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    Oct 10th 2014
    fire the grill

    Sent it as a gift to my son for his birthday. It thought that it was the greatest birthday present ever.

    Sep 5th 2014
    Hickory Grilling - ManCrate Excellence

    This ManCrate was a hit in my house!! I was fortunate enough to customize this gift with the help of the fabulous ManCrate team & pick up at the warehouse. I took the duct taped box and let it sit out so all the boys were very curious!! From the moment the duct tape started to come off, my boyfriend was in heaven. The whole process was a Man Family affair with his 2 boys helping and my son as well. Everybody wanted to use the crowbar and open that crate! One of the best gifts to watch opened and... Best gift I ever gave. Nothing less than 5 stars!

    Aug 21st 2014
    What a great gift idea!!!

    I sent this to my Dad and not only did he enjoy the crate and the goodies inside but he enjoyed the special duct tape wrapping. I look forward to surprising my husband as well. Thanks!

    Aug 5th 2014
    Perfect for the hard to shop for guys in your life!

    My brother is a manly man! He is impossible to shop for because he has everything! I wanted to get him a memorable gift for his birthday this year not just another gift basket filled with crap that sits that he doesn't really even like but appreciated the thoughtfulness. Anyhow I was lucky enough to come across your site and was wowed right away! I knew this was it! The awesome gift I was looking for! Delivered in a crate with a crow bar! Are you kidding me?!? How awesome is that! Then of course being the evil sister I am, I just had to add diabolical duct tape! My brother loved the packaging, loved the crate and crowbar and actually is using the sauces to BBQ. Thanks ManCrates! What a fantastic idea! I'm using you guys again for all my hard to shop for men!

    C Ramos
    Jul 21st 2014

    Thank you for taking out the guess work out in find a unique but useful gift. My Uncle LOVED it especially the crate.

    Jun 23rd 2014
    Great Gift for a Man

    Got it for my father. Absolutely loved it. Prompt delivery and product was as described.

    Jun 14th 2014
    One Happy Dad

    We got this for my 80 yr. old dad for father's day. He was thrilled!! He can't wait to get his grill overhauled and get cooking!!!

    May 27th 2014

    Ordered this for my boyfriend for his birthday...he is a newer grilling enthusiast and has been wanting to expand his horizons. He loved opening up the crate and can't wait to try the spice rubs and smoker! He wasn't crazy about the corn nuts, but he loved the pretzels. Excellent gift, excellent presentation...I'll be coming back for future gift shopping. Heck, I might even order something for myself ;)

    May 20th 2014
    Perfect Gift

    Sent it to my boyfriend at his job, he didn't get the guaranteed high five, but he did get a lot of jealous guys. He absolutely loved it tho which is all that matters.
    Thank you so much

    Ann Bonner
    Apr 21st 2014
    Best, most unique gift for my son.

    Bought this for BDay gift for oldest son. He loved it. Very different, fun, gift. Thanks for making the whole experience great. Would recommend to everyone!!!!!!! Now will give to my other two sons as well.

    Marsha K
    Mar 30th 2014
    Great Anniversary Gift

    Ordered the Hickory Grilling Crate for my husband. I knew I was going to be out of town and wanted to make sure he got something on our actual anniversary date. Package was received on time and he LOVED it!

    Mar 14th 2014
    Come to the Crate side...they have crowbars!!!

    If you are looking for the perfect gift, your search is over! I had searched and searched for something to buy my step-dad for his 50th birthday and came across this site. I instantly knew I found something that was not only awesome, but that he would love. The hardest part was which one to choose. Because he is not a beer drinker I found that this BBQ crate was a nice fit. Sure enough, he LOVED it! Hell, I LOVED it...and kind of want one of my own! Chick Crate, anyone? This is officially my go-to for any gift I need to buy for a man (or man child) in my life.

    I would also like to applaud the creative genius of, not only the product itself but, the entertaining descriptions and tags that are written for each crate on the website. It made shopping fun and did a great job selling the product, which was worth every penny.

    Definitely a 'high five worthy gift'! Thank you Man Crate Team.

    Marcia Downing
    Mar 6th 2014
    Hickory Grilling Crate

    I love this product when I bought it for my husband for Valentines Day, he loved it to, that I bought the same thing for my Son-in-Law for his birthday in March...can't wait to give it to him!!! This is the best website for unique gifts for the men in our lives. When they delivered the second one I told the UPS deliverer about it and he wants to look into this to. Great going guys!!!!

