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    Dec 27th 2015
    Who needs a stocking?

    I always fill my husbands Christmas stocking with hot sauce. But who needs a stocking when you can have a crate?? Best stocking ever!

    Cynthia Ejiogu
    Dec 4th 2015
    Best ever can't talk!

    My son loved this for his bday! He loves anything spicy! He and my younger son where happy trying the products because they couldn't talk because their mouths where on fire! Keep it up man crates ! This is the best for real men with a mouth up to the challenge !

    Sep 28th 2015
    LOVED it!

    When my husband saw the box on the counter when he got home from work he didn't know what to think. I had it "gift wrapped" so it was just a duct taped cube. Watching him cut into it and then pry the crate open would have been worth it even it the box was empty! Everything in the box was intact. The chips weren't even crushed! He loved everything included. He made me try a chip and they were HOT! Everything about this crate was perfect and went way beyond expectation. I had to speak to customer service after placing my order and the man was just wonderful! Thank you for an all around great experience! This will be my go to site for all my gifting to the men in my family. :):)

    Sep 16th 2015
    Awesome Gift

    What a fun anniversary gift! My husband loved it. I had fun watching him open the crate. Contacted Man Crates for assistance and the customer service was outstanding. Will recommend to my friends.

    Kim Owens
    Aug 6th 2015
    Best gift ever

    I ordered the crate for my hubby for our anniversary and had it delivered to his office. Everyone got a kick out of him trying to open the crate!
    It is no joke, Hot and Spicy doesn't begin to describe the contents. He normally can handle any degree of fire, but this took his taste buds to the limit.
    Will definitely use Man Crates again!

    Jun 29th 2015
    My Dad Loved It

    He was thrilled about the crate and crowbar and was enjoying the spiciness when I called him.

    Jun 25th 2015
    great fathers day gift!

    I purchased the hot and spicy man crate for my husband for Father's Day. He love the crate and the crow bar. The hot sauces are hot!!!! Just a word of warning they are hotter than anything he has ever tried. The duct tape was not a challenge to him, he pulled out his pocket knife and had it open in no time. So not something I will be doing again. Overall the prduct was 5 stars or more if can do that. The customer service was excellent and the product arrived when they said it would. I would highly recommend this, especially for the man who has it all. I will definitely be ordering more man crates!

    Jun 25th 2015
    Awesome and Fun to Give

    Great gift that is personal and fun!

    Darlene Hicks
    Jun 19th 2015
    When hot is hot!

    I ordered this spicy crate for my husband for Father's Day. Well, hubby told me it was last Sunday, until of this coming Sunday. I did not have a calendar handy and so I accepted the date. So, on Sunday morning he was so excited to open his gift. It took him all of 10 minutes to get to the goodies inside. LOL You see he is an electronic engineer, and was good at solving problems and getting into difficult problems. He took every HOT little item out and started sampling things. Now, he likes hot tasting foods, but I could see steam coming out of his ears, with this gift. He has been enjoying it all week. Even his hot taste, was a challenge for his taste buds. hehehehe He keeps water handy, now, and is enjoying every single bit.

    Jun 12th 2015
    Love for the Hub!

    My husband LOVES spicy EVERYTHING!! (as do I) So, I thought as a way to brighten his day, I sent him this crate to his office. One, he loved the whole aspect of being macho and opening it with a crow bar, but once he saw what was inside he said he was in heaven. Of course, all the men in the office tried the jerky and chips and their mouths were on fire; but they kept coming back for more!! I would definitely buy from Man Crates again!!

    Lynell S.
    Jun 9th 2015
    Awesome Hot Mess

    I was ecstatic to find something unique, fun and HOT to give my brother for his retirement gift. It was truly a hoot watching him tackle opening the duck-taped and secured crated using the mini crowbar. He really got a kick out of it! Unfortunately, the Hot and Spicy sauces had not fared well in-transit and had broken. (The rest of the contents were just fine and spicy hot - as promised.) The sauce, too, was certifiably HOT as some found its way into my brother's eye - a mess non-the-less, but he was still happy. "No fear!" I exclaimed, as I read that Man Crates had helped-out another person that had a problem. I contacted them and was soooooo very impressed with their customer service - it is indeed 10-star. (Five stars just doesn't seem enough.) Man Crates representatives were timely in corresponding with me and assured a replacement crate was enroute ASAP and sure enough - it was! I presented my brother with his new crate, and he couldn't believe they'd sent an entire new one just for him! Even though it was a hot mess, it was an AWESOME hot mess. The whole package was a great hit. I definitely recommend this as a gift and the customer service is HOT ON IT!

    Jun 9th 2015
    Best hot & spicy gift ever!!

