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    May 18th 2016

    I bought this for my husband and he loved it. I have to say when I saw it the memories came right back it was the best gift and he cant put it down so happy with it. I had a problem with one of the games and contacted CS and they were wonderful I will be ordering from them again!!!! thanks man crates for an amazing gift

    Feb 19th 2016
    The best gift ever

    So, my girl-friend (not girlfriend) bought me this for valentines day. Not only was it my first time having a valentine (25 yr old, never had a girl in February), but she bought me the most awesome gift ever. She laughed her ass off when I was trying to figure out the nails on the create (It's glued...), but as a guy born in 1990, these are my childhood memories in a box. I love the candy, but the emulator is awesome! It goes a step further though, I got a knock off game... Something called "combat basketball". It hardly fit in the player, to the point where I was afraid pulling it out would break it. I spent a solid 5 minutes wiggling it, and it finally broke free. Not only did they replace my game, but they sent me 2 new ones (one is an awesome one about saving Aerosmith [the band] from a futuristic Nazi regime) but they also sent me Jerky!. 10/10 for customer service, and a very, very happy gift recipient

    Feb 17th 2016
    He Teared up

    Do you have one of those husbands that always looks just a little disappointed when you buy him something? I do, and it is so frustrating! However that all changed when he finally got his man crate open and saw the contents, he literally teared up and said, "omg you really do get me" he has been geeking out ever since and I couldn't be happier, I will definitely be ordering again, and soon. Finally a place that gets men! I love this!!

    Feb 17th 2016
    Great Customer Service

    I bought one of these for my husband as a combo Valentine Day gift and birthday gift. He loved it and our sons fought over the candy. lol I had paid for the duct tape wrapping and was disappointed that he didn't have that extra layer of "fun" to contend with, but when I called to report it, they were great about fixing the issue. I will definitely order from them again.

    Feb 8th 2016
    Best Gift Ever

    I bought this for my husband as a Valentine's day gift a couple years ago actually. Every year we each try so hard to surprise the other. Usually, I fail. My husband ALWAYS guesses what he's getting. Then I found Man Crates. And I knew this would be perfect! The only hints I gave him were that it comes in a crate. And it completely threw him off. He had NO CLUE! He thought I was lying about the crate and was laughing hysterically when it came in the mail. He had fun opening it and loved the contents even more. A year later and he STILL uses the hand held system. Definitely the perfect gift for any retro gamer lover. I just ordered another Man Crate for him this year and can't wait to see his face when he opens it!

    Jan 11th 2016
    Great gift for gamers

    I bought this gift for my boyfriend for Christmas because he is a big video game nerd. It was so fun watching him struggle to open up the crate and see what was inside. Such a great product! Also, ManCrates has the best customer service I have ever seen. If you ever have any issue with a product they will be more than happy to help you. Would highly recommend even if you don't think the person will play the games much it is still cool to have and collect.

    Dec 19th 2015
    best gift ever

    my guy is the hardest in the world to shop for. he has everything he wants, and i can never afford the kinds of things he'd like to have but won't get for himself. Man Crates solved that problem for me this year! this birthday gift surprised him, and that's no easy task. he still plays it every day, and he even told me once that he's sorry his gift is so awesome that it's stealing all of his attention away lol. the day he opened it, he immediately started ordering more games for it on amazon and ebay. his collection is already huge. he enjoys showing our boys what "REAL games were like when we were kids."
    unfortunately, on the first day he started having problems with the screen flickering and games restarting when he pressed the buttons. i called Man Crates and had to leave a message for them to call me back. my phone rang less than 5 minutes later, and the guy who i spoke with was beyond awesome. everything i've read about their customer service doesn't even come close to how great they are! we received a replacement unit within the week, and my guy was boiling over with excitement about how well it works.
    Thank you Man Crates! you saved me twice in a row this year!!

    Dec 18th 2015

    This is a Great Price because if you go on Ebay their price just for the Handheld system is between 150-300 without Games.

    Dec 12th 2015
    He loved it!

    Ordered this several months in advance to be sure it would get here on time. Shipping was extremely fast to an FPO addy and it was here in a week! So, I made him stare at it for months haha. When he finally got to open it, I enjoyed watching him struggle to pry it open mwahahaaha! Thanks ManCrates that was priceless!
    After he got it open he was super pleased with the RetroDuo handheld and all the candy! Even I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the item. This was a great gift and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give a retro gift to a gamer!

