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    Jun 16th 2014
    As promised!

    My husband loved receiving this crate for Father's Day. He was very impressed with the uniqueness of it and I was impressed with the fast shipment and ease of ordering. Will definitely be ordering more man crates in the future!

    Leslie L.
    Jun 5th 2014
    Wish it was for me!

    I bought this Hot & Spicy Man Crate for my husband as a Fathers Day gift, so it's hidden in my closet and he won't open it until next weekend. I'm a little jealous that he is getting a cool crate that he gets to pry open with a crowbar and all I got for Mothers Day was some lame flowers. I will definitely be helping myself to what's inside once he gets it open, so I guess that's fair. Shipping was fast and the presentation of the gift is just awesome - I can't wait to give it to him!

    May 30th 2014
    Loved it!

    I got this as an anniversary present for my husband who is a die hard hot & spicy fan. Nothing is too hot for him. He absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to taste everything. Excellent job!

    May 28th 2014
    Spicy Greatness

    I bought this Man Crate for my dad as a birthday gift, and he loves everything about it! From the crate packaging to the spicy greatness included inside! It is an amazing gift! Enjoy with caution!

    May 12th 2014
    Man Crate Delivers

    I was looking for an emergency man gift (that's what I googled actually) and up came Man Crates. I paid a little bit more for a little faster shipping, and it came faster than I expected. Perfect for my man's emergency. He loved cracking it open. Thanks Man Crates!

    May 3rd 2014

    This was the perfect gift for my nephew who likes hot and spicy. He was extremely happy receiving this crate. He never received anything like this and told me to keep him in mind again.

    Dustin Burns
    May 2nd 2014

    Purchased the Hot N Spicy crate for my father for X-mas. The guy has everything so next to impossible to buy for. Anyways came across Man Crates on the net, thought it would be kinda different so i ordered one. X-mas day i handed him the crate and a mini crowbar, it was a complete hit. Opened the crate up to find that both of the glass containers had broke during shipment. that shit happens when you order stuff on line, i get that. A little disappointing but no big deal. My wife decided to advise you guys via email of the situation in hopes that the feedback might help you prevent this from happening to other customers. i believe his name was James with no hesitation took our information and advised us that he wanted to send us a whole new crate free of charge. Not what we were expecting or asking for but his customer service skills are second to none and due to that has created a return customer. WELL DONE GUYS AND GIRLS AT MAN CRATES!

    D. Allen
    Feb 20th 2014
    Wow! Just freaking Wow!

    Finally a gift that is perfect for guys! The crate was awesome, the hot stuff was incredible and the price is unbeatable! Thank you so much for making a gift for guys we actually love!

    Feb 14th 2014
    Great Products and Quick Shipping

    My boyfriend loves hot stuff, so this was the perfect Valentines gift, and it's unique. He tried the chips, jerky, and hot sauce and loved them. He thought they might just be hot and not have good flavor, but he said the flavor was great. He also loved that it came in a crate with a crowbar to open it. I would definitely recommend sending a Man Crate to a friend or loved one. Super unique gift and fun.

    Feb 14th 2014
    Amazing product!

    Bought this for my hubby. What a perfect present! He loves all things spicy and this crate just screamed his name to me. He loves it all! His favorite is the jerky. :-) I know where I'll be coming for more gifts in the future! Oh, and the diabolical duct tape cocoon... Truly diabolical. Wonderful product!

    Feb 13th 2014
    Loved it!

    He loved it! I also got to listen to the complaints while he ate. :-)

    Great service; very manly and superb customer service. Thanks again!

    Feb 11th 2014

    He loved it. I had to listen to him complain about how spicy it was while he shoveled more spicy into his mouth. Super fast delivery of firey hotness.. what isn't to love?!

    Feb 7th 2014
    EXCELLENT Product!

    My husband loves hot things and this gift was perfect! Not only was the product and the creative gift idea awesome but so was the customer service. On the day of delivery Fed Ex was unable to deliver my gift because there was no suite number listed, I got the electronic update from FedEx, called Man Crates and they immediately called FedEx at 3 pm and got my package re-delivered the same day by 5 PM. A BIG thank you to Man Crates and for anyone wanting something different to surprise and celebrate that special guy in your life ... MAN CRATES is the answer, you won't be disappointed!

    Jan 24th 2014
    man crates saved my life!

    I'm so glad I found out about this site! Absolutely awesome for the guy who's hard to shop for. I bought this crate for my brother's birthday and he said it was the most unique gift he's ever received! Now whenever I need to buy a present for a male in my life, this is the first place I go! Awesome man crates!!!

    Jan 15th 2014
    Great Things....Great Things ALLLLLL Around

    It was such a great product. Everything about it was awesome! Watching my boyfriend open it was even better and made us have an even greater time while we were exchanging gifts. Everything was packaged very well and everything will make your mouth water. My boyfriend likes spicy food so this was great for him! We both tasted a dab of the hot sauces and it is SPICY! Just thinking about it now makes my tongue water! This was such a great product and I will be buying more for other occasions! Thank you so much!

