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    Feb 18th 2014
    Redskins Birthday Present!

    Got a square package weighing 11 pounds and had no idea what it was...turns out my sister sent me the Redskins Barware Crate for my birthday! Opening it was almost as cool as the stuff inside! The coasters/bottle openers and the coolest piece, but the glasses will definitely be a nice touch on Sundays. AWESOME GIFT!

    Ashlee H.
    Feb 17th 2014
    49ers ManCrate

    This Valentine's Day was the first holiday my husband and I have actually celebrated since getting married in December. Between buying a home and getting married in the same month we decided to "skip" Christmas. It was definitely bittersweet. So with Valentine's Day a couple months after the wedding I wanted to actually celebrate. My husband has been a life-long 49ers fan and in our new home he has a sports room. He is also very anal and always uses coasters. The 49ers Barware Crate was PERFECT for him. The coaster bottle opener was great especially with the numbers of the 49ers greats! He loved it and we will definitely be purchasing more of these for family members in the future.

    Feb 14th 2014
    Awesome Valentine's Day Gift!

    I sent this to my boyfriend for Valentine's day and got to watch on FaceTime as he tried to open it. Everything turned out great and he loved the gift (even if he was mad at me for making him "work"). Thank you for giving me a great laugh and creating such an awesome product!

    Feb 8th 2014
    Excellent Gift

    I sent this to a friend for his birthday with the duct tape option. He loved it. He was very impressed by the quality of the glassware and coasters. The only way he would have liked it more was if it came with a promise that the Dolphins would actually be relevant in this century. Also since they don't list the numbers on the coasters when you order I will add that the Dolphins Crate had #13(duh), #85, #39, and #54.

    Jan 28th 2014
    NFL Barware Crate- Sent for a Get Well Present- Amazing!

    I am in the military and was unable to be by my fathers side during his surgery. The package was delivered the day after he was out of the hospital. He thought is was the coolest manly gift ever. He told me he is excited to use them while waiting for his cancer results even though I highly recommended against it! Thank you for such a great quality product!

    Erin Starnes
    Jan 24th 2014
    Lions Suck- This makes it more bearable

    My Boyfriend is a die Hard Lions fan, and after ANOTHER disappointing season this year I got him this Crate. He absolutely loves it, was the perfect gift to help ease the pain. will definitely be purchasing more of these for family and friends.

    Dec 31st 2013
    Awesome Christmas and Birthday gift!

    I purchased two of these. One for my dad for Christmas and one for my brothers birthday. I even received one for Christmas from my wife. I have to say these are wonderful and exciting to send and receive. I loved getting and my brother and dad were so happy with theirs also.

    Dec 30th 2013
    Brilliant Christmas Present

    Gave this to my dad for Christmas and it was hilarious watching him open the crate. We eventually need a hammer to help him out but it was great watching his eyes light up when he finally opened it. Thank you for the priceless moment.

    Dec 26th 2013

    Was a gift for my father in law and he LOVED it!!!

    Patrick Trainer
    Dec 18th 2013
    NFL Barware Crate

    How can you not love a gift that lets you use a crowbar to open. I hope my brother and uncle enjoy this christmas gift as much as I loved ordering it for them. What a great idea for anyone in your family.

    Andrew Y
    Dec 17th 2013
    Awesome Gift!

    My friend couldn't be happier getting this gift. He's a huge Panther's fan, and so not only did he enjoy breaking apart the crate with his new crowbar (Grrrr, Grr!) but he loved the glassware inside. Enjoyed it so much he's planning on getting one for BOTH his brothers this year.

    If you have a NFL fan on your list, this is a GREAT present.

    Nov 27th 2013
    Boss Gift

    We got this for my boss and he loved it. I loved the fact that the card came on the outside so we could all sign it being that it was a group gift. Several other guys in the office were in awe as well. I'd like to see the Houston Texans listed as a choice (even though they're not doing so good this year).

