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    Jan 25th 2015
    Happy customer, great gift!!

    Came across Mancrates on Pinterest. Decided to use them for my brother and my boyfriend this past Christmas 2014 and I couldn't have been happier. I made sure to order a little early as it was around Christmas, and both arrived in plenty of time. Definitely a great gift for both. It was great cause they had never even heard of Mancrates and had no idea what was inside. And a gift to open with crowbar.... They loved the goodies inside. I'll def be ordering again, maybe for Christmas or birthdays?!?!

    Jan 24th 2015
    What a hot and spicy Treat

    this is definitely a mens gift!!! he loved the fact of opening a crate with a crowbar... the jerky was delicious the chips were great and the sauce were nice and hot.... a great buy!! And he loved it....Thanka for making me a cool girlfriend

    Jan 14th 2015
    Where did you get this?

    Those were the words my son spoke as he opened up his crate with the enclosed crowbar. Then he laughed out loud when he saw the contents. He complimented me on a great birthday present. It isn't easy to buy a creative gift for a 28-year old, but this crate succeeded. Thank you Man Crates for making me a "cool mom"! I'll be back!!

    Jan 8th 2015

    I purchased the Hot and Spicy crate for a coworker recovering from surgery at home. After debating on whether to send the typical 'Get well!' flowers we decided this particular coworker wouldn't appreciate the gesture, but his wife would! So we did some digging around, and stumbled upon Man Crates. How ingenious! This is absolutely the PERFECT gift for ANY man in your life. I would highly recommend Man Crates to anybody stumped on what to get the Manly Man that wouldn't appreciate your typical get-well vase of flowers. Ordering was a breeze, the crate arrived right on time, and the customer service was exceptional. Thank you!

    D J frim AZ
    Jan 6th 2015
    Love the product!

    The product is excellent! I needed something for someone who buys everything he wants when he wants it -- difficult to find a gift he'd enjoy or want that he doesn't already have. He loved the gift and the crate concept. It's something he didn't already have. He's very generous and thoughtful. It was a pleasure to see him genuinely excited about a gift!

    Jan 5th 2015
    Hot and Spicy Crate

    Originally I got the wrong crate and the Man Crates staff not only sent me the right one but I didn't even have to return the first one that they sent. It was an awesome gift for my son and the customer service was the best I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. I will definitely buy from them again.

    Jan 3rd 2015
    Terrific Gift for your Alpha Male

    This is the second gift I've ordered from the company and once again they have hit a home run. Amazing packaging (which he loved) and terrific items. For a hard ass Army Soldier who is a hot sauce connoisseur, I could not have asked for anything more perfect. Terrific customer service! Thank You!

    Dec 26th 2014
    Hot and Spicy Crate

    My son loved this for Christmas. He is very excited to try it all out. The crate was exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

    Jessica from NJ
    Dec 26th 2014

    First, I would like to thank you guys for making this happen for Christmas. For some reason the first delivery did not make it to my home. (Fedex issue). Mancrates sent a second box ASAP, and made it home day before Chrismas eve...

    My boyfriend loves the idea of a "crate" as a manly gift. He had a good time opening the box with crowbar, GREAT CONCEPT..

    Can you say EXTREMELY CALIENTE. .. his mouth was on fire. After trying the sauce. I can never get him sauce or foods hot enough to make him tear. WELL he was tearing on this stuff..

    Thank you again... Happy Holidays. . <3

    Dec 25th 2014
    Great customer service

    I ordered the hot and spicy crate as a gift for my brother. I ordered it on a Saturday, it shipped Monday afternoon and arrived Tuesday. My brother was all excited about the crate and we had a blast watching him trying to break in with a crowbar. Unfortunately when he opened it the contents were wrong. A quick look at the website and we realize that we had received the premium hot and spicy crate. I emailed them about the mistake and they overnighted the crate and let us keep the premium hot and spicy crate for the inconvenience. Now my brother looks forward to burning his tongue with two crates instead of one!

    Dec 25th 2014
    Keeps 'em guessing

    Product was awesome!!!!! I sent it to my 24 ear old brother who lives in Boston and has everything. The crate concept is amazing, he absolutely loved it! Service and your company is great as well-there was an issue with shipping and someone called me immediately! Will definitely be using your product again and already referred to several friends for this holiday season. Cheers!