    Ordered this for my dad for Father's Day. He loves the hottest food so I thought it would be perfect for him, and he was so happy to receive it.

    Darla Hickerson
    May 28th 2015
    Hot and Spicy Crate

    We bought this crate for our oldest son's birthday. He loves hot and spicy foods, the hotter the better. When the crate arrived, he immediately put steaks on to grill and proceeded to put the sauces to use. They were a big hit. He reports the jerky was an instant "hot" hit, even his 3 year old wanted to try some!

    Don & Suzan
    May 19th 2015
    He knew it was going to be hot

    Sent this to my brother in law recovery from surgery. He puts hot sauce on everything. Nothing is too hot for him, he has truly enjoyed this gift even with tears in his eyes! Blair's Mega Death was his favorite... The man is a gluten for punishment or possibly just masochistic!

    May 5th 2015
    He loves it!!!!

    My husband got a promotion and I wanted to send something to his work. I googled things to send to a man and man crates popped up. He loves spicy things so I got him the spicy crate. Not only did he love it everyone I know wanted to know about it. I hope you get a lot mote orders. And thank you for not making me have to send him flowers;-)

    Apr 29th 2015

    I sent this package to my son-in-law who thinks he can handle anything hot! I paired it with the Grill Crate and I've never seen him so happy!

    Mar 31st 2015

    This was a get well gift for my boyfriend who just had surgery and it was perfect!! He loved it!!

    Mar 23rd 2015

    We got this as a birthday gift for our son who loves spicy things. He loved it and shared it at work with a few colleagues.

    Feb 20th 2015
    hot and spicey

    My husband loved the man crate. Hard to find stuff hot enough for his taste but this was perfect. He loved the chips and beef jerky and has not tried the other items yet. It was fun just watching him open the crate. We had a lot of laughs! Delivery was fantastic as we had a winter storm on Valentine's day but was still delivered on time. I would recommend as it is a unique gift for someone who is hard to buy for.

    Feb 19th 2015

    I gave this gift to my boyfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. I love giving gifts that are a bit uncommon and this was perfect! The manly packaging of using the crate was ingenious. :-) We have tried all the hot sauces (except for the super hot boxed one) and have lived to tell the tale. The beef jerky is very tasty, I only wish it was a larger portion. He loved this gift and had fun taking pics of it to send to friends. Kudos for creating such a great gift basket/crate to give!

    Feb 18th 2015
    Amazing Gift and Service

    I purchased the Hot and Spicy crate for my boyfriend's Valentines Day gift. I was so excited I gave it to him a day early. He loved it. While He was going through everything. I noticed one of the mini bottles of hot sauce had broken during shipment it as only one bottle that broke. I contacted Man crates to see if anything could be done to replace the bottle and they responded fast. They said they would send a new bottle right away at no charge. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and Service. My Boyfriend loved it and spent all weekend trying to find thing he could try withthe different sauces. I have been telling everyone about Man Creates and their awesome services!!!!

    Feb 18th 2015

    Gave this to my husband for Valentines Day. He saw the crate and the crowbar and said,"This is awesome"! He didn't stop smiling the entire time. When he saw the contents he got excited and said awesome again. I have enjoyed watching him taste it all, they are really hot and good! He loved it :)

    Roberta Card-Murdock
    Feb 14th 2015

    Wish I could insert a pic, I took several if hubby opening his Valentine Man Crate! He named the title above. "I think you're trying to kill me" was his comment upon discovering the contents. I sent him to your website, and he said, "well I think you got the best one on there." However my brother got one from me for his recovery from knee surgury. He got the jerky one and I believe he might argue with my hubby as to which was the best! Needless to say, hubby is still surfing your site. Need I say more? :-)

    Leah H.
    Feb 10th 2015
    Love it!!!

    I recently purchased this crate for my boyfriend, and its awesome!!! We both love hot sauces and the hottest i have tried thus far is dinosaur bbq's devils dual. I was surprised to see that the blairs ultra death sauce ranked in at 1,100,000 scoville units and we cant wait to try it, we are actually kinda scared!!!! The jerky is delicous and everything in the crate is a conversation starter!! His face was priceless when he opened it and saw the crowbar with no instructions, it made our night for sure. I would recommend this product to anybody who wants to wow that special man in their life. I was totally the best girlfriend ever last week!! Thanks man crates, i love you!! And i will definetely be ordering again!

    Jan 25th 2015
    Worth it!

    This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend from my parents.. He absolutely loved it! He shared it with some of his battle buddies at work. Very hot and spicy, as promised! He can handle very spicy food and this crate had him in tears. Not for the faint at heart!

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