    Olivia Cavallo
    Nov 21st 2013
    NFL Barware Crate

    Bought this product for my boyfriend's dad's 50th birthday! He loved it. He's a die hard Giants fan and when this crate showed up, I can only imagine what his face looked like. Glasses were even better than what I thought they would look like! The food looked delicious! Even though he suffers from many stomach issues, they are great for when he has company and family over for the games who can actually eat it! He had no clue about the coasters being a bottle opener too! Great product & great shipping, it arrived when it said it would! I'm recommending this site to anyone and everyone who is stumped on birthday and holiday presents!

    Monica Amorim
    Nov 4th 2013
    NFL Barware Crate!!!

    Great product, scored extra points for finding and ordering this awesome gift! Great coustomer service too! I had requested the crate to be left open to add some alcohol, and everyone was very helpful and even gave some great suggetions!
    Deffinatley will order some more of these

    Lori Skipper
    Oct 24th 2013
    NFL Barware crate

    Sent this to my son at college for his birthday. I was so impressed at how fast it shipped and arrived at his doorstep. He loved it!! These are so unique and a great gift for the men in my life:) Will definitly be sending more.

    Little Lady
    Oct 22nd 2013
    Man-friend man-loved it.

    My man-friend was so stoked to receive this in the mail. When I told him I wasn't going to help him open the crate, he said the box was meant to be opened by a "man, not a little lady." Needless to say, that made me happy.

    Only caveat being I do wish there was a way the card could have been inside the crate. But everything else was so super excellent, I (and he) couldn't have been happier

    Oct 1st 2013
    The Perfect Anniversary Gift

    I totally scored brownie points with this anniversary gift for the hubby. Forget the mushy card and traditional, sentimental gifts. His eyes lit up when he saw the crate, and he grinned as I handed him the crowbar.
    But when he discovered the Packers beer glasses, cool coasters, and tough-guy goodies, he was immediately reminded why I'm such a great wife. Score! ;)

    Thanks, guys. I'll be back.

    Sep 19th 2013

    This tight end scored TWICE when my man got his Giants Man Crate!!!!!

    Thanks Guys! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

    Feb 5th 2016
    Loved Gift - but what about Quality Control?

    My husband LOVED the gift and the idea of the crate. However, the crate was shipped without the crowbar. And though he struggled and got it open, there was a lot of concern about breaking the contents in the process with the tools we had on hand.



    Oh no!! So sorry to hear we shipped that crate without a crowbar, that's certainly not how we would have had your order arrive! If you haven't already please give us a call at 866-902-7260 or email us at and we'll make it right!

    stefania faramosca
    Dec 14th 2015

    AWESOME!!!! could have been better but as always its always the thought that counts in everything!!!!! my husband ABSOLUTELY loved it!!!!! BIG FAN OF NFL!!!! Always the thought that counts. i love you chris!!!

    Jun 9th 2015
    He Loved it!!

    My son loved this for his birthday!! He sent me a picture and text immediately it's hard to get a 24 year old to think your cool but this did it!!

    May 28th 2015

    Once again a huge hit for my boyfriend! I always order from here to send little gifts and main holiday gifts to him. He loved it. It did not come with the popcorn, and the bottle opener coasters dont open bottles to well, but it gets the job done. All in all great purchase

    Dec 25th 2014

    So fun to hear the stories of opening. A great gift was also waiting inside. I just wish you also had a option of not spicy treats. However, I knew this when purchasing.

    Dec 21st 2014
    1st purchase

    My boss really liked it. The crate was difficult to get into which can be problematic if the inside contents was glass like our crate. I would definitely purchase again from man crates.

    Dec 5th 2014
    Oops - Wrong Team

    I purchased this gift for my father's birthday and he absolutely loved it. It took him sometime to open the crate, but he said the anticipation was worth it. He loved the gift even though Man Crates sent him the wrong team logo. I called the customer service line around 8pm and to my surprise they were still open. I talked to a very nice representative who apologized for the error and sent a whole new crate with the correct team logo, which was shipped overnight. Not only did they fix the problem, they allowed him to keep the first order as well. Great product and Great Customer Service!

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