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    Jan 20th 2017
    Perfect groomsman gifts

    I got this for my husbands groomsman. They loved that it was specialized to them! Great gift!!!

    Dec 27th 2016
    Loved it!

    I got this for my brother for Christmas and he loved it! My whole experience shopping on Man Crates was wonderful. The day after I placed my order I had to call and change the shipment address; the woman I talked to was the nicest customer service rep I have ever dealt with and the hold music was "Eye of The Tiger". Great experience and great product. My brother is now the envy of his beer drinking buddies because he has the coolest glasses!

    Mallory Kon
    Dec 26th 2016
    Gift for Husband

    My parents got this for my husband. We personalized the engraving on the pint glasses and they turned out great. He also loved the bullet. My only negative comment would be that there was a sticker on the bottom of the ammo can that read made in China. Disappointed that the sticker on there and that the can was made in China.

    Melisa Lovely
    Dec 25th 2016
    Super for Troops!!!

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my younger brother who is a Staff Sergeant in the Army. He absolutely loved it and thanked me about three times, the beer opener, ammo can and personalized bar glasses were the perfect combination for a great gift for any Soldier, I will definitely be shopping with Man Crates again, your gifts are spot on!

    Jared Hincy
    Dec 24th 2016
    Received as Gift

    Brother-in-Law got me this for Christmas, couldn't be happier! I'd be happy with any of the ones here at this site! Totally stoked, and the beer glass went zero-to-beer in about 10min flat.

    Dec 21st 2016
    Very Cool!

    Received this gift today. Love it!

    Well Made! Very Impressed!

    Nov 7th 2016
    Ammo Crates Rock

    So I had gotten this for my Father before, and my boyfriend was so jealous I had to get him one of his own for his birthday. These Ammo Crates are awesome, so sturdy.

    Patricia Amenita
    Aug 20th 2016
    1 x Personalized Pint Set Ammo Can

    I purchased this for a 70th birthday gift. Had no idea what to buy. The man is a gun enthusiast, so I figured this would be appropriate gift. The quality is exceptional! Love, love the bullet bottle opener. The party isn't until Sept 3rd, but I'm sure he's going to love it.

    Jun 25th 2016
    Won over my bro

    I purchased this for my brother for his first father's day. He loved it.

    Jun 21st 2016
    Great Father's Day

    My daughter gave me this for Father's Day. Wow!
    Great gift. Fantastic idea!

    Jun 14th 2016
    Totally Won Father's Day

    I got this for my Dad for Father's Day. Totally won Father's Day this year. He's a hard man to shop for, but he absolutely loved this. He was so entranced with the ammo can that he didn't even notice the glasses and bottle opener were personalized. This is fantastic. I'm definitely coming back to Man Crates for future gifts. You guys rock!

    May 24th 2016
    Military Man Gift - CHECK!

    Huge hit and an absolute must order! I purchased this for my boyfriends birthday and despite being told to wait to open it, he dug into it anyway! Being a military man, he loves the .50 cal bullet opener and the ammo can was a HUGE hit, he now uses it to store his real ammo :) He loves his glasses and ate all the jerky to himself. He bragged to a few buddies and now I look like girlfriend of the year!
    Thanks Man Crates - You definitely deserve the HIGH FIVE

    May 8th 2016
    Huge hit!!

    My 40 yr old husband absolutely loved this! He has been telling all of his friends and especially loves the bottle opener. Here's a guy who you cannot surprise and I end up giving him gift cards! Thank you for a unique gift, man crates!

    Apr 9th 2016
    Best Gifts Ever!!

    This item arrived today for my son in-law. This is the second time I have ordered a Man-crate for him. I love the items offered and I think I like shopping for them more than anything. The Ammo can is a great option if you have all ready purchased a wood crate for the same person. Great product. The "diabolic duct tape cocoon" is a must have if available for your shipping!!!! Looking forward to my next purchase.

    Mar 31st 2016
    You are the best!!

    I had a small issue with my order and you guys stood behind your "High Five Guarantee" 100%! Now this great gift is perfect!!

    DR Scholtens
    Mar 15th 2016

    I ordered these for my husband and he LOVED them so much he ordered for 2 of his friends! Very cool gift with an outstanding presentation!

    Feb 8th 2016
    perfect for picky husband

    shipped quick and arrived on time! so glad i finally found a gift the my picky husband loved! he loved the ammo can.

    Feb 8th 2016

    This is probably my favorite purchase from Man Crates so far!

    Ashley Davis
    Jan 29th 2016

    I ordered this for my husband. He loves drinking beer out of glasses, and has been wanting an ammo can recently. So what better gift right? Well, let me tell you. I ordered this with the duct tape wrapping. He had such a time trying to get it open. It was very comical and well worth the extra $10. then he saw the ammo can and was like, wow... But when he opened it and seen the customized beer glasses with his name on it... He was beaming from ear to ear (This from a man who hardly ever smile too). He could not stop taking pictures to "Show the guys" at work what I had gotten him. Then after he calmed down and was done taking pictures.... Asked If I would go get him a beer from the fridge to "Test out" the glasses. Needless to say, it was a BIG BIG hit!

    Jan 1st 2016

    This gift was purchased a friend. When he saw the box he was like why does the box say "Mancrate" where did you buy a box like that from. Opened up the box and seen the ammo can and was shocked thought I had purchased him a gun. So he continue to open it and smiled from ear to ear. He said thank you and hi-fived me. Then a couple of days later texted me to say those are now the only glasses that he use and thank me again.

    Dec 27th 2015
    Pint set Ammo can

    I hit a home run with this X-mas gift. This ammo can offered everything he loves & more. He loves the Ammo can (you can never have enough)& he is in love with the the engraving on the glasses. The best part is when he saw the engraving on the 50cal bottle opener. Best gift ever, thanks man grates.
    The only thing I could wish for is Man crates offer more item combos like this.

    Dec 26th 2015
    Best Gift Ever!

    Gave this as a Christmas gift to my best friend. It was his absolute favorite gift he received this year. Quality is outstanding! Thanks for making his Christmas awesome!

    Dec 25th 2015
    Great Item

    Bought the crate for a coworker for Christmas and he loved it.
    Thanks Man Crates

    Dec 18th 2015
    "Heck Yeah!"

    Made this purchase for the Real Man in my life. Thought it would look great on the bar he is building out of wooden pallets and Cedar. I love the way it was packaged in an Ammo Can, it totally appealed to the Hunter/Countryboy! The personalized glasses and bottle opener are perfect for the new bar. Asked him if he liked it, "Heck Yeah!" said it all!

    Dec 11th 2015

    My husband just received this from his boss and was like a little boy at Christmas! He loved it and just kept repeating the words..."This is awesome!" He's got it all displayed on a shelf in his office already. Everything is such good quality. I'll be using Man Crates for our guys from now on. Men can be hard to buy gifts for so this is just an amazing find! Thank you Man Crates!

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