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    Nov 29th 2018
    Boyfriend's Birthday Gift

    I purchased this set for my boyfriend's birthday and he was so shocked when he opened the box and saw the amo case. When he opened the case, he loved the customized glasses and the bullet bottle opener. I was very pleased with the quality of everything and will definitely buy something else from here!

    Brittnie Myott
    Oct 17th 2018
    Dad’s Birthday

    I’ve been using mancrates for a couple years now and have never looked back! My father is a retired Army airborne ranger and he can’t get enough of the gifts I send from mancrates! Recently I sent him the personalized pint set w/ amo can and .50 cal bottle opener. I personalized it with his rank and his nick name used while in the service! Once again it was a success! It’s so hard finding gifts for guys but you have made it so easy and something I know my Dad will love from the whiskey sets to the survival gifts it’s everything I need to ensure my Dad feels special on his b-day, Father’s Day and x-mas! Honestly I think my siblings are a little jealous that my gifts knock it out of the park every time but the entire family can’t wait to see what I’ve sent! Thanks Man Crates for making the guys in my life feel special!

    Jun 21st 2018
    Absolutely Love

    The ammo can was the perfect gift! My husband absolutely loved it, but upon seeing the glasses and the can opener, it was just better! If that is even possible! I would totally buy my husband another one of these!

    Melody Carrizales
    Jun 13th 2018
    The one Father's Day he'll never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had heard about this product and company on the radio one day going to work. I kept hearing about it day after day and looked it up. I'm soooooo HAPPY I did! My dad is the guy who has everything and can't get him nothing because he has it already. But this gift blew his mind and my family's too! My dad LOVES this Pint Set Ammo Can he can not stop talking about It to everyone, I mean EVERYONE! Thank You MAN-CRATES for the AMAZING GIFT!!!!!! I will be buying more products in the future!

    Jun 2nd 2018
    It’s Gonna be a GREAT Fathers Day!

    Heard about Man Crates recently getting my daily fix of the Ben Shapiro Show. Popped in and knew I’d found the perfect site for Father’s Day. I ordered on Wednesday (5/30) and was skeptical that it would be here this Saturday, but it did indeed arrive today (6/2)! I opened it to check it out and I know my Marine Vet will LOVE this, if only for the ammo box. Customized etching is great, good quality and perfectly packaged. I am excited to get him the decanter for his birthday in November and something for Christmas. Our 20th anniversary was last week and I wish I’d thought to checked out Man Crates for a gift. Maybe one of the grilling crates will be a “just because” gift this summer. My only beef is I HATE paying shipping, so I didn’t like the $14.95 for shipping, but it is a heavy box and shipped fast so I’ll make an exception for an awesome business. The kids will be excited to give this to Dad and he’ll be glad to get a cool gift be can use.

    Beth Lindenmier
    May 2nd 2018
    One Happy Husband!

    For guys that have everything... this was the BEST present that I’ve given to my husband! He LOVED EVERYTHING! Thanks so much for coming up with great ideas like this!!!

    Apr 27th 2018

    SUCCESS! In the words of my manly man, "This is the manliest gift I have ever received! And the presentation is the most impressive I've ever seen! I have never been given anything so unique."
    You guys have made me the awesome better half of this relationship! :) We are in two different states so I am glad that I was able to impress him with this gift. I was on the phone with him while he opened the gift and he enjoyed every bit of it! The Ammo-Can is a surprising plus and he enjoyed going through all the items. The personalization was correct and all the gifts are of quality. He really likes the bottle opener too. Bottom line.... he loves it!

    Apr 21st 2018

    Got this for a friend for Christmas who is a Marine. He was happy with just the box that the stuff came in that when he opened it he was even more surprised. Best present every! Ordering from here again!

    Apr 10th 2018
    This is awesome! He said

    I purchased this gift for my guy who served in Army and who loves personally branded things. I told him something was on the way that I thought he’d like and when he received the package he was blown away from the minute he opened the box. His initial response was “Baby. You make me feel SO good. Thanks so much. I LOVE YOU”
    The can opener is huge and the personalization was a hit!
    Thanks mancrates for these awesome gift ideas. I can’t wait until his birthday to have a good reason to order something else!

    Apr 6th 2018
    He says he needs more!!!

    My husband Matt has EVERYTHING. If ever he wants anything he goes out and buys it. This makes holidays especially difficult for me to find him something. I saw this idea online and decided to give it a try for Valentine’s Day. What a hit!! He bragged about it to everyone he talked to! He decided that he needs another one now. Endless ideas for the next holidays. Thanks, Man Crates!

