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    Feb 20th 2020
    Solved pretty quickly

    My husband solved it really quickly, I was hoping it was going to take an hour or more.

    Jan 6th 2020

    Got this for my son for Christmas who loves stuff like this. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear that the cardboard box the main box comes in has to be “solved” first. He thought the first clue was for the box itself and the way he interpreted the clue actually opened the main box.
    So the whole thing was over in three minutes. Once he realized there were other things to solve on the cardboard box, he went back and tried solving them, but the fun of it was already lost. So disappointed as this was his main gift.

    The cardboard box should be redesigned so that it can’t be opened without following the first clue correctly and be clearly marked that all the clues on that box lead to opening the wooden box LAST. As it is, in the excitement of opening a gift, of course the first thing you go to is the hard object inside what you just opened. Reading through reviews it looks like we’re not the only ones this happened to.

    Such a bummer.

    Sep 1st 2019

    The puzzle box itself was fine. But when I ordered the 50 dollar gift card, it said Amazon was in stock. When my husband opened the gift and went to redeem it, surprise stock in Amazon. He’s not a “foodie” or a coffee drinker. He needed Amazon money to complete a purchase and I paid a premium for a box with a useless card. If you need a certain card, don’t trust Man Crates to provide it for you.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Amanda, thanks for your feedback. We are currently out of stock on some of our more popular retailers, we're working on getting any out of stock options restocked as soon as possible. Please check back frequently. If you can't wait, we understand and would be happy to help with a refund or alternative solution. Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 and we'll work with you to help make this right.

    -Team Man Crates

    Matthew R
    Dec 27th 2018
    Limited Gift Card Options

    I previously had received the decanter crate which was great to open so when I ordered the puzzle box I expected a similar experience. The puzzle itself was fun and entertaining but when we went to redeem the gift card, options only included Home Depot and Bass Pro Shop far fewer options than advertised.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Matthew,

    We're currently sold out on some of our gift card options because of the after Christmas rush. We should have our full selection available within the next 24-48 hours. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    -Team Man Crates

    Andrea Tice
    Feb 10th 2018
    Great Idea - But He Hated it

    I am so disappointed. I was super excited to give this gift. But he was not at all interested in solving puzzles. I will unfortunately be returning it...I want to see how it works! I suppose the point is give it to someone who enjoys puzzles.

    Victoria audet
    Jan 6th 2018
    Puzzle box

    I bought three of these and the recipients all said the same thing. They didn’t have to do the puzzles. They looked at the box for a few minutes and were able to tilt/shift it open. They said it seemed like maybe the pins weren’t set but it could be a flaw in the boxes. This was a disappointment because you pay the extra money for the experience which they did not get the opportunity to have.

    Ashton Littlejohn
    Dec 27th 2019

    We bought this as a present for christmas. Due to the description we assumed it would take a while for the recipient to open. Literally opened after 1 minute. Was the biggest rip off. We spent the extra 30 dollars too get this box because we thought it would be funny, but it was a huge disappointment. Do not buy this product. You are wasting your money.

    Stephanie Dohmann
    Dec 26th 2019

    Pretty disappointing. I got this for my dad and paid the extra $10 to have it wrapped in duck tape to make it challenging. Either the turning from the unwrapping (or just poorly put together), my dad opened the box to find the interior box open and the giftcard right there. Could not have been less anticlimactic. If I had known, I would have just bought him a $50 Giftcard and saved the $50+ I paid for the non-existant puzzle

    Man Crates Response: Thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear you were disappointed in the Puzzle Box you received. We do our best to offer a great value for the price and we're sorry to hear we missed that mark for you! That being said, we're happy to work with you to make this right, as we stand behind all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please reach out to our awesome customer service team by giving us a buzz at 866-902-7260 -Team Man Crate

    Sep 9th 2019
    Simplistic puzzle and gift cards out of stock...!