    Jan 8th 2014
    Best Gift for the Guy who has everything!

    My boyfriend is extremely hard to find the perfect gift for! I bought this crate because he absolutely loves spicy hot sauce and nothing really fazes him the hotter the better! This sauce he actually said is the hottest he's ever had and absolutely loves the taste he said he can taste every spice in the sauce.. I tried it and almost died it was so hot! This was a perfect gift because its practical he can use it everyday! He was so excited to try each sauce and the snacks! Thanks Man Crates for making my boyfriend so happy!

    Jan 2nd 2014
    Fantastically Aweseome!

    "This is awesome, hot food, hot sauces and bacon! That covers it all."

    My boss loved the Hot and Spicy Crate and Bacon Jerkygram we got for Christmas. Now he wants to know where he can buy the products found inside. Thanks James for making sure we got an amazing gift! Thanks Man Crates for having a product so unique.

    Dec 27th 2013

    My husband really enjoyed just opening up the box!!! He is a fan of trying all types of hot sauces and so what a great idea! Glad I happened upon your website

    Hot Carl
    Dec 27th 2013
    Hot and Spicy Man Crate

    This was probably my favorite Christmas gift of 2013. My brother in law received the bacon-themed crate.

    The crates are glued shut pretty solidly. They don't just pop open, you do have to work that crowbar a little. Which was cool. Excellent execution on the crate aspect of the product. I bet there aren't many of these that get opened without someone making a Christmas Story joke, e.g. "It's a major award"

    When I saw the crate "theme" on the card, I was expecting a set of mild no-name sauces (I saw a few such sets while Christmas shopping this year). I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice assortment of Blair's Death Sauces as well as a few snack-type items that also had the Blair's brand.

    You get four small bottles of sauces that range from surprisingly mild (the Jalapeno sauce--no way is it 20k Scoville!) to quite spicy. Sudden Death wasn't twice as spicy as After Death to me...both were very hot.

    But the Ultra Death Sauce is in another category. It had our mouths screaming. Plus, you get a nice big bottle of it. It's a nice treat for a casual heat seeker who hasn't had the opportunity to try much that's genuinely hot.

    The snacks are cool. I have tried the Habanero chips and jerky, which are spicy, but not as spicy as the sauces.

    Overall this is a sweet, quality gift. It came with three or four Blair's skull keychains.

    Mary Nelson
    Dec 26th 2013
    Hot and Spicy Crate

    It was so much fun to watch my boyfriend open this. I had it wrapped in duct tape and when he finally got it open, he could not open it with the crow bar. He made a Hrrmph sound and went to the garage to get a hammer and screw driver, His son and I were laughing so hard...He told me payback!!! So hopefully i will get one of your crates....We have not tried the products inside, but they looked great. I will be getting him the beef jerky one for his birthday.

    Thanks so much!

    Dec 22nd 2013

    son in law sneaked into his presents and the crate just "called" to him. He tried to be slick about opening it early but when Joy(my daughter) came downstairs to find him chugging milk,crying,red lips,runny nose, she cracked up!!! He was sooooo busted! He loves it and I rock,best present ever. They are waiting to see how the other two brothers take it-all three of my daughters men got one so Ken is just gleefully waiting for the "burn out" call. You guys are marvelous!!!

    Dec 10th 2013
    Great gift idea!!!!!

    We bought this for a business associate who is hard to buy for and he absolutely loved it!! He called the day he received it and went on and on about how unusual it was and what a great gift idea it was. He was really impressed with the whole man crate idea. We ordered a different crate for another associate and are looking forward to his response as well. Thanks for a unique gift idea that was well received!!

    Nov 16th 2013
    "I almost died."

    I shipped this as a birthday gift to a hot sauce lover. Here is the discussion we had verbatim:
    "Was the hot sauce good?"
    "It was so hot. I almost died."
    "In a good way or a traumatizing way?"
    "A bit of both I'd say."
    So there you have it. Traumatizingly good.

    Nov 5th 2013

    I got my boyfriend the hot and spicy crate for his birthday and he loved it. I think I actually loved it more, watching him struggle with how hot the chips were. I was litterally laughing my ass off watching his mouth burn up.
    This is deffinately a great gift idea and I will be purchasing many more in the future for other men in my life. I also tell everyone I know about how awesome of an idea this is all the time,

    Amber P
    Oct 24th 2013
    No Brainer

    I came across this website while trying to search, "cool guy birthday ideas." These fantastic gifts are not only spot on to cater to every different type of guy out there, BUT this Hot and Spicy crate is absolutely AMAZEBALLS. My boyfriend loved it, his guy friends at work loved it, his brothers loved it, etc etc. I was praised, thanked, and got the honor of being told, "you're the best girlfriend EVER" - if you got a man in your life that loves that heat, this crate is the bees knees!

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