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    Oct 2nd 2015
    Birthday/Sweetest Day Gift

    For the man's man who doesn't like a lot of fuss but is totally a football or sports junkie, Man Crates is the best gift especially for birthdays or if you live in the mid-west and celebrate Sweetest Day! It is unique most people do not have this exact gift and your man will thank you for it as he tells all of his friends. ManCrates has every type of gift men will enjoy that wont break the bank. Takes the guess work out of getting a great gift! Get your ManCrate today! The best part is watching him try to open it!!

    Julie W.
    Sep 7th 2015

    Got this crate for my father-in-law ~ 85th birthday... He absolutely loved it! He enjoyed the whole "open the crate with the crow-bar" aspect, and especially enjoyed getting items logo'd with his team. Would definitely order again -- oh wait! I already did :)

    Barbara Pastore
    Sep 7th 2015
    Got that " WOW factor"

    My son is a fanatic Jets fan and I'm always looking for something with that WOW factor. This was it! And now, for his daughter's 21st birthday he sent her the college crate. There are plenty of nice things you can give as gifts but the memory of receiving such a creative gift is priceless!!!

    Jennifer Lanzetti
    Aug 22nd 2015
    So easy

    As a woman I LOVE getting gifts, especially flowers at my office. Perhaps men are from mars and women are from venus, but I think men like getting gifts too. There is NOTHING more perfect than a Man Crate!

    Aug 22nd 2015
    Awesome Gift!

    Purchased a "man crate" for my husband for Father's Day.
    He absolutely LOVED it! The crate itself was very sturdy, and rustic looking. The products inside were well liked, especially for football season. The glasses are very durable and thick, perfect for drinking beer and enjoying the game.
    This is the perfect unique gift to get someone who has everything, or just want to give a gift that no one else can duplicate!

    Aug 13th 2015
    Loved it!!!!!

    I gave this a guy who has everything. We have all seen them. But this gift sent laughter through all our group for his birthday that did not end for a while. He is a 49'rs nut and he loved all of it!!!

    Aug 9th 2015
    Great Unique Gift

    What do you get a guy who has everything he wants? A Man Crate! This is such a good idea for people who are looking to send a unique gift! I bought this for my husband as a different way to celebrate his birthday (better than a tie!) He had some trouble opening the crate, which was very entertaining for me! He absolutely loves it and is looking to send his father one for his birthday...we will definitely be ordering some for other friends and family members!

    Jul 28th 2015
    Kid in Candy Store

    Got it for my boyfriends 26th birthday & he was just like a kid in a candy store. He didn't care for the snacks (which I took) sent along but loved the glasses & coasters. The only thing I would do differently would maybe make a shotglass optional instead of the snacks. Long story short we were very happy with the product & will be ordering from you again!

    Jul 18th 2015
    Just Because Gift

    I purchased this NFL Crate for my husband as a just because gift,I had a great time watching him try to get the crate opened! He loved everything inside of it! I will definitely be ordering man crates again in the future!

    Jul 17th 2015
    Son in law loved it!!

    Sent our son in law then NFL crate. He loved it!! The crate was a little hard for him to open , but he loved what was inside especially the coasters!!

    Jul 7th 2015
    My new go-to-gift!

    I purchased an NFL Barware Man Crate for a friend who was having back surgery. He loved it! I was also thrilled when I saw it in person. It is truly the quintessential gift for any man! The gifts inside are great and the packaging is perfect!

    brian golias
    Jul 7th 2015

    so different,who ever thought this out was a genious! will buy another very soon great job.

    Nicholas Bozovich
    Jul 4th 2015
    you guys are amazing

    So the story is that I got my Dad a snack pack for fathers day. The day came and went and there was no snack pack. I email and the most amazing person named Will answers my email and tells me that since the snack pack was sold out and it was over a week late I could choose what ever my old man wanted no matter the price. He chose this crate and it was amazing. I'm so happy with the service and the merchandise from you guys. Keep up the amazing work.

    Jun 27th 2015
    Great Gift!

    My son just received his first Mancrate for Father's Day. Now he is a huge fan! He had to cheat a little to open the crate (grabbed a hammer). And he loved the content. Nice, heavy bar glasses, coasters with the numbers of Hall-of-Famers, and excellent snacks. We'll be sending Mancrates again!

    Jun 26th 2015
    Retirement Gift

    My co-worker loved it and the department got a kick out of watching him open the crate. Very cool gift!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Great Father's Day Gift

    This gift was a smash hit and we all laughed as he tried to get it open. He loved the contents and the beer opener/coaster was super cool.
    Will be back!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Great Gift!!

    Bought this for my husband for Father's Day. I put it from our kiss and he LOVED it!!! Plus the crate is now on his office desk with a NFL lamp on top. It's a great gift from the outside in!!!

    Jun 24th 2015
    nfl crate makes father's day

    Amazing experience

    Morgan W.
    Jun 24th 2015
    Not the best 1st experience but would try again

    My husband received his crate in time for fathers day and was so excited to open it, only 2 of the 4 glasses were cracked. I was upset and not happy, but I don't blame the company because I've seen the way the fed ex guys throw the boxes around. While he can only use 2 glasses which sucks, I would be willing to buy this again, in hopes that they'd all arrive intact.

    Jun 22nd 2015

    My dad could not stop talking about it. Got him the best gift ever buying a Man Crate!

    Jun 22nd 2015
    Seahawks bar glasses crate

    It was a hit with my Dad on Father's day.

    Jun 18th 2015

    Once again, you guys rocked it. The crates and their contents are so clever and fun. It's great to be able to send my Fiancee (who is in the military stationed in GA, and I am all the way in NY) something useful and thoughtful to keep his spirits up while we are apart. He loved this crate and the Whiskey one I sent him last time. Not sure which I will send next... hmmm????

    D Harsa
    Jun 10th 2015
    Great gift - poor execution

    The NFL barware crate was great... in particular, the coasters with bottle openers. So different and clever! However, we are 2 for 2 where the crow bar was not needed at all to open the crate. In fact, the lids were not secure on either of the crates:(


    Hi there! Sorry to hear your crates arrived open!!! Prying them open is half the fun! We'd love to make it up to you, please give us a call at 866-902-7260.

    May 20th 2015
    Great gift for Dad!

    Bought 5 of these for a father's day gift. Love the idea behind them, and hope they will love them too!

    May 19th 2015
    Packers barware set

    Everything was perfect and my girlfriend loved it!!! It exceeded both of our expectations!! Great job Mancrates!!

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