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    Jun 16th 2014
    Awesome Father's Day gift

    My hubby LOVED his man crate. I would for sure order another one for him!!

    Kevin K.
    Jun 16th 2014
    Great quality, great gift. Highly recommended

    Gave this for a father's day gift to my girlfriend's dad — he loved it. The duck tape cocoon was perfect and wow was it difficult to get open. But that was the point. I'm sure he will retaliate but it's part of the fun.

    Each and every product included was high quality, and he was really impressed by such an "out of the box" gift. He loved it, and I would recommend this or any other box to anyone. After seeing the quality, I can see why the things cost what they do — it's not a gimmick to get money out of you but it's going into giving you good products.

    Jun 15th 2014
    Whiskey crate

    Awesome neat idea. Liked the glass and the ice mold.

    Jun 14th 2014
    More than 5 stars!!!

    First time ordering from Mancrates, and definitely not my last. My fiancé loved his whiskey crate, and I won some brownie points for not giving him some sissy housewarming present. The glasses were fantastic quality, and much heavier than I imagined they'd be. As for customer service....totally f***ing awesome! They call you right back, you get to listen to Arnold read you the prompts AND they have a sense of humor! I'm a bit concerned about the live werewolves in their factory though...i can't lie.

    Samantha Jacobson
    Jun 14th 2014
    Absolutely wonderful gift!

    I gave the Whiskey Lovers Crate to my husband for our wedding anniversary. I knew he was going to like it so much that I gave it to him early, and I was right!! He loved every bit of it. From the adventures of opening the crate, to drinking his favorite whiskey out of personalized glasses with the sphere ice cubes! He said it's the best gift he's ever gotten! The idea is just so perfect and creative, and I even had a blast watching him open it. Thank you for all you do and all of your hard work in making these crates so perfect, I WILL be ordering from you again!

    Jun 12th 2014
    Awesome Gift

    My husband loved his gift! It was exactly something he would have wanted. I got him the whiskey crate with the etched glasses. He loved the crate as well. Im sure we will be ordering another!

    Jun 8th 2014
    Great gift!

    This was an awesome gift and wired out perfectly!

    DeDe Carmichael
    Jun 8th 2014
    Whiskey Man Crate

    My husband loved it! Especially the personalized glasses and Flask! This is a great idea for guys! Thank you!

    Jun 5th 2014
    What a killer BDay gift!

    My GF presented me with this ManCrate for my birthday and the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would be awesome. It did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my wonder by leaps and bounds!
    I love the personalized glasses!
    I'll be giving these as gifts for sure.
    Keep up the great work team ManCrates!

    Jun 4th 2014

    My husband is extremely hard to shop for and I ordered him this gift for Father's Day...I was so excited about it he had to open it early. He was soo excited just with the crate and having to use a crow-bar. Once opened, he was blown away! Loved everything about it! Will be ordering again very soon...maybe for no reason at all because I love to see his face when he gets a Man Crate!

    May 15th 2014
    Awesome birthday gift for husband

    My husband is very hard to shop for as he tends to shop for himself a lot. I stumbled onto Mancrates and found several different options for him. He has become a whiskey fan lately and when I saw the Whiskey Lovers crate, I knew I had found a great gift. Personalized glasses, great snacks, and I did purchase the flask for a bit extra. He was so surprised when I set the crate/crowbar in front of him to open. He didn't got a kick out of it! He loved the contents as well. I will definitely shop at again! Was also super happy at how fast the shipment arrived! Less than a week, I believe. For personalized glassware I would have expected a much longer production time!

    Mar 28th 2014
    A Total Hit!

    For my dad's birthday we decided to get something creative. When I found this website I couldn't even believe the great crates I saw.
    My dad loves his whiskey on relaxing nights at home and has a very good taste so I figured this would be perfect.
    Honestly he loved opening the box with that crowbar! Definitely a 'manly' gift (in the sense of brute strength and good alcohol).
    He loved it, and it even took him back a few decades when he last drank his whisky with bitters! 100% success.

    Shipping and delivery was prompt and successful without any complications between point A and point B. Prices are a steal for these awesome crates. I'll be buying them for all the men in our family for a while!

    Mar 1st 2014
    Coolest Man-Gift Ever!

    I sent this to my husband at work for V-Day and his fellow firefighters were impressed and a little jealous! I had a large bottle of Crown Royal waiting for him when he got home to complete the "whiskey" part of the crate. ;-). When my husband opened the crate one of the bottles had broken during shipment. The ONLY reason I mention this is to give kudos to James - he sent my husband several bottles of the mixers that came in the crate and some "apolojerky"! The customer service is as exceptional as the product. So nice to buy from a great company. Keep up the good job and I'll be back to buy crates for all the men in my life!