    Mar 18th 2018
    Loved it!

    Gave it to my friend for his birthday and he loved it. Very hard guy to shop for and hates surprises. But when he opened the box couldn't stop say wow what is this?? Loved the ammo box and when he saw what was in the glasses kept saying that's so cool that's so cool. Couldn't wait to show his friends. Deff will be buying more crates for you guys!

    CO sunshine
    Feb 28th 2018
    Perfect "manly" man/ military gift

    Nailed it! Purchase this for my boyfriend/ Valentine's Day. The personalized glasses are a nice heavy weight - not thin glass. I agree with Celeste - the only thing I didn't love about this was the "made in China" sticker (which thanks to her review, I was able to pull off prior to gifting to him!) Other than that - for a guy who doesn't say much and doesn't react much due to his military background, I knew the moment he opened this he loved it right down to the reusable ammo container! Nothing is wasted in this box. Everything shipped perfectly and on time! Thanks!

    Feb 13th 2018
    I never leave reviews

    I never leave reviews, so this should say something about this product. I opened the package and 15 mins later here I am to look at more crates. My wife got me this as a surprise for Valentine's day. And Lord have mercy it is amazing. Very glad they ship overseas to APO addresses!

    Kerry Marie
    Feb 5th 2018
    Love it

    Ordered for my Sergeant fiancé for his birthday. He absolutely loved it and said it is one of the best gifts he's ever received. Great customer service, too!

    Don Wilkes
    Jan 30th 2018
    Perfect gift for retired Army MSG

    My daughter got me this ammo can set for Christmas. Best part was my favorite slur, "ya smart ass" etched on the glass. I laughed by old Nam vet ass off!

    Jan 25th 2018
    Best Christmas Gift

    I got this for my brother for Christmas! He absolutely loved it he was speechless! I got the most genuine hug and thank you! My younger brother was so jealous, so he will get one when he finishes bootcamp for marines.

    Robby Hernandez
    Jan 6th 2018
    Really Cool

    My Boss got me this for Christmas and it’s teally cool.

    Bill Hardy
    Dec 28th 2017
    Uncle Bill's

    I have great nieces and nephews. They know my hobbies well. The guys at the club, vets mostly, loved the whole ammo kit and will be ordering same. uuh rah for you guys. Shoot straight and often.

    Christine Perez
    Dec 9th 2017

    Random search led me here....Boy am I glad!!! Perfect gift for my 80+yr old father in law who enjoys his drinks and is a proud Army Veteran! Ordered on Wed, it arrived on Friday. I HONESTLY could NOT be more impressed!!! Great products!! Will DEFINITELY be back!! Thank you!!!

    Dec 2nd 2017
    My husband has a military career plus is a police officer..

    When he received it at work, he opened it front of his co-workers (other officers) he was pirmagrin from ear to ear. least to say it was a huge hit!
    He never saw it coming.
    Thank you!!

    Nov 18th 2017
    Awesome stuff

    I ordered this for an ex marine and he loved it! He said it was the best gift he's had in a long time! Thanks!

    Nov 3rd 2017
    Best Sister award goes to.. ME! :)

    I sent this to my (former military) brother for his 55th birthday and he loved it! The "OMG, this is so cool! thank you, sister!" text says it all!

    Amy Riley
    Mar 8th 2017

    I ordered this for my husband for our first anniversary, and he's a former AMMOs USAF guy and this was PERFECT! He absolutely LOVED THIS and he was soooo impressed! THANK YOU MANCRATE!

    Mar 5th 2017

    I wanted something significant for my son's 21st birthday when I stumbled upon Man Crates. My son grew up hunting and he's a gun enthusiast and, while under age, has revealed he enjoys beer. This gift was perfect and he really loved it! The quality (solid, sturdy, superior), service and shipping were all exceptional! The shipping was so reasonable for a heavy package and quick!! I don't want to tell anyone about Man Crates so I can continue to be the coolest gift giver :D, but I probably will because men do deserve very cool gifts and Man Crates DELIVERS! THANK YOU!!

    Shirley King
    Jan 26th 2017
    happy with selection

    I ordered this for my daughter to give to her father for Christmas. He was so pleased with this gift and she was happy that he was bragging to other relatives that he LOVED the gift she got for him. Thank you for your excellent service. I was afraid I had ordered to late for her to get in time to give at the family Christmas party but it arrived on the date I was given.

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