    Dec 22nd 2014
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    Dec 17th 2014

    My boyfriend loves spicy stuff. The gift didn't go as expected because his boss opened it and told him it must of been from some Co worker from California. They didn't think of me because why would I send to his job?
    It was perfect for snacks at work and to spice things up when ordering food at work. I will for sure purchase from here again.

    Dec 15th 2014
    He loved it

    Got this for my boyfriend as an early Christmas gift . He loved opening the crate itself and even more so loved recognizing a hot sauce he had been wanting. The chips were great to him as well. Will definitely be buying other man crates in the future for other events :)

    Dec 13th 2014
    Hot and Spicy!

    My boyfriend LOVES spicy food. Over the years, he has tried hundred of hot sauces and has built up quite a tolerance. He was pleasantly surprised to find that the sauces in this crate gave his taste buds a run for their money. Thanks mancrate for this excellent gift!

    Oct 28th 2014
    Coolest Kid on the Block

    Sent this to my husband while he was deployed and he said that everyone was totally jealous that he got such a manly present. A bunch of guys gathered around while he pried it open; I'm sure you can imagine the testosterone in the air. A couple guys told him he has the coolest wife ever.
    Thank you so so so much to Man Crates for sending packages to deployed locations. The hot and spicy crate is perfect! Deployed food isn't the best, and my husband is happy to have some awesome sauce to spice things up. I feel a manliness contest coming on soon....

    Oct 20th 2014
    Sending some heat to the desert!

    My boyfriend just moved from Virginia to 29 Palms to finish up with his military training and I have been wanting to send him a man-crate for months! Finally having the opportunity to do so, he Face-timed me while trying to open it AND while trying ALL of the sauces. I wish I could have recorded it because he thought he could handle spicy until Blaires Ultra Death Sauce grazed his lips! THANK YOU for such an awesome gift and including my personalized note to him. I can't wait to send him the next one!

    Sep 18th 2014
    5 Star All the Way!

    Sent this as a surprise gift to him at work and it was a HUGE hit!! The mini crowbar was talked about for hours. All of the men in his department now want crates of their own!
    Had the pleasure of dealing with James during the ordering process and his customer service was superb.
    The crate arrived on the day I selected with no issues and the whole ordering process was user friendly.
    Several of my friends have already started picking out crates to order for the men in their lives. This is one company that I can highly recommend with confidence!

    Aug 14th 2014
    "Coolest care package ever"

    Sent this to my son who was away. Got a message from him saying that it was the coolest care package he has ever gotten. It was a great hit!!

    Pat Ronalder
    Jul 24th 2014
    Unique gifts

    This is the perfect gift for the manly man, from the package itself to the hot & spicy contents! Loved the idea & loved giving as a gift. My brother, the recipient, howled his present! Thanks for such a unique gift.

    Jul 10th 2014
    Son-In-Law Meets His Match!

    To start, kudos to the customer service gang! Mix-up with original order (crate said "Hot & Spicy" but contents were "games & candy"...called as soon as error realized). Immediately sent replacement "Hot & Spicy" crate at no additional cost and was able to keep the 1st crate to make up for the confusion!!! THAT's what customer service is all about! Was 40th birthday gift for son-in-law who likes food with a bit of a bite...He may have met his match with "Hot & Spicy". Initial reaction...kinda scared! Love it!

    Jul 3rd 2014
    Mouth Party!

    My husband father's day gift was a total success, he's so fond of his salsa he's been sharing with his friends & co-workers all month, we’ve had quite a laugh on the reactions. My husband LOVE IT! ...Thank you Man Crates very creative!!!..BM

    Jun 21st 2014
    Super spicy

    My husband was really excited to receive his man crate. I picked it to arrive on his birthday and It was there at his office on time. He hasn't tried all the sauces yet, but so far he says they are good. He really liked the jerky. And now he has a crate to store some of his tools!

    Jun 18th 2014
    Dad Loved it

    Got this for my dad on fathers day and he loved it. probably the cutest thing i ever got him. plan on sending more.

    Jun 17th 2014
    Better Than Expected

    This turned out to be the perfect gift for Father's Day! My dad loved the diabolical wrapping and the uniqueness of the wooden crate. The sauce has a true flavor to it, and is not just *hot*. We have yet to try the jerky, but are looking forward to it. My dad refuses to open the large bottle of sauce because of the coffin box. (We are hearse and cemetery enthusiasts). I see many more orders from mancrates in my future. Have already had several family members start looking for gifts! Awesome products!

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