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    Gina Z
    May 13th 2021
    A Good One!

    I bought this for my son's 35th birthday and he loved it!! One of the best gifts I've ever given him.

    Feb 15th 2021
    My Valentine Absolutely Loved It

    I couldn't wait for him to open his gift! The Puzzle Box Did Not disappoint. He was intrigued and I was anxious to get started. We loved every minute of working together to solve the clues. It was a very stimulating experience for us to the end. Thank you...well done!

    Jan 10th 2021
    Tons of fun!

    Got this for christmas from my parents. It was awesome! I had a lot of fun sitting down and scratching my head to follow the clues. 10/10 would recommend!!

    Dec 25th 2020
    Top 5 gifts ever!

    My wife and kids got me this box for X-mas here in 2020 and wow was this a fun gift. 10/10. This has to be one of the top 5 gifts I've ever received. I'm going to suggest this to everyone.

    Bryan Collins
    Dec 13th 2020
    Fantastic and challenging

    My wife got me this for my "puzzle themed birthday during Covid. I was puzzled but had an awesome time trying to follow the clues and the box was full of suprises. I loved this puzzle box and man crates keep it up, hopefully there are more to come

    Karma qwik
    Jul 23rd 2020

    My boyfriend absolutely loved it and enjoyed the gift thanks

    Jun 26th 2020
    He Love It!!

    I bought this for my Dad for Father’s Day and he absolutely loved it! Being in his late 70’s it’s hard to find him unique gifts that he can get a kicked out of but this gift kept him guessing and then the gift card was just a little something to top it off. Great gift for a great Dad!

    May 8th 2020
    Really Fun!

    I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be really great. I thought the puzzle was the entire gift, but got a gift card too!

    Linda Kurtz
    Apr 18th 2020
    Masterful secrets


    Pamela Johnson
    Dec 28th 2019
    Awesome gift!

    This game was such a hit, it was played and solved five times at my house on Christmas! After the initial recipient received his gift card, we refilled it with chocolates and various members of my family had an absolute blast with it! Great puzzles, wonderful group activity!

    Rachel Madsen
    Dec 27th 2019
    Perfect gift...

    This was the perfect gift to give my father who always just asks for money for Christmas. We got him this and he spent literally an entire day working on it (9am to 8pm). The best part? We paid a little extra to have the box duct taped.

    He enjoyed it and the puzzle was very cleverly done.

    Nancy B
    Dec 26th 2019
    He loved it!!

    My 21 yr old thought this was the best gift! I am so happy with his reaction and he had a really good time figuring this out. I look forward buying future puzzle boxes for him.

    May 19th 2019

    FThe concept of this game is absolutely fantastic and execution is even better! Watching my boyfriend work through this game was hilarious.m and intense. He was super engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe you all can create more of these puzzles. First time buyer and it won’t be the last!

    May 19th 2019
    Awesome Gift for Grad

    I bought this as a high school graduation gift for my friend's son. I ordered the duct tape gift wrap which was a hoot! After puzzling out the box, he declared "I would definitely get this for a friend!" which is the best compliment a gift-giver and company can receive. Also, customer service with Man Crates was EXCEPTIONAL. I will definitely be ordering from them again and have encouraged my family and friends to do so.

    Apr 26th 2019

    I want to start off by saying I LOVE the concept! I bought one for my boyfriend and bother. My boyfriend was the first to open it. He started reading the instructions, grabbed the box, and then started to shake and pull it open. I explained to him that he needed to follow the steps but he had the box opened in 5 mins by just shaking and pulling. He loved the gift either way but just let the person you give it to not to shake the box and pull the lid. Lol. I’m giving my bother his box tomorrow so before he even touches the box I’m going to tell him to read the instructions and NOT TO SHAKE AND PULL THE LID! Lol. Other then that it was a funny and great experience.

    Tammy Mott
    Feb 18th 2019
    Valentine's day gift

    I got this as a Valentine's day gift for my husband. It was a day late but oh well that's how shipping works.
    My husband and sons are brain guys. And I sat and watched them work on this for over an hour. They loved it. I oped for the torch because we had a $50 limit this year. This was about an experience not what's inside. Totally worth it!
    But now the hubs wants one that comes in a wood crate with a Crowbar.... can you make one with gamer guy stuff that is in a wooden crate? Lol

    Feb 7th 2019
    Loved it Need More

    I can’t find anything else like this on the market. It was fun and my husband loved it! I wish you guys could come up with more variations. If you do, I’m sure you’ll have many repeat customers!

    Feb 4th 2019
    Makes for the perfect gift

    I gifted this to a friend for his birthday and he loved it! It took some doing to get the box opened (which I was personally glad about because I intended for the puzzle box to be more the gift than its actual contents). I was afraid he might solve the puzzle too soon, but the clues were apparently extremely cryptic and not easy at all. Great, great purchase!

    Jan 1st 2019
    Awesome gift!

    I received this for Christmas and LOVED it! Took about 45 minutes for me to figure all out. I missed one crucial clue early on which made me bog down for quite a while until I caught my misstep.

    Dec 28th 2018
    Listen Linda

    If your person is the type of person who will spend hours trying to solve a problem. Get them this box. The giftcard is not the gift, the experience is.

    I will note - I got this for my almost 70 year old dad and he had a really hard time reading some the hidden clues you must read through the hidden reveal glasses. BUT it ended up being a father/daughter(s) bonding extravaganza.

    He told me repeatedly this has been the best gift he has gotten - the man can be stoicism incarnate if I ever met it. That's a big compliment.

    Linda, If you're still questioning on getting this. Just get it. You'll probably like it if they don't.

    Brit S.
    Dec 25th 2018
    Best. Gift. Ever.

    My dad just opened it! I think we all had a ton of fun just watching him solve it. Totally worth it! Definitely the best gift ever.

    Dec 25th 2018
    Over achiever!

    My fiancé is an over achiever took him 30 minutes but still worth it !! I took an Hysterical Video of him getting frustrated. He said it was clever and he enjoyed it. Something different.

    Dec 24th 2018
    My husband loved this! It was a fun challenge.

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I gave it to him during our Christmas party and he solved it during the party. Even our 7 year old and my dad in law were intrigued by it! The 3 of them solved it in about 45 minutes and had so much fun the whole time. I totally recommend this box to anyone who loves puzzle games.

    Dec 8th 2018

    It is the best and I am getting for my husband for chrismas and he loves puzzles so this is great for him he’ll love it soooooi much!!!!!!!😀😃

    Nov 18th 2018
    Best Gift Ever!!!!

    My coworkers surprised me with this gift for my Birthday! They gave it to me at work in the morning and I was so intrigued that I could not go back to work until I solved it. Luckily, I had some coworkers who were equally intrigued and helped me solve it. It was so much fun to solve the clues. I would highly recommend for anyone who is analytical and loves puzzles.

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