    Bossed Up!
    Nov 24th 2015

    My sister got me this for a random gift and it owns! She's not usually a great gift giver – heart of gold, bad at gifts. But this, she really hit it out of the park. I'm going to knock out the snacks in no time, leaving just the gaming system behind. The system itself isn't the most durable of things, and the games that came with it were not that exceptional – but it allows me to get into heavy nostalgia by repurchasing a bunch of SNES games!!! Ahhhhh, SNES ... how awesome you were/are.

    Sep 10th 2015
    Super Retro Gamer Crate

    I bought this crate or an employee that had surgery and was recuperating. He loved the crate and especially liked the retro game. :) I would recommend any of the crates as gifts. :)
    Thank you Man Crates for helping me make our employees smile.

    Peggie Thom
    Aug 12th 2015
    He loved it!

    This was for my 13 year old grandsons birthday - he is thrilled to bits!

    Happy Mom
    Aug 9th 2015
    Retro Gamer = Happy Son

    My son casually mentioned a couple of months before his birthday that he thought it would be neat to get this Retro Gamer Man Crate.So for his 27th birthday he was pleasantly surprised that we remembered to get it for him. His thank you called it "Awesome" and reminded him of his earlier years and "the fun games back then".

    Jul 1st 2015
    The Super Retro Crate was a blast from the past!

    Great candy choices from the past and the games were awesome fun!!

    Happy Wife
    Jun 29th 2015
    Care package greatness!

    My husband is currently overseas and it is hard to find perfect gifts to send him. He told me his crate came yesterday, and 20 grown men were huddled around it to see what it was. Thank you for your boxes and making the day of a soldier!!!

    Jun 16th 2015
    Retro Gamer

    I absolutely love these crates! I bought my husband one for fathers day and it was a big hit. My only complaint would be that we could not choose the games we received from it. I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

    Jun 16th 2015
    super retro crate was a super-duper hit!

    30th Birthday is a milestone needing a milestone gift. I hit it out of the park

    Ashley Manczka
    Jun 11th 2015
    Top notch products and service!

    My husband LOVED getting this Man Crate! I'm not sure what he loved most, opening an awesome crate of cool stuff or the stuff inside! One of the games turned out to not play, but after a quick email explaining the situation, replacements are on their way free of charge! I even got a super nice phone call apologizing for the mishap and letting me know what was going on! This company has top notch customer service, and the products are super cool too. My only complaint is how difficult it is to select which awesome man crate product to send!!

    Gina M.
    May 30th 2015
    Man Crates are AWESOME!

    We have ordered Man Crates for our employees for a variety of reasons (Get Well, Welcome!, etc.) and they are always a BIG hit! The Super Retro Gamer Crate is a favorite but others have been great too! It's nice to see a company provide excellent customer service! Keep up the good work!

    May 29th 2015

    Bough the super retro gamer crate for my fiancee's birthday. Not only did he love the experience of opening the crate itself, but he loves the gaming system! It came with NES games instead of SNES games, but the guys at Mancrate were wonderful to deal with and I had new games delivered to my house a couple days later. I highly recommend!

    Kristen C
    Apr 17th 2015
    Amazing Customer Service

    I ordered this crate for my husband as an anniversary present. We did have a minor issue, after making sure it wasn't anything on my end I called and left a message with customer service explaining my situation and I got a reply within a few hours via voicemail and email. They are very accommodating. Excellent customer service! I will be ordering more crates in the future!

    Alysha Tubbs
    Apr 8th 2015
    Birthday Present

    I ordered this crate for my fiancé for his birthday last week. He loves gaming devices and this is perfect for all the traveling we do. When I ordered it, I accidentally put my old address to be shipped to, customer service was a great help in not only contacting FedEx for me but making sure it got sent to the right address as well. I ordered two more games on Ebay so he has more options. Thanks for putting me on the cool list Man Crates!

    Apr 2nd 2015
    If you buy a man crate for someone, you are now an awesome person

    The Super Retro Gamer Crate is amazing-awesome-all that - anything, everything you wanted it to be. First off, man crates is the coolest gift you can give someone that is a man ... or woman if you are a cool woman. This is such a great business idea. I recommend this to anyone looking to find a gift that is going to awe their lucky loved one. Man Crates = Awesome Gift= you are awesome for giving such an awesome gift. BOOM!

    Mar 24th 2015
    great company and great products!

    I recently ordered the Super Retro Gamer Crate for my husband and he absolutely loved it! It included everything in the pictures and was delivered in just a few days. He was so excited when he opened it and had already heard great things about the company before that. I will definitely be ordering from ManCrates again in the future! Thanks for being awesome!!

    Mar 20th 2015

    my boyfriend was so excited when he opened it, he loved the games and the crowbar. He has not put down the super Nintendo since he got it he takes it everywhere.It was the perfect gift :) Thanks Man Crates

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