what the crate looks like I have wrapped it so he won't catch on to what it is. I have also wrapped the pry bar a million different times to really make him work for it because as soon as he sees that he will know. So excited to video him opening it....I used a lot of tape haha Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome!

    Sheila Kerr
    Dec 9th 2014

    Sent it to his office so he had an audience, and there was even a small injury. In true fashion he sucked off the blood, rubbed some dirt on it and went back to work, opening the box - just like a Man!!

    Chaz Miller
    Nov 22nd 2014
    Great gift

    I actually started with teaser texts and emails about how my young sons were running from zombies and they thought Uncle Joe needed protection.
    Although, Uncle Joe did have to use a "real crowbar". I guess the one that came with the crate would have taken him for ever to open.

    Jenny Johnson
    Nov 16th 2014
    Dad loved it!

    We bought this as a gift for our Dad, and he got a kick out of it! It is not just a fun gift, but an experience. I highly recommend it if your dad, husband, friend, etc. is into zombies. I would buy it again. Plus, these guys provide great customer service!!

    Iris Murillo
    Oct 10th 2014
    Zombie annihilation Crate

    I bought this crate for my man about one week ago and he's been wanting to open it ever since, but I had him suffering the whole time cause he's birthday is today 10/9/14 , I felt bad for him but I'm traditional he had to open it on his birthday, he has picked it up a few times trying to figure out what it is so its been torture for him... Haha!!! I love it , he always figures things out but this gift was too much for him he had no clue.... I love it

    Oct 1st 2014

    We had it shipped to our sons apt. at school for his 21st Birthday He video taped the whole opening process. He is a strong athletic guy and it took a while to get it opened which made it even more fun to watch. The cocooned duct tapeing is a MUST!!! All of the items are great quality and things he will use. He loved it and his roomates and friends think it is the greatest gift ever! We will definately order from Man Crates again!

    :"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."
    -Dawn of the dead (1978)

    Sep 30th 2014
    Awesome Gift!

    Of course it was an awesome gift! I needed to send it over night and got my order in at exactly 3pm the day before. The crate arrived, gift wrapped (duct taped) and perfect, at 9am the next day. A full 3 hours early. Fantastic customer service! I'll be ordering a few more of these for Christmas!

    Sep 14th 2014

    Got this as a gift for my husbands birthday. He had a lot of fun opening the crate. I don't think I have ever seen that big a smile over a gift. Definitely going to remember this site!

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