    Feb 26th 2014

    I ordered this for my brother's birthday and he absolutely loved it! He's really hard to shop for because he typically buys whatever he wants for himself so a Man Crate was perfect for him. Opening the crate was his favorite part of course. Can't wait to see what additional "themes" you guys come up with.

    Feb 24th 2014
    Perfect Valentine's gift for my man!

    My boyfriend loved this and I think I was just as excited about him getting it. He loved the packaging and all the goodies inside. Now anxious for him to get the grill going to try the seasonings. This will be something I do for the men in my life for a cool fun gift!

    Feb 18th 2014
    Hickory Grilling Craate

    My husband was so surprised...he loved it!!! This is a GREAT company to order gifts from, the crate arrived without the crowbar so I called & talked to James. He told me what to do, how to open it and then he put a crowbar in the mail for me and also paid for shipping...now tell me when was the last time you had this kind of service? The contents were amazing and now he can't wait for grilling season to try it out. Thank you James form the bottom of my heart!!!

    Feb 18th 2014
    Great gift!

    I bought this for m fiance for Valentine's day and he loved it! I loved the wooden crate and crowbar as well as all the fun stuff inside. He can't wait to use it! Could not be happier with this gift!

    Feb 17th 2014
    Perfect Guy's Gift

    As I hoped, shipping this man crate to my fiance's office for Valentine's Day caused quite a stir in Silicon-Valley cube land. My guy told me he had four male co-workers hovering over him and advising as he pried open the box with his crowbar. The gift was a total hit! He will actually use the contents of this box. But more than anything, he thought it was the coolest surprise ever. A perfect guy's gift!

    Feb 12th 2014
    Rave Reviews

    I sent this to my brother-in-law as a get well gift. He LOVED it and was careful to open the crate from the bottom to preserve it! He is a hard to please customer, and when he called, he was raving about the contents! I've never ordered this one before, but have gotten the ammo jerky kit for a couple friends who also raved about them. Man Crates -- simply my go to for guy gifts! Genius!

    warren new
    Feb 2nd 2014
    mancrate goes above and beyond

    ordered hickory grilling cart and when I got it and opened it, was very happy with all the products but the bbq sauce had frozen and exploded. I phoned and advised customer service of what had happened. they said they would send me a replacement. imagine my surprise and delight when they sent me a whole new mancrate!!! very happy and very very impressed. will be back to be sure

    Jan 16th 2014
    Unique Gift!

    I ordered this crate for my boyfriend since he loves grilling. He was extremely impressed with it gift. He had never heard of Man Crates before and plans to order for his dad in the future!! Thank you.

    Dec 27th 2013
    my husband LOVED his crate!!

    I heard about Mancrates on the radio, and thought it sounded like an awesome Christmas gift for my husband. He was so surprised when he opened it! He loved the smoker box and kept saying he wanted to start grilling RIGHT NOW! And I just wanted to say a big thank you to James! I was worried when the crate didn't arrive when it was supposed to and James was ready with a solution. Thank goodness it arrived the next day! Thanks again!!

    Dec 24th 2013
    Cooler Gift, the Crate or it's Contents?

    My husband loved his gift, especially the cast iron smoker box. He also really liked the crate and is coming up with ways to convert it into an actual storage box.

    Dec 23rd 2013

    I'm a Man Crates customer for life.
    Got this one for a buddy of mine & the reaction was perfect: "Kelly are you f*ckin kidding me?! Where did you find this?! This is EPIC. The coolest present I've gotten other than my 8th grade dirt bike. Simply badass."

    As always, you guys are fantastic - customer service is exactly what it should be. other companies need to take notes from you guys. thanks so much for what you do. This is my 3rd crate & I'm sure there will be more orders to come. Merry Christmas All!

    Dec 23rd 2013
    Brother is Hooked!

    I bought the Grilling kit as a Christmas gift to my brother. He's a huge BBQ grilling connoisseur and this kit was right up his alley. He had no idea what a Man Crate was, and completely mesmerized when this thing showed up on his door step. Now he's hooked on Man Creates and ordering crates for his friends.

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