    Feb 25th 2014
    Great Man Gift

    So what do you buy a man that has everything? - A MAN CRATE! I personally love the personalized glasses and flask! But the overall creativity of the gift itself 'man crate' was a huge hit! I would definitely recommend for any man in your life.

    Feb 20th 2014
    Super Fast, Super Awesome

    So pleased with the order and the speed of shipping! Great product, and even better service. Thanks guys!

    Feb 19th 2014
    So excited

    This was the perfect valentines gift for my man! He had to wait until I got home to open it and the suspense was killing both of us!! Perfect addition to his home bar. Good call on the Snyder snacks.. he's from PA :)

    Shelby Lynn
    Feb 18th 2014
    Great way to show the love!

    Who says men can't be spoiled on Valentine's day? I was actually looking for a unique gift that would fit my boyfriend's lifestyle (not that he's a total lush), but he likes the neat stuff. When I found Man Crates I was ecstatic! It was perfect and it reminded me of him because when he cooks its not just a hamburger, its a manly hamburger and its never just a beer, its a man-beer. Now, he can drink his man-whiskey from his man-glass! However, I do feel I was much more excited for him to open it than he was! The greatest part was after he made use of his personalized whiskey glass he stares at the crate and says, "I gotta find somthin to put in that box!" Great job guys! Thank You!

    Kari Bentley
    Feb 9th 2014
    My Husband LOVED it!

    I was looking for something unique to give my husband for his birthday. I searched online and came across ManCrates. I'm so glad I did! Not only did I enjoy surfing their website (you guys are hysterical) but my husband thought his man crate was the most awesome gift ever. I got him the whiskey lovers mancrate and he just loved the personalized flask and glasses. ManCrates are personable, creative, and just plain awesome. LOVE IT!

    Christina Van Zandt
    Nov 21st 2013
    Coolest gifts for guys EVER

    James was fabulous! We had a friend's 50th bday party coming up in 3 days when I found this website. We really wanted the custom engraved whiskey set but I was afraid that between turnaround time and shipping, there was no way we could get it. But I called them anyway, and James made it work. Our friends thought the gift was awesome! Crate was very neat with it's own crowbar, flask and glasses were good quality and the engraving was perfectly done. Expected it to be a tad larger (the crate was about 1' cube) but it was expertly packed full of stuff, as advertised online. Not sure if I should just tell all my friends about it, or wait and gift them with Man Crates this Xmas.

    Aug 30th 2013

    Everything was nice but no liquor was included, it was pretty expensive.

    Jun 20th 2021

    I got the whiskey crate and for some reason thought it came with a small bottle of whiskey. It took my hubby awhile to open it. The crate was indestructible but finally got it opened. He love all of it but I was the disappointed. I would of gone and gotten a small bottle of whiskey for him.

    Alex Wiggins
    Jan 24th 2018
    Awesome gift

    Group of us went in on one for a friend. Fantastic gift he loved it! I went to order one and you no longer have decanter which really topped the gift off. Please bring it back.

    Aug 25th 2016
    Great gift but came broken

    Got it as a birthday present for my brother in law. Everyone was intrigued as to what was in the box. It was fun watching him open the crate but once open he found a shattered glass and one of the slate coasters had a chipped corner. The second glass was intact and it looked great, he especially liked that his name was on it. Great gift but it was a big let down that one of the glasses was broken. I have ordered man crates before and this was the first time that something was damaged. Definitely recommend Man Crates.



    Hey Del,

    So sorry to hear that your order arrived with a glass broken!! We'd be more than happy to replace that for you! Give us a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll make it right, promise!

    Lead Customer Champion
    Team Man Crates

    Jun 18th 2016

    Crate was awesome, but no crowbar included to open it :( kinda stalled the excitement.

    Hi Alyssa,

    Sorry to hear your order came without a crowbar!! Give us a buzz at 866-902-7260 or send over an email to and we'll make it right, promise!

    Team Man Crates

    Feb 11th 2016
    Great Gift, Missing Crowbar

    It was a great gift when he got it open, but the crowbar that was expected to come with the gift was missing. This would have been useful to open it.



    Lauren, I'm so sorry to hear that we left the crowbar out of your order! That is certainly not how we intend for any of our crates to arrive, I do hope the gift was still a huge hit! Please give us a call t 866-902-7260 or send an email over to and we'll do our best to make it up to you!

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