    I gifted my husband the puzzle box for his birthday. He liked it well enough I guess (though it took him less than 10 minutes to finish...not quite what I was imagining...) but when he went online to redeem the gift card, pretty much EVERYTHING was out of stock. It would have been nice to know ahead of time what was available before I ordered, or provide a way to reserve a gift card, or something like that. In any event, I'm pretty disappointed, as this was the only gift I got him, as I thought the puzzle itself would be a nice present. I didn't mean to basically just get him a gift card...that we can't even redeem. Not worth it.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Laurice,

    We did our best to make our puzzle box challenging, but not so difficult that you would be so frustrated that the gift would lose its charm. Everyone's aptitude for puzzle solving is a bit different and times to solve the puzzles we lay out can vary depending on a number of factors.

    We're working with our gift card supplier to get all of our options back in stock as quickly as we can, and expect our options to be fully restocked soon. In the meantime, we'd hate for you to be stuck with a gift card that your husband can't use and want to make sure we help you out, even if that means issuing a complete refund. Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260, we look forward to helping make this right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Aug 5th 2019
    Puzzle Box opened after just the first clue

    The description of the puzzle box promised me at least 30 minutes of puzzling to get the box open. The box practically fell open after the first clue. This was supposed to be a fun activity for my husband and his friends to do on his birthday. It was over in less than 5 minutes. I want my money back.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Bethanie, sorry to hear you were dissapointed in the Puzzle Box! It sounds like the there was something wrong with the box when you received it. Typically the box doesn't "fall open" but only opens after you've solved many of the puzzles we've laid out. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll work with yout to make this right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Zack W
    Jul 28th 2019
    Too easy!

    My wife thought very hard about what she wanted to get me for our 11 year anniversary and thought mancrate would come to the rescue. She had so much excitement built up for this gift. When it finally came to our exchange the kids were running around and I looked at the great big lettering of clue one rather than read the whole paragraph above. I figured out the box in about a minute and a half. I am a man and men fix things every day for their families. This was a very simple box covered in colorful cardboard that had other puzzles printed on it (those took me 17 minutes). Instead of giving my wife the pleasure of watching me scratch my head for a so-called 50 minutes, this was a HUGE let down for her. No amount of clever advertising can cover up a product that is simple and clearly just a money maker. Mancrate, please think about the real working man before making your next product. -zackman-

    Ellen Johansen
    Jun 17th 2019

    Really disappointed in this product. It took about 2 minutes to get it open. I gave it to my son for Father's Day and while he was trying to figure out the first clue, I just pulled on the top of the small box and it popped right off.

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Ellen,

    Sounds like that there may have been an issue with the box you received, so sorry about that!. We'd love to help out here, please give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make this right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Amy powell
    Jun 9th 2019
    Puzzle box opened before I could even hit reord

    Either my husband is the next Einstein or this puzzle box came already open :( so sad because we were really looking forward to doing this as a family . Literally opened in 5 seconds flat. With no puzzle at all . Waste of time in my opinion

    Man Crates Response: Hey there Amy,

    Sorry to hear that your puzzle box arrived opened! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260, and we'll work with you to make this right!

    -Team Man Crates

    Ciera Davis
    Mar 7th 2019

    i got this for my boyfriend for our 1 year thinking it would be fun for him to do, i did the extra wrapping in duct tape box he thought that was fun but when he got to the box, he just pulled the top off & it came right off with no challenge he didn’t even have to read anything it was literally just a minute for him to open it so i was super disappointed. than when we redeemed the card it didn’t have half the options y’all advertised for gift cards like game stop, etc.

    Man Crates Response: Thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear you were disappointed in the gift you received. We do our best to offer a great value for the price and we're sorry to hear we missed that mark for you! We're happy to work with you to make this right, as we stand behind all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. we're happy to work with you to make this right by offering a discount or to arrange a cost free and hassle free return pick-up at the location of your choice if you just want a full refund. Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll do our best to make you happy, thanks!-Team Man Crates

    Feb 25th 2018
    Opened without doing anything

    Gave this to my husband for Valentine's Day. He didn't have to do anything, it just opened. Waste of my money. With shipping, I paid $100 for a $50 gift card. Very disappointed

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